Rabu, 22 Maret 2023


What kind of education system can stimulate the development of these characteristics and abilities? How to educate the younger generation so that they are able to live in an uncertain world and in a society that is experiencing continuous shifts in values ​​and transformation. Actually this question is not so related to the education system, but more to do with the "spirit" or soul of education.
1. How to educate must recognize and accept the individuality of each student, and encourage him to think critically and creatively for himself. Formal conformism in our national education system is the greatest enemy of creativity.
2. The practice of pluralism in educational patterns is an asset in facing future challenges which are also increasingly diverse.
3. The need to re-emphasize the development of motivation and character building to students, two things that are often overlooked because so far our education system has only emphasized "knowledge transfer". Even though in a world that is changing rapidly, all the positive knowledge that applies today may become stale tomorrow.
4. What we must prioritize is not the transfer of knowledge, but an education system that can increase learning capacity.
A young person who is educated in the education system with the 4 criteria mentioned above, will undoubtedly become a person with the following qualifications:
1. He will become an Indonesian who knows well (well informed), that way he has more value in terms of "resources" than other people. Knowledge is Power.
2. Awareness of the importance of mastering information requires him to be able to thoroughly digest and analyze sharply the various information he gets.
3. Apart from having sharp analytical skills, he also has a great ability to think in an integrative manner, reason rationally and conceptually which enables him to react quickly, with a short "response time" in making decisions. This is very necessary in this ever changing and highly competitive world.
4. He will have the ability to be creative towards new challenges, along with the ability to anticipate developments and innovate.
5. He realizes that the learning process will never be completed throughout his life (life-long learning) in a world that is constantly changing rapidly.
6. Awareness of being a life long-learner will cause him to be able to hold 2 or 3 different careers or professions during his lifetime.
7. He will have the ability to be independent in initiative, independent and competitive; at the same time having the ability to organize and cooperate with other people, regardless of differences in culture, race, or religion.
8. He will have sensitivity to social justice, national solidarity and even sensitivity to the universal future of humanity.
Such character stability often stems from a "sense of worth" as God's most noble creation that carries out His mandate to rule and manage the earth with a heart surrendered to God and hands outstretched to humanity. Let's continue to work in our respective capacities for the advancement of education towards the realization of an intelligent and virtuous Learning Society, for the sake of achieving a Prosperous Indonesia in the future. Long live my Indonesia...!!!

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