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The World's 20 First Photos in the History of Photography

The world of photography has been known since the invention of the camera in the early 1800's. The use of cameras has enabled humans to capture various historical moments around us since ancient times.
Now, as technology develops, cameras are created to be more sophisticated and practical. With that convenience, of course, taking pictures can be done anytime, anywhere, with an unlimited number of times. Especially with the presence of social media, it's easier to share moments with others.

But do you know how the first photo was taken? So, as reported by PetaPixel, here are the first 20 photos in the history of world photography.
1. First Photo

The world's first photo was taken in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, the inventor and pioneer of the world of photography. This photo was taken from the window of Upstairs Arief in the Burgundy region of France. This image was taken through a process known as heliography.
2. First Color Photo
This is the first color photo taken by the mathematical physicist, James Clerk Maxwell with Thomas Sutton the SLR inventor who served as a shutter button press in 1861. This portrait is an arc of three colors.
3. First Cape Canaveral Launch Photo
NASA photographers took the first photos of the Cape Canaveral launch in July 1950. The rocket that was launched was known as 'Bumper 2', a two-stage rocket consisting of a V-2 missile and a Corporal WAC rocket.
4. The First Digital Photography

This first digital photo was in 1957, 20 years before Kodak engineers invented the first digital camera. This image is a child portrait of Russell Kirsch which has a resolution of 176 by 176.
#5. First human photography

It was very difficult to photograph moving humans with old cameras. However, Louis Daguerre managed to photograph the first human on the streets of Boulevard du Temple, Paris, France. The process was not easy either, Louis took the photo within 7 minutes and almost everyone who passed did not have time to be captured in the frame. Finally he managed to photograph a standing man who was polishing shoes.
6. First Selfie Photo

Before the selfie trend mushroomed, a man named Robert Cornelius had created a self-portrait in 1839. This photo of Cornelius sitting on Chestnut Street, Philadelphia became the world's first selfie photo and became one of the most iconic photos.
7. First Hoax Photo
Hoax photos, aka fake photos, were first taken in 1840 by Hippolyte Bayard. Bayard took a picture of himself drowning and pretended to be a corpse. This photo is claimed to be the first photo manipulation as he attempted to artificially make his hands and face black.
8. The First Aerial Photography

Currently, photos from a height are becoming a trend, especially with the advent of drone cameras . As it turns out, the world's first aerial photography was not taken by drone, you know, but by hot air balloon in 1860. This portrait depicts the city of Boston from a height of 2,000 feet by James Wallace Black entitled â??Boston, as the Eagle and the Wild Goose See Itâ? .
9. First Sun Photo
The first photograph of the sun was taken by French physicists named Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault on April 2, 1845. They used the Daguerreotype process in their process and managed to capture the image in 1/60 second.
10. First Space Photo

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The first photo from space was taken by the V2 rocket which was launched on October 24, 1946. The photo took a picture of the earth from a height of 65 miles. Through the rocket, a 35mm camera was placed and succeeded in taking second by second the rocket launched into free space.
11. First Photojournalism

The world of journalism is closely related to photography. As it turns out, the world's first photojournalist was taken in 1847 through the Daguerreotype process. The photo which is thought to be the first photograph taken for the story depicts a man arrested in France.
12. Photo of the First President
John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, became the first president to have his photograph taken. This portrait was taken in 1843, after Adams was no longer president. Meanwhile, James Polk, the 11th president, became the first president to be photographed in 1849 with his status as president.
13. First Lightning Photo
Since long ago, lightning has turned out to be an interesting subject captured by photographers. It turns out that the first photographer to take a photo was William Jennings in 1882. Jennings said that lightning is much more complicated than one might think.
14. First Plane Crash Photo
Disaster photos may not be fun, but we can learn from the mistakes of these. This photo from 1908 features the death of Aviator Thomas Selfridge, an experimental aircraft design by the Aerial Experimental Association, which was part of the United States Army.
15. First Month Photo

The first photograph of the moon was taken by John W. Draper on March 26, 1840. This photo was taken from the roof of the observatory at New York University. Since then began to appear photographs taken at the observatory.
16. First Color Landscape Photo
The first color landscape was taken in 1877 by Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron, a pioneer in color photography and the mastermind behind the process that created this photograph. This shot depicts southern France with the title “Landscape of Southern France”.
17. First Photo of Earth from the Moon

The first Earth portrait from the Moon was apparently taken on August 23, 1966 while A Lunar Orbiter was traveling around the Moon. These first shots were later received at Robledo De Chervil in Spain. This is the orbit of 16 Lunar spacecraft around the Moon.
18. Photo of the First Tornado

This image is a portrait of a Tornado taken in 1884 taken by an amateur photographer. His name was AA Adams, a local fruit farmer living in Anderson County, Kansas. He assembled a box camera and took the photo 14 miles from the tornado site.
19. First Mars Photo

Until now, Mars is still the object of research. As it turns out, the first images of Mars were taken by Viking 1 shortly after landing on the red planet. This photo was taken on July 20, 1976, when NASA was fulfilling its mission to obtain high-resolution images of the planet's surface.
20. First 3D Photography

Computing engineers from the Smithsonian and USC's Institute for Creative Technology teamed up to take the first 3D Portrait of the President. Portraits of Barrack Obama utilized an array of 50 custom-built LED lights, eight ' sport ' cameras, and six wide angle cameras. Then, the photo was three-dimensional and became the first 3D photo in the history of photography.

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