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Let's Read, This is the Complete Story of the Prophet Yusuf AS

Prophet Yusuf is the seventh son of the twelve sons of Prophet Ya'qub. He and his younger brother named Benyamin were busy with Rahil, the cousin of Prophet Ya'qub. He is blessed by God with a good look, good-looking figure and a strong body that makes every woman's dream and the memories of teenage girls. He was a spoiled child by his father, more loved and loved than his other brothers, especially after being abandoned by the death of his biological mother Rahil when he was still twelve years old.

The discriminatory treatment of the Prophet Ya'qub towards his children has caused envy and jealousy among the other brothers of Yusuf, who feel that they are abandoned by his father who is not fair to his children, pampering Yusuf more than others. .
Their irritation towards his father and envy towards Yusuf aroused a sense of friendship between Yusuf's brothers, unity and a familiar sense of brotherhood between them.

Joseph's brothers held a meeting

Is his mother closer to the father's heart than our mother? If that's the reason, then is it our fault? That we are born from a mother who has the second place in the father's heart or is it Joseph's face that is more handsome and more efficient than our face and face which were created by God and sometimes it is not our will or the result of our efforts? We are very sorry for the behavior and actions of this regretful and wrong father and must do something to end this crippled and upsetting situation in all of our hearts." then is it our fault? That we are born from a mother who has the second place in the father's heart or is it Joseph's face that is more handsome and more efficient than our face and face which were created by God and sometimes it is not our will or the result of our efforts? We are very sorry for the behavior and actions of this regretful and wrong father and must do something to end this crippled and upsetting situation in all of our hearts." then is it our fault? That we are born from a mother who has the second place in the father's heart or is it Joseph's face that is more handsome and more efficient than our face and face which were created by God and sometimes it is not our will or the result of our efforts? We are very sorry for the behavior and actions of this regretful and wrong father and must do something to end this crippled and upsetting situation in all of our hearts."

He is an obstacle for us to be able to break into the depths of our father's heart and he is a thick wall that separates us from our father whom we love so much. So the only way to end our worries is to eliminate them from our midst and throw them far away from the company of our father and family. We must kill him with our own hands or isolate him in a place where there are wild animals that will devour him as soft and delicious prey. And we don't need to doubt anymore that when Yusuf has disappeared from father's eyes and company, he will return to love and love us as his children who deserve fair and equitable treatment from father and the household atmosphere will return to harmony, calm and peace,

So according to my mind, Yahudza continued his discussion that the best way to eliminate Yusuf is to throw him into a dry well located at a crossroads where caravans and travelers stop to rest and feed and drink to the animals of their vehicles. In this way, it is possible that one of the travelers found Yusuf, lifted him from the well and took him far away as a child or as a slave to be sold. By the way I put it forward, we have been able to achieve our goal without doing killing and taking the life of our innocent brother."

Yahudza's thoughts and suggestions were well received and unanimously approved by his other brothers and sisters and will carry them out at the right time and opportunity. The secret meeting was threaded with promises from each of the brothers present, to keep their mouths shut and keep this evil plan as tightly secret as possible so that it would not leak out and would not be heard by their fathers before its implementation.

Prophet Yusuf had a dream

On the night where his brothers held a secret meeting in which to plan tricks and evil plans against his younger brother who at that time Prophet Yusuf was sleeping soundly, floating in a delicious and exciting dream, not knowing what fate had planned for him and not he imagined that the suffering he would experience was the result of the actions of his own siblings, inspired by the qualities of jealousy, envy and envy.

On that fateful night the Prophet Yusuf saw in his dream as if eleven stars, the sun and the moon in the sky descended and prostrated before him. In a hurry after waking up from his sleep, he came to his father, telling him what he saw and experienced in a dream.
A sign of joy immediately appeared on Ya'qub's radiant face when he heard the story of Yusuf's dream, his son. He said to his son: "O my son! Your dream is a dream that is filled and not an empty dream. Your dream gives a sign that justifies my hunch on you, that you are blessed by God with glory, knowledge and luxurious enjoyment of life. Your dream is good news from God tell you that your future is a bright future full of happiness, greatness and abundant enjoyment. However, you must be careful, O my child, do not tell your dream to your brothers, I know they do not have love for you, even they I envy you because of the position I have given you and your brother Benjamin. they always whisper when they talk about you and always sneer in their conversation about the two of you. I'm afraid, if you tell them the story of your dream, their envy and jealousy towards you will increase and it's not even possible that they will plan evil deeds against you that will destroy you. And in such a situation, the devil will not remain silent, but will burn their evil spirit even more and sacrifice the envy and envy that resides in their chest. So be careful, my son, don't let the story of your dream leak out and be heard by them." if you tell them the story of your dream, their envy and jealousy will increase and it is not even possible that they will plan evil deeds against you that will destroy you. And in such a situation, the devil will not remain silent, but will burn their evil spirit even more and sacrifice the envy and envy that resides in their chest. So be careful, my son, don't let the story of your dream leak out and be heard by them." if you tell them the story of your dream, their envy and jealousy will increase and it is not even possible that they will plan evil deeds against you that will destroy you. And in such a situation, the devil will not remain silent, but will burn their evil spirit even more and sacrifice the envy and envy that resides in their chest. So be careful, my son, don't let the story of your dream leak out and be heard by them."

