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Stating, among other things, that every person, whether he is a religious person or even a secular person, has basic spiritual needs. Everyone needs to feel safe, secure, protected, free from stress, anxiety, depression and the like.
For those who are religious (who live and practice), this spiritual need can be obtained through living and practicing their faith. However, for those who are secular the path taken is through drug abuse (Narcotics, Alcohol and other Addictive Substances), which in turn can have a negative impact on self, family and society.

From the results of his research, data was obtained that the elderly who were religious a lot prayed and dhikr turned out to live longer. Elderly people who do not worship, pray and dhikr have a death rate of 2 times greater than those (elderly) who diligently pray, pray and dhikr.

Larson, et. al. (1989) conducted a study of patients suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure), compared to a control group (non-hypertensive patients); it was found that the control group's religious commitment was stronger.
Furthermore, it was stated that religious activities such as praying and dhikr can prevent someone from suffering from hypertension. The same thing was done by two researchers, namely Levin and Vanderpool (1989) on patients suffering from heart and blood vessel diseases (cardiovascular diseases). From the results of his research it was concluded that the activity. Religion (worship) in the form of prayer and dhikr will minimize a person's risk of suffering from heart and blood vessel disease.
source: ade

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