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Let's Read, This is the Complete Story of Prophet Ya'qub AS

Prophet Ya'qub is the son of Prophet Ishaq bin Ibrahim while his mother is the niece of Prophet Ibrahim, named Rifqah bint A'zar. He is the twin brother of Ishaq's second son named Ishu.
Between the two twins there is no atmosphere of harmony and peace, and no one puts affection for one another. Even Ishu has grudges against his twin brother Jacob, who was pampered and cherished more and loved by his mother. Their tenuous and distant relationship was getting worse and tense after Ishu found out that Ya'qub was asked by his mother when his father asked for the arrival of his children to be blessed and prayed for, while he was not informed and therefore did not get the opportunity like Ya'qub got the blessings and prayers of his father, Prophet Ishaq.

Seeing his brother's stiff and cold attitude and hearing his sarcastic words that arose from envy and jealousy, even he was always threatened, so Ya'qub came to his father to complain about the hostility. He said with a sigh: "Oh my father! Please give me thoughts, how should I face my brother Ishu who hates me, holds grudges against me and always taunts me with words that hurt my heart, so much so that our fraternal relationship is strained and strained, there is no mutual love and love for each other He was angry because my father blessed me and prayed for me to have righteous offspring, easy sustenance and a prosperous life and luxury. He boasted about himself with his two wives from the Kan'aan tribe and threatened that his children from the two wives would become serious rivals for my children in the future in search and livelihood and various other threats that worried and stifled my heart. Please father give me thoughts on how I can overcome this problem and overcome it in a family way.

you must leave this country and migrate to Fadan A'raam in Iraq, where your uncle and your mother's brother Laban bin Batu;il live. You can expect to be married to one of his daughters and thus your social position will be strong, respected and respected by people because of your father-in-law's prominent position in the eyes of the community. Go there with my prayers, may God bless your journey, give you cheap and easy sustenance and a quiet and peaceful life.

The father's advice and suggestions have a place in the child's heart. Ya'qub saw in his father's advice the desired way out of the crisis of brotherly relations between him and Ishu, moreover by following the suggestion he would be able to meet his father and brothers and members of his family from his mother's side. needed on a trip and with a moved heart and tears in his eyes he asked his father and mother when he was leaving the house.

Prophet Ya'qub Arrives in Iraq

By going through the sand and the wide Sahara road with the scorching heat of the sun and the samum {hot} wind that burns the skin, Ya'qub continued his journey alone, towards Fadan A'ram where his uncle Laban lived. In that long journey, he occasionally stopped to rest when he felt tired and lethargic. And in one of his stops he stopped because he was so tired and fell asleep under the shade of a large coral rock. In his deep sleep, he had a dream that he was blessed with a large fortune , a peaceful life, pious and devoted family and grandchildren and a large and prosperous kingdom. Ya'qub woke up from his sleep, wiped his eyes turning to the right and to the left and he realized that what he saw was just a dream but he believed that his dream would come true later in the day according to his father's prayer that still hummed in his ears. By getting that dream, he felt all the tiredness caused by his journey disappear as if he gained new energy and his enthusiasm increased to arrive as soon as possible at the destination and meet his relatives from his mother's side.

Ya'qub finally arrived in front of the city gate of Fadan A'ram after days and nights of boring journeys and nothing to see apart from the sky above and the sand below. How relieved his heart was when he began to see domestic animals roaming over the grass fields, birds flying in the clear air and townspeople going back and forth to earn their living and necessities of life.
Arriving at a crossroads, he stopped briefly to ask one of the residents where the house of his mother's brother, Laban, was located. Because Laban is one of the rich people who have the biggest farms in the city so it wasn't difficult for residents to find out his name. The resident he asked immediately pointed to a beautiful girl who was herding goats and said to Ya'qub: "What a coincidence, that's Laban's daughter who will be able to take you to her father's house, her name is Rahil.

With a pounding heart, Ya'qub went over to the beautiful and beautiful one, then with a disjointed voice as if something was binding his tongue, he introduced himself, that he was his own cousin. Her mother, Rifqah, is the sibling of the girl's father. Then he explained to the girl that he had come to Fadam A'raam from Kan'aan with the aim of meeting Laban, his father, to deliver Ishaq's order, Ya'qub's father to the girl. So, with a friendly attitude, a sweet face, Ya'qub asked him to follow him to the house of Laban, his father and brother.

the uncle and nephew warmly embraced each other, signifying their joy at the unexpected meeting and the tears of emotion and joy flowing down each other's cheeks. So Laban bin Batu'il arranged a special place and room for his nephew Ya'qub which was no different from the places of his own son where he could stay as he pleased like in his own house.

After spending some time in Laban's house, his uncle as a member of the family was conveyed by Ya'qub to his uncle Ishaq's father's message, so that they both reconcile by marrying him to one of his daughters. The order was accepted by Laban and he agreed to marry Laban to one of his daughters, on the condition that as a dowry, he should provide his labor in his future son-in-law's livestock company for seven years. Ya'qub agreed to the conditions put forward by his uncle and he worked as a manager of the largest livestock company in the city of Fadan A'raam.

After Ya'qub spent seven years as a worker in Laban's ranching company, he demanded his uncle's promise that he would take him as his son-in-law. Laban offered Ya'qub to marry his daughter named Laiya as his wife, but his nephew wanted Rahil, Laiya's sister, because she was more beautiful and beautiful than the Laiya he offered. Ya'qub expressed his wish frankly to his uncle, who also from his uncle's side understands and understands his nephew's heart. However, the customs that prevailed at that time did not allow a younger brother to marry his older sister first. therefore as a middle ground rather than disappointing Ya'qub and not breaking the applicable rules,

Ya'qub, who had great respect for his uncle and felt indebted to him who had accepted him at home as a family, treated him well and did not discriminate as if he were his own son, could not do anything but accept his uncle's suggestion. The marriage was performed and a contract for a second seven-year period was signed.
As soon as the second seven years ended, Ya'qub was married to Rahil, a girl he loved very much and had always remembered since his first meeting when he entered the city of Fadan A'raam. In this way, Prophet Ya'qub married two women who were siblings, a sister and a younger sister, which according to the Sharia and the rules that were in force at the time was not forbidden, but by the Sharia of Muhammad peace be upon him, such a thing was prohibited.

Laban gave a gift to his two daughters, the two wives of Ya'qub, a slave to be their housekeeper. And from his two wives and his two servants Ya'qub was blessed with twelve children, among them Yusuf and Binyamin from Rahil's mother and the other from Laiya.

The story of Prophet Ya'qub in the Quran

The story of Prophet Ya'qub is not found in the Al-Quran separately, but Ya'qub's name is mentioned in connection with Ibrahim, Yusuf and other prophets. This story is sourced from books of interpretation and history books.
Ref: Isnaini

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