The content of the story above is found in Al_Quran, in surah "Yusuf" verse 4 to verse 10 which reads as follows:
Indeed, there are some signs of God's power in the {story} of Yusuf and his brothers for those who ask. 8. {That is} when they said: "Indeed Yusuf and his brother {Benyamin} are more loved by our father than ourselves, even though we {this} are a {strong} group. Indeed our father is in real confusion." 9. Kill Yusuf or banish him to an area {unknown} so that your father's attention is only on you and after that you should be good people." 10. One of them said: "Do not kill Yusuf, but put him in into the well, so that he may be picked up by some travelers if you wish to do so." {Yusuf:4 ~ 10} {That is} when they said: "Indeed Yusuf and his brother {Benyamin} are more loved by our father than ourselves, even though we {this} are a {strong} group. Indeed our father is in real confusion." 9. Kill Yusuf or banish him to an area {unknown} so that your father's attention is only on you and after that you should be good people." 10. One of them said: "Do not kill Yusuf, but put him in into the well, so that he may be picked up by some travelers if you wish to do so." {Yusuf:4 ~ 10} {That is} when they said: "Indeed Yusuf and his brother {Benyamin} are more loved by our father than ourselves, even though we {this} are a {strong} group. Indeed our father is in real confusion." 9. Kill Yusuf or banish him to an area {unknown} so that your father's attention is only on you and after that you should be good people." 10. One of them said: "Do not kill Yusuf, but put him in into the well, so that he may be picked up by some travelers if you wish to do so." {Yusuf:4 ~ 10} Indeed, our father is in real confusion." 9. Kill Yusuf or banish him to an area {unknown} so that your father's attention is only on you and after that you should be good people." 10. One of them said: "Do not kill Joseph, but put him in a well, so that he will be picked up by some travelers if you want to do it." { Joseph: 4 ~ 10 } Indeed, our father is in real confusion." 9. Kill Yusuf or banish him to an area {unknown} so that your father's attention is only on you and after that you should be good people." 10. One of them said: "Do not kill Joseph, but put him in a well, so that he will be picked up by some travelers if you want to do it." { Joseph: 4 ~ 10 }

Joseph was put into the well

The next day, after yesterday, Yusuf's siblings met to discuss the investigation and plan the removal of his younger brother who is a strong rival in winning the father's heart, they came to meet Prophet Ya'qub, his father asked for permission to take Yusuf for recreation with them outside the city. Said their spokesman to the father: "O our beloved father! We wish to have recreation and a picnic outside the city en masse and would like our brother Yusuf to participate and not be left behind, enjoying the clear air under the clear blue sky. We will bring enough food and drink for us to eat for a day outside the city to have fun and have fun, comfort the aching heart and empty the chest,

Ya'qub said to his sons: "Indeed, it would really upset my mind if Yusuf was far from the reach of my eyes, especially if he would join you out of the city, in an open field, which according to my hearing, there are many wild animals like wolves roaming around there. I I am afraid that you will neglect to take care of him, because you are so busy playing with yourself that you make him a prey for those wild animals. How sad I would be if that happened. You know how much I love Yusuf who was abandoned by his mother."

His sons replied: "O our father! Doesn't it make sense, that Yusuf will be eaten by a wolf or some other wild animal in front of our group's eyes? Even though none of us are weak-bodied or cowardly-hearted. We are able to resist any disturbance. or attack from wherever it comes, whether it's wild animals or other creatures. We are strong and brave enough and we take care of Yusuf as best we can, will not let him out of our sight even for a moment. We will risk all of our body and soul for his safety and where we will cover our faces if the things that disappoint father about Joseph."

Finally, the Prophet Yusuf had no reason to refuse the request of his children to take Yusuf for recreation, releasing Yusuf in the hands of his brothers, who they knew did not like him and did not have affection for him. He blessed his children: "Well, if you are indeed able to be responsible for his security and safety according to your words, then I allow Yusuf to be with you, may Allah protect him with all of you."

The next day, the group of Ya'qub's sons except Benyamin left, heading to the recreation area or actually heading to the place where, according to the plan, Yusuf would be left behind. When they arrived around the well that was the destination, Yusuf immediately took off his clothes and threw them in the well without paying attention to his cries that did not change the hearts of his brothers who had lost their love for the innocent sister. Their hearts became relieved and their chests became spacious because his rotten plan had been successfully implemented and thus Ya'qub's Heart would open as wide as possible for them, and even if their actions would sadden his father,

but because according to our observations at the time, there were no signs or traces of wild animals around where we were playing, we occasionally saw no danger by leaving Yusuf alone to guard our clothes which were not from where we were playing and even within reach of the eye we. However, the wolf that seemed to have been stalking our brother Yusuf, acted so quickly to take advantage of our inattention, playing time so that we were not in a hurry to help save the soul of our brother who we really care about and love. Oh father! We are very sorry that we failed to fulfill our promise and commitment to our father when we asked permission to take Yusuf with us, but what can we say if fate really wanted it that way.

Prophet Ya'qub, who had a premonition of what would happen to his beloved son Yusuf and knew how his brothers' attitude towards his younger brother Yusuf, could do nothing but surrender to God's destiny and suppress the sadness, anxiety and anger that was raging in his chest, he said to his sons: "You have followed your lust and followed what the devil planned for you. You have done an act that you will feel the consequences of when the smoke screen is opened that you should ask for help His in all things and events.

The contents of this story can be read in the Koran in surah "Yusuf" verses 11 to 18 as follows:

" 11. They said: "O our father! why don't you trust us with Yusuf, when in fact we are the ones who want good for him." 12. Let him go with us tomorrow, he will probably have fun and play around and indeed we sure take care of it." 13. Ya'qub said: "Indeed, your departure with Yusuf is very sad and I am afraid that he will be eaten by wolves while you are ignoring him." 14. They said: "If it is really eaten by wolves, while we are the {strong} group, then we will be the losers." 15. So when they brought him and agreed to put him in the well {then they put him in} and {when he was already in the well} We revealed to {Yusuf}: "Indeed you will tell them about their actions, while they do not remember anymore. 16 . Then they came to their father in the evening crying. 17. They said: "O our father! Indeed, we went racing and we left Yusuf near our belongings, so he was eaten by wolves and you will never believe us, even if we are righteous people." 18. They came with his shirt {which was stained} with false blood. Ya'qub said: "Actually, you yourself are the ones who see the good in the {bad} act, so good patience is {patience}.

Joseph was sold as a slave

Yusuf was in the well alone, surrounded by darkness and silence. He looked up and down to the right and to the left thinking how he could lift himself from the well, but he did not see anything that could help him. He could only see the shadow of his body in the shallow water beneath his feet. It was a very difficult test for someone as young as Yusuf who still did not have much experience in life, it was the first time he was separated from his father who loved and pampered him very much. Even more felt the weight of the test because the ones who threw him to the bottom of the well were his own brothers, his father's sons.

