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Let's Read, This is the Complete Story of Prophet Ibrahim AS

Prophet Abraham AS

Prophet Ibrahim was the son of Aaazar (Tarih) bin Tahur bin Saruj bin Rau' bin Falij bin Aaabir bin Salih bin Arfakhsyad bin Saam bin Nuh AS He was born in a place called "Faddam A'ram" in the kingdom "Babylon" which at that time was ruled by a king named "Namrud bin Kan'aan."
The Babylonian kingdom at that time included a prosperous kingdom where the people lived happily, prosperously in a state of having enough clothing and views and suggestions that were necessary for their physical growth. However, their level of spiritual life was still at the level of ignorance. they do not know their Creator God who has gifted them with all the worldly pleasures and happiness. Their offerings are statues that they carve themselves from stones or made from mud and soil.

Their king Namrud bin Kan'aan runs the reins of government with an iron hand and absolute power. All his will must be carried out and all his orders are laws that cannot be violated or negotiated. The great power that was in his hands and the extravagant luxury of life that he enjoyed over time made him dissatisfied with his position as king. He felt that he deserved to be worshiped by his people as a god. He thought that if his people wanted and were willing to worship statues built from stone that could not benefit them and bring happiness to them, why is he not the one who is worshiped as a god. He who can speak, can hear, can think, can lead them, bring prosperity for them and release from misery and hardship. He is the one who can turn the poor into riches and raises the lowly to become noble people. besides all that, he is a powerful king and has a big and wide country.

In the midst of such a bad society, Prophet Ibrahim was born and raised from a father who worked as a sculptor and statue merchant. He is a candidate for the Messenger and the messenger of God who will bring the light of truth to his people, far away he has been inspired by common sense and a sharp mind as well as the awareness that what his people have done, including his own father, is a misguided act that indicates stupidity and shallowness of mind and that the offering his people to those statues is an evil act that must be eradicated and fought so that they return to the true offering which is an offering to God Almighty, the God who created this universe.

During his youth, Prophet Ibrahim was often sent by his father to go around town selling statues he made, but because of the faith and monotheism that God had inspired him, he was not enthusiastic about selling these items, and even mockingly offered his father's statues to prospective buyers with the words :" Who will buy these useless statues?"

Prophet Ibrahim Wants To See How Creatures That Have Been Dead Are Resurrected By Allah

Prophet Ibrahim, who had made up his mind to fight polytheism and idolatry in his community, wanted to first strengthen his faith and confidence, calm down
his heart and cleansed him of doubts that might disturb his mind by asking God to show him how He revives dead creatures. He cried out to God: "Oh my God! Show me how you revive dead creatures "Allah answered his call by saying: Don't you have faith and believe in My power? "Prophet Ibrahim answered:" That's right, O my Lord, I have faith and trust in You and in Your power, but I really want to see it with my own eyes, so that I get peace and tranquility and my heart and so that it becomes thicker and my confidence in You and in Your power is strong."

God granted Prophet Ibrahim's request and then he was ordered to catch four birds and after observing and examining the parts of the birds' bodies, cut them into pieces and mixed them up. hill from four hills that are located far from each other.
After doing what God had instructed, he ordered Prophet Ibrahim to call the birds whose bodies had been torn apart and each part of the bird's body was separated from the other.

With the permission of God and His power, the four birds came flying in intact and alive as before, hearing the call and call of Prophet Ibrahim to him, then the four birds that came back to life landed in front of him, seeing with his own eyes how Almighty God could resurrecting His dead creatures as He created them from nothing. And thus achieved what Prophet Ibrahim wanted to calm his heart and eliminate the possibility of doubt in his faith and belief, that the power and will of God there is nothing in heaven or on earth that can prevent or oppose it and only the word "Kun" said by Him, then what is desired by "Fayakun" will happen.

Prophet Ibrahim preached to his biological father

Aazar, the father of the Prophet Abraham was no exception like the rest of his people, had a god and worshiped idols that he was a trader of the statues he made and carved himself and from whom people bought the statues that were used as offerings.
Prophet Ibrahim felt that the first duty he had to do before preaching to others was to make his biological father aware of the person closest to him that his belief in and offering to idols was a misguided and foolish act. He felt that devotion to his father obliged him to enlighten him. to let go of that misguided belief and follow it believing in Almighty God.

With the polite attitude and manners that should be shown by a child towards his parents and with gentle words he came to his father to convey that he was sent by God as a prophet and messenger and that he had been inspired with knowledge and knowledge that his father did not have . He asked his father meekly what motivated him to worship idols like the rest of his people even though he knew that the idols were of no use and could not bring profit to the worshipers or prevent loss or misfortune. It was also explained to his father that the worship of idols was simply the teaching of the devil who had been the enemy of mankind since Adam was brought down to earth.

