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This is the Danger of Having Sex During Menstruation

Having sex during menstruation is something that many married couples avoid. Even so, not a few women who actually feel greater passion when menstruating. Actually, how dangerous is it to make love during menstruation?

Tara Ford, a doctor from the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York, reveals the facts you need to know about sex during menstruation, the positive and negative sides.

According to him, actually having sex can be done a full month without having to pause. But not everyone or your partner is comfortable with lots of blood.

More passionate

Arousal in women is very different, and most may feel disturbed and not in the mood to make love during menstruation.

But, not a few who actually feel more easily aroused during menstruation. This is because estrogen and testosterone tend to be low on the first day of your period, and rise again on the third day. "Some women feel more passionate and sensitive during this time," says Ford.

During menstruation there is also more lubrication so that it increases the feeling of arousal. If all this time you have to use lubricants for sex, then during this menstrual period you can have sex naturally. Research even shows, orgasm during menstruation can reduce cramps and abdominal pain.

Use protection

Even though sexual intercourse is carried out during menstruation, there is still a possibility of getting pregnant. "Some menstrual cycles last longer than a week and sometimes ovulation can coincide with menstruation," she says.

In addition, sperm can survive 3-5 days. If you always take birth control pills regularly, then it is quite safe to have sex without a condom.

The danger

One of the things that makes people choose to postpone sex during menstruation is religious teachings. Even in Islamic teachings it is forbidden to have sex during menstruation. It turns out that making love at this time can make you susceptible to disease transmission. This is because the cervix is ​​more open (so that blood can easily come out), as a result it is more easily exposed to sexually transmitted infections. ***

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