Yusuf in addition to thinking about his current fate, as well as how he saved himself from the danger of starvation if he was not helped for a long time, he always remembered his father when he saw his brothers return home without him with them.
Three days passed, since Yusuf was thrown into the well, and there were no signs of hope for him to get out of his confinement, while the danger of starvation had begun to loom over him and he was about to give up hope when suddenly he heard a muffled voice, a strange voice which he had not heard since he was thrown into the well. As time went on, the voices became clearer, which finally sounded like dogs barking, the voices of people talking and laughing out loud, and the sound of human and animal footsteps around the well.

It turns out that what Yusuf heard was the sounds of a caravan that was stopping around the well, where it was confined to rest while looking for water to drink for them and their animals. how happy Yusuf was when he was listening to the voice of the caravan leader commanding his men to release the dipper to take water from the well. Just then Yusuf saw a dipper coming down and as soon as he reached it, he held the dipper firmly which was then pulled up by the traveler while shouting and complaining because of the weight of the dipper being pulled.

The travelers who were in the caravan were shocked and amazed when they saw that what weighed on the dipper was not water, but living humans with handsome looks, straight bodies and pure white skin. They discussed what to do with the servant of God who had been found at the bottom of the pit, released in that lonely place or returned to his family. Finally they agreed to be taken to Egypt and sold there as slaves at a price, which according to their interpretation would reach a high price, because of his good body and handsome appearance.

When the caravan arrived in Egypt, Yusuf was taken to a special market, where people were traded and sold as merchandise or as livestock. Yusuf was then offered in public to be auctioned. And because the travelers who brought him were afraid that Yusuf's meeting would be open, they refused to hold him until they reached a high price, but let him go at the first offer with a low and inadequate price. Whereas a person like Prophet Yusuf cannot be valued with money, not even with the gold of the whole earth, it is not balanced as a great human being and a great creature of God like Prophet Yusuf who was outlined by God in his destiny that he will carry out a holy mission and play a decisive role in the life of mankind.

Prophet Yusuf in the auction was bought by an Egyptian police chief named Fathifar as the first bidder, who felt happy to have a servant with a good figure, a strong body and a facial expression that gave the impression that the person he bought contained a great soul, a clean pure heart and that it is not a human quality that should be traded.
Fathifar said to his wife when he introduced Yusuf to him: "This is the slave I just bought from the auction. Give him good treatment and treatment in case we will benefit from him and adopt him as our own son. I can get a feeling from his face and movements - it is clear that he is not from a group that should be bought and sold, it is even possible that he is from the lineage of a high-ranking family and civilized people.

Mrs. Fathifar, the wife of the Egyptian Police Chief received Yusuf at her home, in accordance with her husband's orders. treated as one of his family members and sometimes not treated as a slave. Yusuf was able to adapt to Futhifar's household situation. He does his daily tasks at home with great enthusiasm and with high honesty and discipline. All the obligations and duties that were ordered to him, were handled with pleasure as if from orders by his own parents. Thus, Yusuf became more and more loved at the Egyptian Police Chief's house until he felt as if he was at his own family and parents' house.

About the contents of the story above, it can be read in surah "Yusuf" verse 19 to verse 21 as follows: ~
"19. Then a group of travelers came, and they ordered someone to take their water, so he lowered his bucket, he said: "Oh! Good news, this is a young boy!" Then they hid him as merchandise. And God knows what they do. 20. And they sold Yusuf for a cheap price, which was only a few dirhams, and they felt that their hearts were not attracted to Yusuf 21. And the Egyptian who bought him said to his wife: "Give him a good place {and treatment}, maybe he will be useful to us or we will take him as a son." And thus We gave Joseph a good position on earth { Egypt} and that we may teach him the destiny of dreams. And God has power over His affairs,

Yusuf is tempted by Mrs. Futhifar

Yusuf lived peacefully and peacefully in the house of Futhifar, the Chief of Police of Egypt, since he set foot in the house. He received the full trust of his two employers, the husband and wife, managed their homes and carried out their orders and all their needs with sincerity, sincerity and honesty, not demanding wages and compensation for all the energy and hard work that was poured into the interests of the family. He considered himself in that house not as a paid servant, but as a member of the family. so is the assumption of his employer, husband and wife towards him.

The peace of life and contentment that Yusuf got during his stay at Futhifar's house, has affected his health and growth. He who has been blessed by God with physical perfection with a comfortable and soft life in Futhifar's house, his face is looking fresher, his face is more beautiful and his body is more erect, so that he is a young man who is brave and powerful who seduces the hearts of every woman who sees him, no with the exception of Futhifar's wife, his own employer, it is not even impossible that he would be a man's grab, if he lived in the city of Sodom among the people of Prophet Lut at that time.

The courtship of the days under the same roof of the house between Yusuf, a brave young man and Mrs. Futhifar, a beautiful and beautiful young woman, will not be spared from the risk of committing immorality, if there is no strength of faith and piety that suppresses the passionate passions of bissu . That's what happened to Yusuf and the Egyptian Police Chief's wife.
In the first days Yusuf was in the middle of the family, Mrs. Futhifar did not consider him and treated him more than as an efficient, agile, diligent and honest maid, with good manners and character. He only admired his noble qualities as well as his efficiency and dexterity in completing the affairs and tasks entrusted to him. However, love is always preceded by sympathy.

Mrs. Futhifar's sympathy and admiration for Yusuf's way of working, over time turned into sympathy and admiration for the shape of his body and face. Yusuf's movements and behavior were observed from afar and he glanced carefully. The spark of love that is still small in Mrs. Futhifar's heart for Yusuf grows bigger and burns every time she sees Yusuf near her or hears his voice and the sound of his footsteps. Although she tried to put out the fire that was burning in her chest and wanted to suppress the lust that was raging in her heart, to protect her dignity as an employer and defend her as the wife of the Chief of Police, but she was unable to control the feelings of her heart and lust with the strength of her mind. When he sits alone, then he imagined in front of his eyes Yusuf's beautiful face and good body and that shadow remained in front of his eyes and heart, even though he tried to get rid of it by diverting his attention to household affairs and busyness. And finally surrender Mrs. Futhifar to the will and call of her heart and passions which have the support of the devil and the devil and set aside all considerations of dignity, position and dignity as well as self-respect in accordance with the demands of common sense.