Aazar became red in the face and bulged his eyes hearing the words of his son Prophet Abraham, which he responded to as a sin and an inappropriate thing that his son had dared to criticize and insult his father's beliefs and even asked him to leave that belief and embrace the beliefs and religion he brought. He did not hide his wrath and anger but expressed it in harsh words and in curses as if there was no connection between them. He said to Prophet Ibrahim in an angry tone: "O Ibrahim! Do you turn away from my trust and offerings? And what trust do you give me that encourages me to follow him? Do not arouse my anger and try to disobey me. If you don't stop your deviation from your father's religion, if you don't stop your efforts to criticize and slander my offerings, then get out of my house. I don't want to mix with you in a house under one roof. Get out of my sight before I hit you with a stone and harm you."

Prophet Ibrahim accepted his father's anger, his expulsion and his harsh words with a calm, normal attitude as a son towards his father, saying: "Oh my father! May you be safe, I will still ask for forgiveness for you from God and will leave you with offerings other than God. Hopefully I won't be a wretched and unfortunate person with my prayers for you." Then Prophet Ibrahim left his father's house in a state of sadness and concern because he had not succeeded in lifting his father from the valley of polytheism and disbelief.

Prophet Abraham Destroying Idols

The failure of Prophet Ibrahim in his efforts to awaken his lost father deeply pierced his heart because he as a good son wanted to see his father on the right path lifted from the valley of error and polytheism but he realized that the guidance was in the hands of God and no matter how he wanted to with all his heart for his father to get guidance, if it is not desired by God then his desire and efforts are in vain.
His father's rejection of his da'wah in a harsh and cruel way did not in the least affect his resolve and weakened his enthusiasm to continue to give light to his people to wipe out false offerings and beliefs that are contrary to monotheism and faith in Allah and the Messenger of Allah. His

Prophet Ibrahim never ceases in every opportunity to invite his people to dialogue and pray about the beliefs they adhere to and the teachings he brings. And it turns out that when they are no longer able to refute and refute the reasons and arguments put forward by Prophet Ibrahim about the truth of his teachings and the invalidity of their beliefs, then the arguments and reasons they put forward are outdated, that is, they only continue what the fathers and their ancestors did and sometimes they will not give up the faith and religion they have inherited.

In the end, Prophet Ibrahim felt it was no longer useful to debate and pray with his people who were stone-headed and who did not want to accept the evidence and real evidence presented by him and always held to the only reason that they would not deviate from the way of offering their ancestors , although it was stated by Prophet Ibrahim many times that they and their fathers were confused and lost following the footsteps of Satan and the devil.
Prophet Ibrahim then planned to prove to his people with real deeds that they could see with their own eyes that their idols and statues were really useless to them and could not even save themselves.

It has become a tradition and custom of the people of the Babylonian kingdom that every year they go out of the city en masse on a holiday that they consider sacred. For days they stayed outside the city in an open field, camping with enough food and drink. they reveled and enjoyed themselves while leaving their cities empty and desolate. they called out and invited all the residents to go out and leave the house and join together to respect the holy days. Prophet Ibrahim who was also invited to participate pretended to be sick and was allowed to stay at home especially because they were worried that Prophet Ibrahim's pretended illness would be contagious and spread among them if he participated.

"This is the opportunity I've been waiting for," said the heart of Prophet Ibrahim when he saw that the city was empty of its inhabitants, nothing could be heard except the sound of birds chirping, the sound of leaves rustling in the strong wind. Carrying an ax in his hand, he went to the place of worship of his people which had been abandoned without a guard, without a locksmith and only a row of statues could be seen in the hall of the place of worship. While pointing to the arrangement of flowers and food that are at each foot of the statue, Prophet Ibrahim said, mockingly: "Why don't you eat the delicious food that has been snowed for you? Answer me and say something." Then kicked, slapped the statue- the statue and smashed it to pieces with the ax in his hand.

The people were surprised and surprised, when they returned from a party outside the city and saw the condition of the statues, their gods were disintegrated and became scattered pieces on the floor. Ask one to the other in a tone of wonder and astonishment: "Who has dared to do this evil and abominable act against these gods of their offerings?" Said one of them: "It is possible that the person who always mocked and ridiculed our offerings named Ibrahim is the one who did this brave act." Another person added to the evidence by saying: "In fact, he was the one who must have done it, because he was the only person who stayed in the city when we were all outside celebrating the holy and sacred day.

