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Remember! Let Many Deeds Speak Little

Imam Hasan Al-Banna Rahimahullah once reminded Ikhwan cadres that the obligations (of a da'iyah) are more than the time they have.

Therefore, giving charity is a necessity for Ikhwan cadres. Moreover, the position of charity in Islam is a requirement of faith, even part of it is a condition of faith and proof of commitment to Islam.

Likewise, Imam Al-Banna Rahimahullah warns of the dangers of talking too much, giving little charity and arguing too much, to be a little preoccupied with da'wah. He emphasized that people who are busy with charity will rarely practice jidal. And it is precisely when they are afflicted with weakness, decline, and the collapse of the himmah (great obsession) within them that they become preoccupied with jidal. Eventually they become lost and far from serious and quality Islamic charity.

If we examine the lives of the salaf, we find that they are the most ascetic people in matters of speech, even those that are permissible and do not hurt people. The Salaf realized that a lot of talk has the potential to cause mistakes and greater slippage. Imam Abdurrahman bin Mahdi Rahimahullah once said, “ Adraktun naasa wa hum 'alal jumal. I got humans; salaf, in a state of economical speech.

Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Rahimahullah commented on his teacher's words in Al-'Ilal Wa Ma'rifatur Rijaal by saying, “The point is that they don't (much) talk; nor do they like to argue."

Ustadz Abdul Wahhab Azzam Rahimahullah, an Ikhwan figure, in his book Asy-Syawaarid concluded that,

“You will find the individuals and groups closest to sincerity and sincerity are the least talkative. Actions occupy them from speech. And his mind and hands beat his tongue. On the other hand, the people who are closest to unemployment and joking are the ones who talk the most and are the sharpest in their speech, except for a few people who are not like that.

If the verbal is related to the mind, the mind will bind it. If the words of being friends with charity would undoubtedly make him calm and dignified. However, in fact, speech often falls into nonsense that has no effect and throws out uncontrolled utterances. It becomes merely utterances without calculation and idle talk without the substance of the conversation.

Since ancient times humans have talked a lot about the (negative) talk a lot and (the positive) talk a little as well as the serious and light impacts. And it is not someone who thinks about our current condition but he will get justification for what has been said. Let our oral movements outperform speech proofs and hand movements. Our creativity is also more in terms of words, not in systems and actions.

May Allah give mercy to the person who makes his mind as the controller of his speech and his deeds as a reckoner for his words."

Therefore, O my brother, be aware that we are " qaumun 'amaliyyuun ". So, let us compete in good deeds with all our hearts to exalt God's sentence and carve out the glory of a glorious people.

Ref: fimadani.com

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