Mrs. Futhifar uses tactics, baiting Yusuf so that he approaches her first instead of her first approaching Yusuf in order to protect her honor as the wife of the Chief of Police. She always dresses up and adorns herself neatly, when Yusuf is at home, stimulating him with perfumes and by demonstrating gestures and behavior while revealing, as if by accident, the parts of her body that usually tempt men's hearts.
Yusuf who is not aware that Zulaikha, Futhifar's wife, loves and harbors lust for him, considers Zulaikha's sweet behavior and approach to him to be normal in accordance with Futhifar's order to his wife when brought home from the auction place. He behaved normally politely and respectfully and there was not the slightest visible gesture or action that indicated that he was attracted by the style and actions of Zulaikha who wanted to attract his attention and win his heart. Yusuf as a candidate for the Prophet was endowed by God with strong faith, noble morals and high character.

Yusuf's cold and indifferent attitude towards Zulaikha's pleas and behavior aimed at arousing his lust made Zulaikha even more hot-headed and determined to keep trying until her goal was achieved. If the vague action he did was still not understood by the cold-blooded Yusuf Yang, then he would do it frankly and if necessary by means of coercion.
Zulaikha, could not wait any longer for a reaction from Yusuf who remained cold, indifferent to his vague appeals and invitations. So when the husband was not at home, Zulaikha entered her bedroom and called Yusuf to follow her. Yusuf immediately followed him and entered the room behind Zulaikha, as he often did when asked for his help to do something in the room. It never crossed his mind that Zulaikha's order to him that time to enter his room was not an ordinary order to do something that he was usually ordered to do. He only realized when he was in the room, the door was locked by Zulaikha, the veil was pulled aside while lying down and he said to Yusuf: "Come on, Yusuf! Here I am ready for you, I can't bear to keep my longing for the touch of your body any longer. This is my body I give to you, do as your heart desires and as your lust satisfies."

While turning his face in the other direction, Yusuf said: "May God protect me from the temptation of the devil. It is not possible, my daughter, that I will commit a sin and fulfill your wishes. If I do what you want, then I have betrayed my master, your husband, who has bestowed his kindness and love on me. The trust he has bestowed on me is a mandate that I should not violate. I will never repay my master's kindness with betrayal and defamation of his good name. Besides, God will be angry with me and will curse me whenever I did what the princess asked of me. Allah knows best what his servants do.

Immediately Zulaikha's eyes bulged and her face became red, a sign of overflowing anger, due to Yusuf's refusal to invite her. He felt himself humiliated and belittled by Yusuf with his refusal, which he considered an act of insolence from a servant to his master who had humbled himself, asking him to sleep with him, but was rebuffed. Even though not a few government officials and people in positions of power had long seduced her and wanted to touch her beautiful body, but Zulaikha ignored her.

Yusuf saw Zulaikha's bulging eyes and face that became red, became afraid that unwanted things would happen, and immediately ran towards the closed door, but Zulaikha quickly got up from her bed chasing Yusuf who was trying to open the door, he pulled it hard so forcefully by Zulaikha the back of his shirt that it was torn apart. Just when they were behind the door pulling and tugging, Futhifar came to find them in that suspicious state.

Without giving Yusuf a chance to open his mouth, Zulaikha said quickly to her husband who was still standing stunned looking at the two confidants: "This is Yusuf, the servant you worship and praise has dared to brazenly enter my room and force me to fulfill my lust his lust. Give him a reward commensurate with his barbaric actions. This person who does not know our kindness should be imprisoned and given painful torture."

Yusuf heard Zulaikha's reports and false accusations against her husband, unable to do anything but provide information about what actually happened. He said to his employer, Futhifar: "Indeed it was he who seduced me, summoned me to his room, then forced me to fulfill his lust. I refused his offer and ran away from him, but he chased me and pulled my shirt from behind so that it was torn."
Futhifar was confused. Which of the two people is right? Is it Yusuf who has never told a lie during his life together in his house, or is it Zulaikhaka who in his mind is unlikely to betray him? In such a situation, a member of Zulaikha's family suddenly arrived, namely his own brother who is known to be wise, clever and always gives the right judgment when asked for his thoughts and advice. Upon Futhifar's request to give him consideration in the confusing problem, his brother said: "Look, if Yusuf's shirt is torn at the back, then he is the one telling the truth and your wife is a liar. On the other hand, if his shirt is torn at the front, then he is the one lying and your wife is telling the truth ."

Futhifar said to his wife after the problem became clear and the veil of secrecy was revealed: "Apologise, O Zulaikha, and ask for forgiveness for your sin. You have done wrong and lied to cover up your mistake. Indeed, such is the nature and deceit of women who have we know." Then he turned to face Yusuf and said to him: "Close your mouth tightly, O Yusuf, and tie your tongue, so that this problem will remain a secret kept around the walls of this house and never come out and become a public secret and the fruit of the mouth of the community. Assume just this issue has been resolved up to here."

There is a proverb that reads: "Every secret known by two people is sure to be published and known by the public." Likewise, the events of Zulaikha and Yusuf, which the Futhifar family strictly wanted to cover up, did not have to wait long to become a public secret. at first people whispered from mouth to mouth, telling about the incident, but day by day it became more widespread and spread to every meeting and became a topic of conversation among women from the upper and middle classes. Criticisms that are sarcastic or outright began to be thrown at Zulaikha, the wife of the Inspector General of Police, who was said to be flirting with her own servant,

People's insults and ridicule finally reached Zulaikha's ears. She was deeply saddened and saddened that what had happened to Yusuf had become the talk of a person who had brought up the good name of her family and her husband as Head of the National Police who was highly respected and respected. Zulaikha who was very angry and irritated with the women in her class, the wives of the dignitaries who never stopped in their meetings mentioned her name with ridicule and criticism regarding what happened with Yusuf.