And indeed that is what Prophet Ibrahim hoped for his judgment to be done openly where all members of the community could also witness it. Because in this way, he can covertly preach against their false and misguided beliefs, while explaining the truth of the religion and the beliefs he brings, if among those present there are those who can still be expected to open their hearts to the faith of monotheism that he taught and preached.
Judgment day was determined and people from all over flocked to visit the open field that had been prepared for the trial.

When the Prophet Ibrahim came before the judges who were about to try him, he was greeted by the audience with shouts of curses and insults, indicating how angry the idol worshipers were against him who had dared to destroy their offerings.
Prophet Abraham was asked by the judges: "Are you the one who destroyed and destroyed our gods?" Calmly and coolly, Prophet Ibrahim replied:

"That's the big statue with the ax around its neck that did it. Just ask the statues who destroyed it."

The pen judges were silent for a moment while looking at each other and whispering, as if Ibrahim contained the mockery. Then said the judge: "You know that the statues cannot speak and said why do you ask us to ask them?" The time had come that Prophet Ibrahim had been looking forward to, so as an answer to the last question he gave a speech presenting the invalidity of their offering, which they defended to the death, simply because the custom was the heritage of their ancestors. Said Prophet Ibrahim to the judges: "If that is the case, why do you worship those idols, which cannot speak, cannot see and cannot hear, cannot bring benefits or repel harm, can't even help himself from destruction and destruction? How foolish you are with your beliefs and performances! Can't you think with common sense that your offering is a wrong act that only the devil understands. Why don't you worship God who created you, created the world around you and empowered you on earth with all content and wealth. How contemptible you are with your presentation." created the world around you and ruled you over the earth with all its contents and riches. How despicable you are with your offerings." created the world around you and ruled you over the earth with all its contents and riches. How despicable you are with your offerings."

After Prophet Ibrahim finished his speech, the judges decided that Prophet Ibrahim should be burned alive as a reward for insulting and destroying their gods, then the judges called out to the people present to witness the trial: "Burn him and defend God -your god, if you are truly faithful to him."

Prophet Abraham Burned Alive

The court's decision has been made. Prophet Ibrahim should be punished by burning alive in a fire as big as the sin he committed. Preparations for the burning ceremony that will be witnessed by all the people are being arranged. Open land for the burning place was prepared and a large amount of firewood was collected where each resident had to participate in bringing as much firewood as he could as a sign of devotion to the gods of their offerings that had been destroyed by Prophet Ibrahim.

Crowds of residents from all corners of the city brought firewood as a contribution and sign of devotion to their god. Among them are pregnant women and sick people who bring their burnt wood offerings in the hope of obtaining blessings from their gods by curing their illnesses or protecting the pregnant woman during childbirth.
After the firewood had been collected in the field prepared for the burning ceremony and piled up and arranged like a hill, crowds of people came to witness the execution of the punishment on Prophet Ibrahim. The wood was then burned and a terrible volcano was formed which was flying above it and fell on fire by the heat of the steam generated by the mountain fire. Then in shackles, Prophet Ibrahim was taken and from the top of a high building he was thrown into the pile of burning wood with the accompaniment of God's words: "O fire, be you cool and salvation for Ibrahim."

From the time the sentence was handed down until the moment he was thrown into the burning mountain, Prophet Ibrahim continued to show a calm and trusting attitude because of his faith and belief that God would not willingly release his servant to become food for the fire and a sacrifice for the violence of the infidels who are enemies of God. . And indeed that is what happened when he was in the belly of that terrible volcano, he felt cold according to the call of God his Protector and only the temali rope and chain that bound his hands and feet were burned, while the body and clothes attached to his body remained intact, not even touched by the fire, which is a miracle given by God to his chosen servant, Prophet Ibrahim,

The spectators of the burning ceremony were amazed when they saw Prophet Ibrahim coming out of the hill of fire that had gone out and turned into ashes in a safe condition, intact with his clothes still on as usual, there was no sign of the slightest touch of fire. They scattered and left the field in a state of wonder while wondering to themselves and to each other how the miraculous thing happened, even though according to their assumption the sin of Prophet Ibrahim was clearly disobeying the gods they worshiped and worshipped. Some of them who in his little heart began to doubt the truth of their religion but did not dare to express his doubts to others, while their leaders and leaders felt disappointed and ashamed,

The miracle that Allah swt gave to Prophet Ibrahim as a clear proof of the truth of his preaching, has caused a shake in the faith of some people in their offerings and statues and opened the eyes of many of them to rethink the invitation of Prophet Ibrahim and his preaching, even no less than those who want to express their faith in Prophet Ibrahim, but fear that they will have difficulties in their lives due to the anger and revenge of the leaders and the elders who may lose their minds when they feel that their influence has shifted to the side of Prophet Ibrahim.

Ref: Isnaini

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