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Game fans must be familiar when they hear the name "Playstation". Spending time sitting for hours playing playstation games is the most exciting thing. But do you know who is the real creator behind this game console???

A man who is now in his 60s and hails from Japan, Ken Kutaragi is the figure who brought this game console so that it can be enjoyed by all people in the world. Kutaragi is indeed known as a clever student among his schoolmates. The printing factory owned by his family is the land he often uses to hone his mechanical skills. So that after graduating from college with an electronics engineer degree, he could easily work in the SONY company. In this company he has a good popularity among other employees. In addition, its presence is said to be one of the reasons for the increase in sales figures for Sony products.

Around the 1980s, this man became interested in game consoles. Initially, his idea to create a game console was not approved by Sony. Until Nintendo, Sony's big rival, approached him to make a game console chip and Kutaragi agreed.

However, Sony knew about this and Kutaragi was almost fired from his job. The chip he made at that time was the SPC700. It turned out that Sony's CEO, Norio Ohga, ordered him to perfect his work. Kutaragi welcomed it by conducting research on the Super NES CD, an application on the Playstation.

Finally in 1990, the Sony company officially launched the Playstation product. Inevitably, this product immediately dominates the gaming world market. Until May 2004, it was recorded that Sony had produced around 100 million playstations. Because of this achievement, Kutaragi was appointed to lead Sony Entertainment in 1997.


In the year when the Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea

Sony worked with Nintendo to develop a CD-ROM drive for the Super famicom, ahead of its release in 1990.

Then, the collaboration between SOny and Nintendo failed, resulting in Nintendo feeling threatened in the game world because of Sony in the future.

So from that Sony decided to work with Philips and continue the development of the first Playstation console, even though the first model (prototype) was not released.


After failing to develop a console in 1988, Sony began developing another console under the name PS-X (Playstation Experimental).

SOny managed to convince big developers like Namco and Konami to help with the Sony project.

That proves that their console project has the support of seasoned game developers

When the Sony Playstation was introduced in 1992, many other companies were taken by surprise.

And at that time the Sony Playstation was called the 32-bit system that was the toughest among the game consoles on the market.


The Sony Playstation was released in Japan for 39,800 yen or the equivalent of $360 at the time. Released in December


May, more than 1 million playstation has been sold in Japan.

IN September, Playstation was released in America with a price tag of $ 300 and sold more than 100,000 units in just 2 days.

Likewise with the release in Europe, Playstation again gain success.


January, Sony has launched 16 games and 18 games from other developers.

At that time also SONY has sold as many as 3.5 million units of Playstation throughout

world. By the end of 1996 more than 10 million units had been sold.


October Playstation console sales have reached 43 million. A very fantastic number.

$16 billion grossed by SOny. Sony begins to develop a successor to the Playstation.


January more than 70 million Playstation consoles have been sold and on March 4 Playstation 2 was launched in Japan.

Close to 1 million units sold on the first day. In July, Sony released a PlayStation redesign called the PSone.


January, Sony has sold 80 million units of Playstation. This number includes PS2 sales of 6.4 million units.

Sony had forced Sega out of the game console business when the Dreamcast failed in 1998.

Sony's only rival comes from Nintendo with its Nintendo Game Cube which was released in September.

By year's end, 50 PS2s had been sold worldwide, of which 10 million were sold in Europe.


In August, Sony released the PS2 with a new color, namely Satin Silver.

The PS2 with the new color is priced more expensive than the black PS2, without adding significant features.

In November, the motion sensing camera "Eye Toy" was released.


The PS2 has sold over 70 million worldwide since its launch in 2000.

In March, Sony teamed up with IBM to develop a microprocessor that will be used for the Playstation 3 console.

In May, Playstation 1 has achieved a record with sales of 100 million units.

In November, the PS2 redesign was released with a reduction in console body volume by up to 75%.

In December, Sony released its first handheld console, the PSP or Playstation Portable.


Sony provided a bit of information about the Playstation 3 in June.

In September, the PS2 has sold more than 100 million units worldwide.

PS2 has been named the most successful game console in history.


Playstation 3 launched in Japan and America in November.

PS3 is equipped with Blu-ray disc, internal storage, and is said to be the most powerful console among existing consoles.

Ironically, even though it is equipped with a variety of advanced features, the sales of the PS3 can be said to be bad. Even PS2 sales are better than PS3.


PS3 launched in Europe in March. Pretty good sales figures at the start of the launch.

As time goes by, PS3 sales are arguably not that good, even with a discounted price.


PS3 has sold more than 10 million units. In the same period, the PS2 has sold twice as much as the PS3.


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