To put an end to the rumors and gossip of the wives of the dignitaries, Zulaikha invited them to a dinner party at her house, with the intention of surprising them by showing them Yusuf who had captured their hearts to the point of making them forget their dignity and position as the wife of the Chief of Police .
At the party, the invitees were given soft seats and each was given a sharp knife to cut the meat and fruit that was available and already served.

After each guest took his place and was asked to enjoy the meal that was available in front of him, then right when they were busy peeling the fruit in their hands, Yusuf was released by Zulaikha walking as a model in front of the women who were busy cutting the fruit- the fruit. Unbeknownst to the female guests who were holding knives and fruits in their hands while gaping admiring the beauty of Yusuf's face and body, they injured his own fingers and while shaking their heads in amazement, they said: "Allah is perfect. This is not a human being. . This is a noble angel."

So is it any wonder that I gathered with Yusuf under one roof, saw his face and body and heard his voice at every moment and every moment until I lost my mind and could not control my lust to face him? I have to confess in front of you that I am indeed the one who seduced him and seduced him and with all my might I want to charm his heart and invite him to welcome my love and serve my lust. But he held his own, ignored my invitations and was cold to my appeals and temptations. He moved further away, when I tried to approach him and turned his eyes away from mine when my eyes met his. I have humbled myself as the wife of the Chief of Police to Yusuf who is only a slave and a housekeeper,

Hearing Zulaikha's threatening words against Yusuf stirred the hearts of the women who had sympathy and pity for Yusuf. they regret that a beautiful body and a handsome face as well as a virtuous and noble human being should not be imprisoned and put in a place for those who commit crimes and criminals.
Said one who approached him: "O Yusuf! Why are you stubborn in facing Zulaikha who loves you and loves you? Why did you reject her invitation and appeal to you? A big advantage for you, that a beautiful woman like Zulaikha who is married to a state official is interested in you and wants your approach . Or maybe you are a man who is impotent and therefore not attracted by the beauty and elegance of a young woman like Zulaikha."

Another female guest said: "If you are not attracted to Zulaikha because of her beauty, then do it for her wealth and her husband's position. Because if you can adjust yourself to Zulaikha's wishes and follow all her orders, you will be awarded a lot of wealth and maybe your rank will also increase. raised."
Another guest spoke and gave advice: "O Yusuf! think carefully and take this advice of mine: Zulaikha has made up her mind to achieve her goal and get what she wants from you. She has already been mocked and criticized by people and her name has already become the talk of the town society because of you then he threatens if you remain stubborn and do not soften your attitude towards his demands, he will definitely put you in prison as a criminal and a criminal. You know that Zulaikha's husband is the Chief of Police who has the power to imprison someone in custody and you know also that Zulaikha is very influential to her husband.Have mercy, O Yusuf, you who are still young and handsome, and follow Zulaikha's orders so that you are safe and avoid the consequences we don't want on you."

The words of advice and persuasion of the women, Tamu Zulaikha was heard by Yusuf with his right ear and went out to his left ear. None of it can go down to the bottom of his heart or become a weighing material. However, even though he believes in himself, he will not be influenced by the persuasion and advice, he is worried that if he stays for a long time in the middle of the association, he may end up getting caught and fall into the trap of Zulaikha's trickery and trickery. and his female friends.

Pray for Prophet Yusuf to ask God to give him firmness of faith and firmness of determination so that he does not get lost by the temptations of the devil and the intrigues of women who will plunge him into the valley of disobedience and evil deeds. He said in his prayer: "Oh my God! I would rather be in prison than I am outside, but I have to obey the lust of those women. Protect me, oh my God, from the company of people who want to lead me to the wrong path and force me to do things that are wrong." You are not pleased. When I am imprisoned I will turn my thoughts and my worship to you, O my God. Keep away from me the seduction and deceit of those women, so that I am not included among the foolish and misguided people."

Futhifar, Chief of Police, Suami Zulaikha knows for sure that Yusuf is clean of the accusations thrown at him. He also realized that his wife was the thorn in the yam in the event that tarnished the good name of his family. However, he could not do anything but follow the advice of his wife who recommended that Yusuf be imprisoned. Because by putting Yusuf in custody, public opinion will change and will turn around and accuse and consider Yusuf to be guilty in that event and not Zulaikha. In this way, they hope that his good name will be restored and the rumors and rumors of the community about his family will end. Thus, the order was issued by Futhifar and Yusuf entered the prison according to his prayer.

The contents of the story above can be read in the Al-Quran, surah Yusuf verse 22 to verse 35:

And both raced towards the door and the woman pulled Yusuf's shirt from behind until it was torn and both found the woman's husband at the door. The woman said: "What is the retribution for someone who intends to commit adultery with your wife, other than imprisonment or punishment with a painful punishment?" 26. Yusuf said: "He tempted me to submit myself {to him}." And a witness from the woman's family gave her testimony: "If her shirt is torn in front, then the woman is truthful, and Yusuf is among the liars. 27. And if her shirt is torn in the back, then the woman is the liar and Yusuf is among the liars. true". 28. So when the woman's husband saw Yusuf's shirt torn from behind, he said: "Indeed that incident is one of your deceptions, indeed your deceptions are great". 29. Hey Yusuf: "Turn away from this and you {my wife} beg forgiveness for your prayer because you are indeed among those who do wrong". 30. And the women in the city said: "Al-Aziz's wife seduced her bachelor to submit to her, indeed her love for the bachelor was very deep. Indeed we looked at her in real error." 31. So when the woman {Zulaikha} heard their insults, she invited the women and prepared a seat for them and gave each of them a knife {to cut the feast} then she said {to Yusuf}: "Come out {show yourself} to them". So when the women saw him, they were amazed at his {beauty} and they hurt his {fingers} and said: "Allah is perfect, this is not a human being. Indeed, this is nothing but a noble angel". 32. The woman {Zulaikha} said: "That is the person you blame me for being {attracted} to and indeed I tempted him to submit himself {to me} but he refused. And indeed if he does not obey what I command him surely he will be imprisoned and he will be among the despicable people". 33. Yusuf said: "O my Lord, I prefer prison to fulfilling their invitation to me. And if You don't avoid me from their deceit, I will certainly tend to {fulfill their wishes} and I will certainly be among the stupid people. Hear again Omniscient. 35. Then take the mind to them after seeing the signs {of Yusuf's truth} that they should imprison him until a time". { Joseph : 25 ~ 35 }

