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Bait Catfish Fishing Precise

Fishing activity is one of the activities that is often used as a hobby for someone. This activity is classified as not complicated, even so in fact a number of things must be mastered before starting fishing. Why is that? Because sometimes fishing fails, even though hours have passed, but no fish is found due to improper preparation and fishing methods. One of the fun fish to catch is the catfish. That's how tempting it is to jolt the Patin fish which makes the fishing hobbyist fond of this fish. Many of the anglers do not really understand the bait for catfish fishing and the right fishing strategy.
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Bait For sharp bait for catfish fishing , there are at least 6 recipes that you can choose one of them. The five types of catfish bait are as follows:

1. Patin fish bait recipe I.
Simply use steamed goldfish. Before steaming, clean the goldfish first, remove the innards in it. Freshly steamed until cooked. Take the goldfish and separate the skin with the meat. Goldfish skin is used as bait on one hook while the meat is for the 'bomb' on the other hook. Goldfish meat can be mixed with


2. Patin fish bait recipe II
The only ingredients are white bread crumbs mixed with duck egg yolk, a little shrimp paste and also pellets. Knead the dough until all the ingredients are evenly mixed.

3. Patin fish bait recipe III
The ingredients are 5 pieces of cheap cheese bread, some only cost 1000 Rupiah. Pour hot water on the bread and knead until fluffier. Bait is ready to use.

4. Catfish bait recipe IV
. Provide instant bread flour and coconut milk, for example Kara brand. Mix the two ingredients and knead until well blended and you can form balls.

5. Patin V fish bait recipe All you
have to do is provide 1 pack of plain bread, 2 packs of coconut milk Kara and 2 sachets of vanilla. Bread removed skin edges, put in a blender and puree. Add Kara's coconut milk as well as vanilla. Knead the mixture until it is smooth or no longer sticky to your hands. Catfish fishing bait is ready to be attached to the hook. The white bread crust can also be used as a bomb.

6. Recipe for Patin VI fish bait
The ingredients are 4 duck eggs, 1 tablespoon aci flour, 1 pack of powdered milk, 1/2 ounce of kroto and 4 kinoy fruit (sold in many feed stores). First aci flour and powdered milk are mixed together and added water until the dough is thick. Add the egg yolks and then the kroto. Knead again until smooth and let stand for 1/2 hour then steam. How to use it is to mix the dough and kinoy in the pool.

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