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The Inventor of Ice Cream and Its History

The Inventor of Ice Cream and Its History Ice cream is the most popular frozen food in the world. But how can the history of this ice cream be discovered? who invented ice cream? This article will discuss the inventor of ice cream and its history. The history of ice cream can be known starting from the 2nd century BC, Alexander the Great the ruler at that time enjoyed snow or ice mixed with honey.
In the Bible it is stated that Prophet Sulaiman AS or known as King Solomon really liked iced drinks. During the Roman Empire, King Nero Claudius Caesar (54-46 BC) often ordered his soldiers to go to the snowy mountains to get ice and then mixed it with fruit or made juice.
One thousand years later, Marco Polo, known as an explorer, returned to Italy after his exploration of the East. He brought a recipe which we later named sorbet.
source : pexels.comSorbet is almost the same as ice cream, but its history is made from snow. Sorbet is a frozen food made from a mixture of fruit, water and sugar, the difference is that it does not use cream and milk as is used in making ice cream.
Historians estimate that the recipe brought by Marco Polo evolved into ice cream in the 16th century. The British discovered ice cream before the Italians. The name 'Cream Ice' appeared on the desk of Charles I in the 17th century.

France then introduced a dessert in the form of frozen food similar to ice cream. It was first introduced by Catherine de Medici in 1553 when she became the wife of Henry II of France.It wasn't until 1660 that ice cream became available to the general public. Sicilian Procopio introduces a recipe for mixing milk, cream, butter and eggs at Café Procope, the first cafe in Paris.

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The official description of the world's first ice cream comes from a letter written by a guest of the governor of Maryland William Bladen in 1744. The first advertisement for ice cream then appeared in the New York Gazette on the 12th. May 1777, when cook Philip Lenzi announced that Ice Cream would be available 'most days'.

Records kept by Chatham Street in New York show that President George Washington spent about $200 on ice cream during the summer of 1790.
source : www.ice-cream.orgPresident Thomas Jefferson is even said to have his favorite ice cream recipe. Then in 1813, Dolley Madison served ice cream with a delicious strawberry mix at President Madison's banquet at the White House.
Until the 18th century, ice cream remained a rare or special treat that only the elite could enjoy. In the 18th century, the invention of the simple refrigeration machine turned ice into the food industry in America. A milk merchant named Jaccob Fussell pioneered this in 1851.

At that time, ice cream production increased rapidly along with technological innovations such as mechanical cooling technology, the invention of steam power, electricity and electric motors. Food packaging techniques and knowledge in the freezing process. In addition, the invention of the motor vehicle changed the face of the industry at that time in a big way.Entering the 19th century, many ice cream emerged with new creations. When World War II raged, ice cream was also widely consumed by soldiers. When the world war ended, America celebrated with ice cream. Milk production continues to increase. Americans consumed more than 20 liters of ice cream in 1946.
Until the 1970s, ice production continued to increase in America and other regions such as Europe and Asia. Now ice cream can be found in supermarkets and ice cream shops. There are also cafes or restaurants that serve special ice cream dishes.

source: export historical sources

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