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Some people believe that the sky is seven layers. This has something to do with the seven celestial bodies that have different distances. This means that objects that are faster in distance are considered to be closer in distance, then it will be described as if these objects were in different layers of the sky and they were circling the earth which is in the middle.

In the first sky there is the Moon, a fast-moving celestial body that is considered the closest. The second sky is occupied by Mercury (Utarid star), Venus (Evening star) is in third place. Then the Sun is in position four.
In the fifth heaven there is Mars (the star of Mars) in the sixth heaven there is Jupiter (the star of Jupiter) and that
seventh is Saturn (pilgrimage star). This is an old belief that considers the Earth as the center of the universe. The ancients (especially the Romans and Greeks) also believed that the seven heavenly bodies were gods that influenced life on Earth. The effects alternate from hour to hour, in order from farthest (to their knowledge)
namely Saturn, to the nearest namely the Moon.

At 00.00, it is Saturn that is considered influential in human life. Therefore , the first day is called Saturday (Saturn day) in English, or Saturday in Indonesian.

It turns out, if we count the days until 1 AD, January 1, 1 year, does fall on a Saturday. If sorted for 24 hours, the next 00.00 hours will fall on the Sun. So that day is Sun's day (Sunday) After Sun's day is Moon's day (Monday) Next day is Tiw's day (Tuesday) Tiw is the Anglo-Saxon name for the god Mars (ancient Roman god of war) Next is Woden's day (Wednesday) Woden is the Anglo-Saxon name for the God Mercury (ancient Roman god of commerce) Next is Thor's day (Thursday) Thor is the Anglo-Saxon name for the God Jupiter (god of thunder, king of the Roman gods) Lastly is Freyja's day (Friday) Freyja is the Anglo name - Saxon for Goddess Venus (ancient Rowan goddess of beauty) The number of days that there are seven,
in Arabic, the names of the days are called in order: one, two, three, to seven. Namely ahad, itsnain, tsalatsah, arba'ah, khamsah, sittah, and sab'ah. The Indonesian language follows this Arabic naming, so it becomes Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The sixth day is specifically called: Friday, because that is the name given by Allah in the Qur'an, which indicates the obligation of Friday prayers in congregation. The naming of Sunday originates

from the Portuguese, (Dominggo) which means the day of the Lord. This is based on the Christian belief that on that day Jesus was resurrected. However, Islam does not believe in that (different religions have different stories told by each religion) so that Islam prefers to use "Sunday" instead of "Sunday", but nowadays Muslims tend to call it "Sunday". Holiday? Every nation has different holiday traditions. The Arabs consider Friday to be a day of worship so that the Arabs have a holiday. Another Jewish people who consider Saturday is a day of worship, so they have a holiday on Saturday.

The tradition of having a Sunday holiday comes from ancient Roman traditions in Italy. At that time the Ancient Romans worshiped on Sunday. Therefore, the Romans had a Sunday off. Also, the Romans had Sundays off.

In addition, the Romans always marked holidays and other important days in red. At that time the Romans controlled many countries in Europe. Roman rule to the Netherlands, England, France, Germany, and others.

The Sunday holiday tradition was then implemented in the Roman colonial countries. Including the Netherlands. The Dutch state then colonized Indonesia for 350 years. Dutch people in Indonesia apply the tradition of having a holiday on Sunday.

Until now, the tradition of Sunday holidays is still used in Indonesia. The reason, for 6 days people have worked hard and need a day off.
The Indonesian government sets Sunday as a national holiday. The Indonesian calendar also colors other holidays in red.
The tradition of Sunday holidays is still used in many countries until now. Including
mark important dates in red.

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