Joseph is in prison

Yusuf was put in prison not because he had committed a crime or a crime, but because the ruler arbitrarily imprisoned him to cover up his own sin by attaching that sin to the imprisoned. However, for Prophet Yusuf, prison was a safe place to avoid all temptations and tricks that would lead him into disobedience and evil deeds. For Yusuf, living in a dark and cramped prison, where his movements and eyes are restricted, is better and more desirable than living in the wild where his soul is depressed and his heart does not feel secure and peaceful. In prison Yusuf was able to focus his mind and soul on worshiping and worshiping God.

In addition to that, he can preach in prison, give guidance and advice to offenders, so that those who have sinned and committed crimes, repent and become good people, while to innocent prisoners who are victims of arbitrary acts of rulers be comforted so that they are patient and pious, trust and believe in asking God to end their suffering and misery.
Together with Yusuf, two of the King's court officials were also imprisoned with the aim of poisoning the King on orders and in cooperation with the palace's enemies. The two young officers who were imprisoned, one was a warehouse keeper and the other was a palace table servant.

One day in the morning, the two young prisoners came to the place where Prophet Yusuf told them that they had been led. The servant saw that he was in the middle of a vineyard holding a glass, like the glass that was often used by the King, his master, and filled the glass with grape juice. Meanwhile, the young warehouse keeper saw in his dream that he was carrying a basket full of bread on his head, which bread was snatched by a group of birds and carried away. The two young prisoners expected Prophet Yusuf to interpret their dreams.

Prophet Yusuf, who was blessed with prophethood and tasked by God to deliver his message to his servants, began his preaching to the two young men who came to ask for the interpretation of his dreams, inviting them to believe in God Almighty, leaving offerings to the idols they had- do it yourself by giving names to the idols as they please. to prove to the two young men that he is a Prophet and a messenger of God, said Prophet Yusuf: "I know and can explain to you, what kind of food you will receive, what kind and how much, likewise the kind and what kind of drink you will have accept

In the same way, I can interpret one person's dream, including both of your dreams. That is all the knowledge that God has given me. I have left the religion of those who do not believe in God and deny the existence of the Day of Resurrection. I have followed the religion of my fathers, Ibrahim, Ishaq and Ya'qub. We should not associate anything with God who has bestowed His grace and favor on us and on all mankind but most people do not appreciate God's favor and do not thank Him. Try to think, my friends, which prison is better and makes more sense, the worship of several different gods or the worship of the One and Almighty God? God has commanded that you do not worship other than Him.

"As for your dream", Prophet Yusuf continued his story, "So the takbir is that you, O young servant, will soon be released from prison and will be put back to work as before, while you, O young warehouse guard, will be put to death by crucifixion and your head will become a meal the birds pecked at him. Such is the takbir of your dream which has become Allah's law for both of you."
Prophet Yusuf then said to the young man who was predicted to be released from prison: "O my friend, my message to you, when you have come out and come back to work in the palace, mention my name in front of the King, your employer. Tell him that I was imprisoned arbitrarily, without sin and without guilt . I was only imprisoned for the sake of saving the family name of the Inspector General of Police and only at the suggestion of his wife. Don't you forget this message of mine, my good friend."

Then, according to Prophet Yusuf's takbir, not long after, the King's letter of pardon was issued for the young servants and the crucifixion for the young storekeepers was carried out. However, Prophet Yusuf's message to the young servant, was not conveyed to the King after he was accepted back to work in the palace. Satan made him forget after he enjoyed his freedom from prison and thus Prophet Yusuf remained in prison for several years, comforting innocent prisoners and educating and preaching to prisoners who were guilty of crimes and bad deeds, so that they become people who are good and beneficial to fellow human beings and become servants of God who believe and believe in monotheism.

The contents of this story are mentioned in the Koran in surah "Yusuf" verse 36 to verse 42 :~

"36.~ And together with him entered the prison two young men. One of them said: "Indeed I dreamed that I was pressing wine." And the other said: "Indeed I dreamed that I was carrying bread on top my head and part of it was eaten by birds." Tell us the takbir, indeed we consider you to be among the people who are good {menakabir mimna}. 37.~ Yusuf said: "Before it reaches you two the food that will be given to you except I have been able to explain the type the food before it reaches you. That is part of what my Lord taught me. Indeed, I have abandoned the religion of those who do not believe in God, while they deny the Hereafter. 38. ~ And I follow the religion of my fathers, namely Ibrahim, Ishaq and Ya'qub. It is not appropriate for us {the prophets} to associate anything with God. That is from God's gift to us and to mankind as a whole, but most people are not grateful for it. 39.~ Hey my two friends in prison, which one is better, the various gods or the One and Only Almighty God? 40.~ You do not worship anything other than Allah but only {worship the names that you and your forefathers made up, Allah did not send down any evidence about those names. The decision is only God's. He has commanded that you worship nothing but Him. That is a straight religion but most people do not know. 41. ~ Hey, my two friends in prison, one of you will give his master a drink while the other will be crucified and a bird will eat part of his head. It has been decided what you both asked {of me}". 42.~ And Yusuf said to the person he knew would be safe between the two of them: "Explain my condition to your master". So the devil made him forget to explain {Yusuf's condition} to his master. Therefore let him {Yusuf} remain in prison for several years." {Yusuf: 36 ~ 42} ~ And Yusuf said to the person he knew would be safe between the two of them: "Explain my situation to your master". So the devil made him forget to explain {Yusuf's condition} to his master. That's why he {Yusuf} remained in prison for several years." {Yusuf: 36 ~ 42} ~ And Yusuf said to the person he knew would be safe between the two of them: "Explain my situation to your master". So the devil made him forget to explain {Yusuf's condition} to his master. Because of that he {Yusuf} remained in prison for several years." {Yusuf: 36 ~ 42}

