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The object and field of religious psychology is related to psychological symptoms
in relation to religious realization (amaliah) and the mechanism between
the two. In other words, borrowing Zakiah Dradjat's term, the psychology of religion
discusses religious consciousness and religious experience
. Thus, the field of study of the psychology of religion
is the process of religion, feelings and religious awareness with the influences and consequences
consequences that are felt as a result of belief. While the object of discussion of the psychology of religion is human psychological symptoms related to religious behavior, then the mechanism between the human psyche and their religious behavior is reciprocal and the relationship of influence between one another.


Among the methods used in studying the psychology of religion are:
1. Personal Documents
This method is used to study how
a person's experience and inner life relates to religion. To find out information about this, a person's personal documents are collected. The document can be in the form of an autobiography, biography or notes he made. The documentation method in its application can be used several techniques, namely:
a. Nomostatic Technique
This approach, among others, is used to study individual differences. While in the psychology of religion, this nomotic technique is to see how far the relationship between human nature and religious attitudes is.
b. Value Analysis Techniques
This technique is used in conjunction with statistics. The data that has been collected is classified according to statistical techniques and analyzed to be used as an assessment of the individuals studied.
c. Ideography technique
This technique is almost the same as the nonotatic technique, which is an approach to understanding human nature. The difference is, this technique emphasizes the basic human nature with certain circumstances and personality aspects that are characteristic of each individual in order to understand someone.
d. Attitude Assessment Techniques
This technique is used in biographical research, writings or documents related to the individual to be studied.
2. Questionnaire and Interview
a. Questionnaire and interview methods were used to examine the process of the religious soul in people who are still alive. This method, for example, can be used to determine the percentage of what people generally believe about religious attitudes, religious persistence and so on. Collection of Public Opinion (public opinion polls) , the way that is done through the collection of public opinion
b. Rating Scale (rating scale)
This method is used, among other things, to obtain data on the factors that cause distinctive differences in a person based on the influence of place and group.
c. Test
The test method is used to study a person's religious behavior under certain conditions
d. Experiment
Experiments are used to study a person's religious attitudes and behavior through special treatment that is deliberately made.
e. Observations through sociological and anthropological approaches
The research was conducted using sociological data, namely by studying the human characteristics of individuals or groups
f. Approach to Development
This approach is used to examine the origins and development of aspects of human psychology in relation to the religion they adhere to.
g. Clinical Methods and Projectivity
This method takes advantage of clinical mode of action. Healing is done by harmonizing the relationship between the soul and religion.
h. Case study
Case studies are carried out by collecting documents, notes, interviews or other results for certain cases.
i. Survey
This method is usually used for social research that aims to classify humans in relation to the formation of organizations in society.

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