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Psychology comes from the English "Psychology" , are two root words that come from Greek (Greek), namely "psych" (soul), "logos" (science) .
Religion is a problem that is concerned with issues related to the human inner life. According to Harun Nasution, religion is:
1. Recognition of the existence of a human relationship with supernatural powers that must be obeyed
2. Recognition of the existence of supernatural powers that control humans
3. Binding of a form of life that contains recognition of a source that is outside of human beings and which influences human actions
4. Belief in a supernatural power that gives rise to a certain way of life
5. A system of behavior (ade of conduct) originating from a supernatural power
6. Recognition of the existence of obligations that are believed to originate from a supernatural power
7. Worship of supernatural powers that arise from feelings of weakness and fear of mysterious forces that exist in nature around humans
8. The teachings revealed by God to humans through the Apostles

By looking at the notions of psychology and religion as well as the objects studied, it can be understood that the psychology of religion is a branch of psychology that researches and examines the religious life of a person and studies how much influence religious beliefs have on attitudes and behavior and life conditions in general. In other words, the psychology of religion is the science that examines the influence of religion on a person's attitude and behavior or the mechanisms that work within a person concerning ways of thinking, behaving, being creative and behaving that cannot be separated from his beliefs, because those beliefs are included in the construction personality.
source: ade

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