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The Importance of History for a Life, Read This

A. What is history?

When we hear and see the word history, what comes to our mind or mind is something that has passed. An American historian said that history is a position or perspective. Like a train passenger, even though the movement is so fast, the correct position is facing backwards. Of course it would be a mistake if the passenger was facing forward, even though he could turn left or right. something that has passed remains. In other words, the purpose of the tolehan is to strengthen the totality of the reality that it passes through.

It is not surprising that historians or people who study history only have power over past life spaces. Often without realizing it, a person perceives history as something that is ancient, classic, out of date and other negative predicates that actually mean to say that there is no point in knowing and studying history. Isn't our way of life leading to the future and history itself is about the past, they say. However, it can also be said to be ironic when they are asked about the origin and details of the time and place of his birth, as well as a glimpse of his life's journey up to that point.

Without intending to ignore the importance of the future, but wanting to show how easy and "free" the past was, so that anyone can say it, including those who only see the past in one eye, in other words, knowledge and awareness of our existence and present conditions can only be understood by opening the transparent veil of the past. Through that way we can also predict the future.

B. The Importance of History

Several questions arise when we discuss history lessons, one of which is what is the use of us studying history? Isn't that the past or something that has happened and if learned, what is the use for our lives that move towards the future. Does the past benefit present and future lives? That's all impossible, say some circles. In this discussion, we will see how important history is for oneself, especially for the nation and state.

1) The benefits of history for the nation and state

A wise nation is a nation that knows its history. Why do we as Indonesians have to know our own history? Because there is a wise saying that says “history repeats itself”: history repeats itself. Things that have happened in the past, will one day happen again with different variations but the essence is the same. A wise human being is one who learns from the past and does not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors. In addition, by studying historical records, we will appreciate more what we have as a nation. How great the struggle of the heroes and warriors to win independence. Sacrifice of property and life. All of that we must realize, respect and we set an example in life.

Then Every nation must have its own history. But only a small part of all nations in this world understand and understand its history. Therefore, historical awareness in a society should receive attention, so that each individual in a society is aware of and understands the history of their own nation. , because only human beings who are cultured can know time, both objective and subjective time. Objective time is time that can be based together and can be recognized by others. While subjective time is time that is internal and influenced by emotions.

Historical awareness can be deepened by individuals which are reflected in memory. However, what is more important is that historical awareness is collective (group), namely a form of shared experience of a society as an expression of their reactions to situations, be it a culture, politics or economy from one period to another. For example the growth of the Indonesian nation, a product of the experiences of the Indonesian people in the past which then created a situation of togetherness in achieving the nation's goals, namely Indonesia's independence. Events - events or incidents experienced

by a society or a nation in the past is a very important and valuable historical experience for that nation. Even community leaders advise us to learn from the past, so that we can meet future successes. The first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno in one of his speeches advised all Indonesian people to "Never forget history", and hereinafter became known as "Jas Merah". Thus, history has a very important meaning in the life of a nation, because of historical events that have happened in the past of a nation that will become a guide or guideline for the life of that nation in the present and in the future.

So, History can provide an overview and be a guide for a nation to move on in its life in the present and in the future. Therefore, every society or nation in the world has its own history, although not all societies or nations leave a legacy in writing that reaches their next generation.
Thus, history lessons become very important for the life of a nation. In fact, every nation tries to dig up historical sources with the aim of knowing the life of its people in the past.

2) The Benefits of History for Yourself

history also has an important meaning for oneself, that is, by studying history we can in addition to getting to know our origins, history can also introduce us to important events that happened in the past which then had a big influence on an area such as Indonesia.

In terms of studying history, there are many benefits that we can ( ourselves ) reasons:

Can acknowledge the existence of every human being in the past and will continue to live eternally until now and in the future.
Can prepare to convey past and present events to the next generation
Can convince people based on reasons for events in the past.
Can improve one's own life by referring to past events to take lessons and wisdom so that it can be useful for the futureOther historical benefits, namely:

. The first use of history is as an educative or lesson. Many people learn from history. Learning from experience that has been done. Experience is not only limited to the experiences they have experienced themselves, but also from previous generations. Through learning from history humans can develop their potential. mistakes in the past, both own mistakes and other people's mistakes try to avoid.

Meanwhile, good experiences must be imitated and developed. thus, humans in living their lives are not based on trial and error, as is done by animals. humans should try to avoid the same mistake a second time.

The third is as a recreational use. The use of history as a story can provide fresh entertainment. Through writing interesting historical stories, readers can be entertained. the lively and communicative writing style of several historians feels capable of "hypnotizing" the reader. Readers will feel comfortable reading the writings of historians. The consequence of the pleasure and attractiveness of writing historical stories makes the reader happy. Reading is a medium of entertainment and recreation.

Reading has become part of the fun. reading has been felt as a need, namely a need for recreation. Readers in studying the results of historical writing not only feel happy like reading a novel, but also can imagine the past. here the role of the historian can be a guide (guide). people who want to see the situation of an area in the past can read it from the writings of historians.


As an inspiration, various historical stories can inspire readers and listeners. learning from the national revival pioneered by the establishment of modern struggle organizations at the beginning of the 20th century, the Indonesian people are now trying to develop a 2nd generation of national revival. During the first national revival, the Indonesian nation tried to win independence, which is now being felt.

To develop and maintain independence, the Indonesian nation wants to carry out a 2nd national awakening, with the dream of catching up with foreign nations. The Indonesian nation does not only want to be independent, but also wants to be an advanced nation, a nation capable of bringing prosperity to its people. For this reason, the Indonesian nation must be active in mastering science and technology because through science and technology that is controlled, the Indonesian nation has the opportunity to become an advanced and respected nation, and can participate in maintaining world order.


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