Jumat, 17 Maret 2023

Positive and Negative Impacts of the Arrival of Europeans in Indonesia

Positive impact

After the arrival of Europeans in Indonesia, the progress of the Indonesian nation increased. Some of the benefits of the arrival of Europeans to Indonesia are as follows:

1. Many ports were built so that Indonesia became a trading center in Southeast Asia, especially in the Malacca area.

2. After the arrival of the Europeans in Indonesia, many industrial centers were established which could reduce the unemployment rate in Indonesia.

3. Construction of road facilities (highways) so that one city feels close to another.

4. The establishment of schools that can educate the next generation of the Indonesian nation.

Negative impact

After the arrival of the Europeans to Indonesia, the Europeans shifted their desire to colonize the Indonesians so that wars broke out everywhere. The negative impacts of the arrival of Europeans to Indonesia are:

1. The Indonesian people feel oppressed by the arrival of Europeans who are always arbitrary towards the Indonesian people.

2. There were rebellions everywhere which resulted in the death of many Indonesian citizens.

3. The Europeans pitted all Indonesian people against each other.

4. There was a power struggle by the Europeans against the Indonesian people which ultimately claimed many Indonesian citizens' lives.

5. Indonesian citizens feel that they are not free with the presence of Europeans in Indonesia.

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