Yusuf was released from prison

One day gathered in the palace of the king of Egypt, the dignitaries, advisers and wise men who were deliberately invited by Oelh to give the takbir of a dream that had troubled and frightened his heart. He dreamed as if he saw seven other emaciated cows. In addition, he also saw in his dream seven grains of green wheat in addition to seven other dry grains.
No one from Dr. the dignitaries who were brought were the ones who could interpret the takbir for the King's dream, even some of them considered it to be an empty dream with no meaning and advised the King to just forget the dream and remove it from his mind.

The King's servant, the youth of Yusuf's friend in prison, at the time of the King's meeting with his guests, then he remembered Prophet Yusuf's message to him when he was about to be released from prison and that the takbir given by Prophet Yusuf for his dream was correct, it had happened as it was destined. He then dared to approach the King and said: "Oh my Lord! I have an acquaintance in prison who is good at interpreting dreams. He is a competent, friendly and noble person. He is innocent and has not done anything wrong. He imprisoned only for slander and false accusations. He gave takbir for my dreams when I was in custody with him and it turned out that his takbir was accurate and true according to what I experienced. If your majesty pleases,

With the King's permission, the servant went to visit Prophet Yusuf in prison. He conveyed to Prophet Yusuf the story of his dream of the King that none of his staff members and advisors could give a takbir that satisfied and relieved the heart of his employer. He told Prophet Yusuf that if the King could be satisfied with a gift for the takbir of his dream, maybe he would be released from prison and thus the suffering that would be experienced for years in captivity would end.

Prophet Yusuf spoke and explained his takbir for the King's dream: "The country will face a prosperous, fertile time for seven years, in which plants and all crops of wheat, rice and vegetables will experience a good harvest that brings abundant food, then penetrated the dry season for the next seven years where the Nile river did not provide enough water for the dry fields, plants and crops were destroyed by pests while preparing food, the harvest of the fertile years was already consumed. However, the Prophet Yusuf continued his testimony,after experiencing the two seasons of the seven years will come the wet year in which the rain will fall abundantly watering the dry lands and turning green again producing food and delicious fruits that can be squeezed for drinking."

"Then if this takbir of mine comes true," Prophet Yusuf said further, "you should store well what has been produced in fertile years, as well as be frugal in using it to prepare for the dry season, so that the people are spared from the disaster of hunger and misery."
The king, after hearing from his servant what was told by the Prophet Yusuf about his dream, felt that the takbir that was heard was very reasonable and believable, that what Yusuf had predicted would come true. He got the impression that Yusuf, who had given the correct takbir, was a clever and wise man and would be very useful for the country if he was seated in the palace as a royal adviser and assistant. So he sent the servant back to the prison to bring Joseph to meet him in the palace.

Prophet Yusuf, who had suffered enough living as an innocent prisoner, and wanted to get out of prison that gripped his heart, but he refused to get out of prison before his incident with the Chief of Police's wife was cleared up first and before the accusations and slander that were heaped on him himself is explained his falsehood. Prophet Yusuf wanted to come out of prison as a pure person and that the sin that was placed on him was slander and deception aimed at covering up the sin of the Chief of Police's own wife.

The king of Egypt, who had heard a lot about the Prophet Yusuf and was impressed by the detailed and thorough interpretation of the takbir given to his dream, felt more and more respect for him, hearing his demands that the accusations and slander that were hurled at him be resolved first before he was released from prison. Which according to the King's mind signifies his honesty, purity of heart and greatness of his soul that he does not want to be released on the basis of forgiveness but wants to be released because he is clean and innocent and innocent.

Prophet Yusuf's claim was accepted by the King of Egypt and an order was immediately issued to gather the women who had attended Zulaikha's dinner and cut the tips of their fingers when they saw his face. In front of the King they told about what they saw and experienced in the meal and the conversation and question and answer they did with Prophet Yusuf. they expressed their message about Prophet Yusuf that he is an honest, pious, clean person and that he was not the one who was wrong in the incident with Zulaikha. Zulaikha also in the meeting, admitted that she was indeed the one who sinned in the incident with Yusuf and she was the one who advised her husband to imprison Yusuf to give a false impression to the community that he was the one who was wrong and that he was the one who raped her honor.

The results of the King's meeting with the women were announced to be known by all levels of society and thus the veil that covered the events of Yusuf and Zulaikha was revealed. So by order of the King, Prophet Yusuf was released from prison honorably, clean of all charges. He went directly to the King's palace to fulfill his invitation.

Read the content of this story in Al-Quran surah "Yusuf" verse 43 to verse 53 :~

"43. ~ The king said {to the leading people of his people}: "In fact, I dreamed of seeing seven thin cows and seven green grains of wheat and seven other dry grains. O distinguished people, explain to me about the takbir of my dream, if you can interpret the dream." 44.~ they replied: "{Those} are empty dreams and we sometimes don't know how to interpret dreams". 45.~ And said the survivor between the two of them and remembered {to Yusuf} after some time; "I will tell you about {a clever man} interpreting the dream, so send me {to him}". 46.~ {After the servant met with Yusuf he cried}: "Joseph, O man who is very trustworthy, tell us about the seven fat cows that the seven skinny cows ate and the seven green grains of wheat and other dry things so that I can go back to the people, so they will know." 47. ~ Yusuf said: "In order for you to plant seven years (as long as it is customary) then what you reap you should leave in the grain except a little for you to eat. 48.~ Then after that will come seven very difficult years, which will spend what you have saved to deal with it {difficult year} except for a little of the {wheat seeds} that you have saved. 49.~ Then after that the year will come in which people will be given rain {enough} and in the time they will press the grapes". 50.~ The king said: "Bring him to me". So when the messenger came to Yusuf, Yusuf said: "Go back to your master and ask him how the women who have injured his hands are doing. Truly, my Lord, Knows their tricks". 51.~ The king said: "{to the women}, How were you when you tempted Yusuf to submit himself {to you}?" they said: "Allah is perfect, we do not know anything worse than him". Said {Zulaikha} Al-Aziz's wife: "Now the truth is clear, I am the one who tempted him to submit himself {to me} and indeed he is among the righteous". 52.~ Yusuf said: "That is so that he {Al-Aziz} knows that I did not betray him behind his back, and that God does not approve of the deceit of those who betray. 53.~ and I do not free myself {from wrongdoing}, because the truth is that lust always leads to evil, except the lust that is given mercy by my Lord. Indeed, my Lord is Forgiving and Merciful". {Yusuf: 43~53}

