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Tracing the Beginning of the Discovery of the Letters of the Alphabet

The letters of the alphabet, from the letters A to Z, are clearly what we often see and use today. But not everyone knows where the letters of the alphabet come from. The following is a historical review of the discovery of the letters of the alphabet, as reported by various sources.

Written language is one indicator that distinguishes between early history and prehistory. The development of written language began before Christ, where initially humans used pictorial language to communicate. Africans and Europeans started in 3500-4000 BC by making paintings on cave walls.

The development of ways to communicate through signs and images continues to grow. Around 3100 BC, the Egyptians used pictographs as symbols that described an object. Communication using images developed from pictographs to ideographs, in the form of symbols that represent more complex ideas and other abstract concepts.

A fundamental shift from the language of images and sound signs (pictograph, ideograph â?? denotes objects and ideas) to an audible and meaningful written language (Phonograph â?? every sign or letter denotes a sound) can be seen in the first Phoenician alphabet system which was introduced in 1300 BC.Phoenician alphabet (Kaskus)

width="500">Phoenician alphabet (Ancient)
This alphabet consists of 23 symbols which are very simple and limited only as representatives of sound elements. For example, the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet is a simple image of a bull's head, which in their language is called Aleph, and then this word represents the sound of the letter â??Aâ??.

The Greeks then adapted this alphabetic system into a more regular anatomical structure of letters by applying geometric shapes. The most important development of this alphabet system is the adoption of a pattern of reading from left to right (Phoenician alphabet from right to left). The term Alphabet (Alphabet) comes from the abbreviation of the first 2 letters in the Greek alphabet system, namely Alpha and Beta. The alphabetic system then continued to develop until finally the Romans perfected it into the letter form we know and use today.
Greek alphabet (Cascus) Roman alphabet (Cascus)
Romance letters or what we often refer to as Latin letters have a total of 26 letters that have been applied since medieval times and are used as the alphabet in contemporary English. This alphabet is also used in various countries around the world, including Indonesia. Looks like we need to thank the Greeks.

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