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1. Psychology of Religion in Historical Tracks
To know for sure when religion is examined psychologically is rather difficult, because religion itself contains the influence of religion on the soul. Even the holy books of every religion explain a lot about the process of the soul or the state of a person's soul due to the influence of religion. In the Qur'an, for example, there are verses that show the state of the souls of believers or vice versa, disbelievers, attitudes, behavior and prayers. Besides that, there are also verses that talk about mental health, mental illness and disorders as well as disorders of character and attitude that occur due to mental turmoil as well as about mental care. Another example is the process of seeking God experienced by the Prophet Abraham. The story describes how the conversion process occurs.
find religious processes and events, as happened in Buddhist religious figures,
Siddharta Gautama or in the Shinto religion who mythologized the Japanese emperor as a descendant of the sun made his followers so deeply loyal to the emperor, that they were willing to sacrifice their lives in World War II for the sake of the emperor.
2. Scientific Approach in the Psychology of Religion
In its development, the psychology of religion does not only study life in general but also special problems. The discussion on religious awareness, for example, is discussed by B. Pratt in his book The Religious Consciousness , while Rudolf Otto discusses prayer . The development of religion was not spared from the study of religious psychologists. Piere Binet is one of the early figures in the psychology of religion who discusses the development of a religious spirit. According to Binet, religion in children is no different from religion in adults. In children which might be experienced by adults, such as feeling amazed at witnessing this nature, there is kindness that is not
visible, belief in error and some of that experience are genuine facts that are not influenced by the environment.
3. Study of the Psychology of Religion in the Eastern Region
In the East World do not want to be left behind. Abdul Mun'in Abdul Aziz al Malighy, for example, also wrote studies on the development of the religious spirit in children and adolescents. Meanwhile, on the continents of Asia and India, books related to the psychology of religion have also been published. Jalaluddin mentions the title of the book and its author, among others: The Song of God: Baghavad Gita. While in Indonesia, around the 1970s writings on the psychology of religion just appeared. Works that should be put forward are: Spiritual Science of Religion by Prof. Dr. Zakiah Daradjat, Religion and Mental Health by prof. Dr. Aulia (1961), Islam and Psychosomatics by SS Djami'an, Experience and Religious Motivation by Nico Syukur Dister, Al Qur'an: Psychiatry and Mental Health Sciences by Dadang Hawari and so on. In the latter book, for example
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