Joseph was appointed deputy king of Egypt

The king of Egypt who had heard a lot about Prophet Yusuf from his servant, Prophet Yusuf's companion in prison, from the testimony of women, Zulaikha's guests at a meal and from Zulaikha herself, increased his respect and admiration for Prophet Yusuf after meeting face to face and talking with him when he got out of prison.
Prophet Joseph's brain intelligence, extensive knowledge, patience, honesty, hospitality and noble character and character, according to the King's mind, would be very beneficial for his kingdom if Prophet Yusuf was entrusted with the leadership of the state and the people. So the Prophet Yusuf in his first meeting with the King was offered to stay in the palace representing the King in administering the government and managing the country and leading the people of Egypt who were predicted to face difficult and difficult times.

Prophet Yusuf did not reject the offer of the King of Egypt. He accepted it as long as he was given full authority in the field of finance and the field of food distribution, because according to Prophet Yusuf's judgment, the two areas that are related to each other are the keys to the well-being of the people and the stability of the country. The king who already had full faith in Prophet Yusuf, in his brain intelligence, honesty and competence agreed with his thoughts and decided to hand over his power to Prophet Yusuf in a coronation ceremony that was customary and customary.

On the appointed coronation day, which was attended by state dignitaries and community leaders, the Prophet Yusuf was confirmed as the representative of the King, wearing royal clothes and around his neck a gold necklace, then the king in front of the audience removed the ring from his finger and then put it on to the fingers of the Prophet Yusuf, as a sign of surrender of royal power.
After completing the coronation and handing over the position of Prophet Yusuf AS, the King of Egypt agreed to marry Yusuf with Zulaikha {Ra'il} the widow of his employer who had died while Prophet Yusuf AS was still in prison.

Then after Prophet Yusuf got along with his wife he said: "Isn't this better than what you wanted before." Zulaikha {Raa'il} replied: "O honest and good person, don't insult me. You know that I used to be so young and beautiful, in a state of luxury, while my husband was weak, unable to satisfy his wife and made by God so handsome, so I lost to my lust". Such was the situation, because of that Prophet Yusuf AS still met Zulaikha while still a girl, and got two sons from her, Ifratsim and Minsya bin Yusuf.

Such is the mercy and grace of God who has given a high position and a great kingdom to His servant Prophet Yusuf after experiencing several sufferings and severe trials, which began with him being thrown into a well by his own brothers, then being sold as a slave in a public offering and in the end after he began to feel the peace of life in the house of the Egyptian Police Chief came temptation and heavy slander for him where his good name was associated with an act of immorality that caused him to crouch in prison for many years.

As a wise ruler, Prophet Yusuf began his duties by visiting the areas under his authority to get to know the common people and the areas he ruled closely, so that all the plans and regulations that will be held can meet the needs and suit the climate and conditions of the area .
During the first seven years of Prophet Yusuf's rule in Egypt, the people felt a peaceful, peaceful and prosperous life. Necessary items are distributed evenly to reach all levels of society without exception. In the meantime, Prophet Yusuf did not forget the warning contained in the dream of the King of Egypt, that there will come a period of seven difficult and difficult years. So to face that time, Prophet Yusuf prepared warehouses and kepkepok for storing food for the coming dry season.

Thanks to the wise management of Prophet Yusuf, after the green and fertile time passed and the time of dry drought arrived, the people of Egypt did not experience a food crisis or suffer from hunger. The provision of food that is collected during the green and fertile season can meet the needs of the people during the dry season, even when it can help the Egyptian people who are already short of food and face the danger of starvation.

The story of the appointment of Prophet Yusuf as ruler of Egypt is told in the Al-Quran in surah "Yusuf" verse 54 to verse 57 which reads as follows:~

"54.~ And the King said: "Bring Yusuf to me, so that I may choose him as a person close to me". So when the king had spoken to him, he said: "Indeed, from today you will become a high-ranking person again trusted on our side}". 55.~ Yusuf said: "Make me the treasurer of the country {Egypt} indeed I am a person who is good at guarding and knowledgeable". 56.~ And thus We gave Yusuf a position in the land of Egypt {he had full authority} go wherever he wants in the land of Egypt. We bestow Our grace on whom We will and We do not waste the reward of those who do good. 57.~ And indeed the reward in the Hereafter is better for those who Faithful and always pious." {Yusuf: 54 ~ 57}

Yusuf US meeting with his brothers

Then people came in droves from the cities and villages of the outskirts of Egypt, even from the countries near Egypt that already lacked food for their people. they came to hope for Prophet Yusuf's help to give them the opportunity to buy wheat and other food items that are still available in government warehouses.
Among the immigrants who want to shop in Egypt there is a group of Palestinians, including among them the brothers of Prophet Yusuf himself, is the main cause of the suffering he has experienced. Prophet Yusuf immediately recognized them but instead they did not recognize Prophet Yusuf who had been thrown into the well. It didn't even cross their minds that Yusuf was still alive, let alone become a great man leading the country of Egypt as a representative of the King with absolute power.

Upon the Prophet Yusuf's question, the spokesman for the group of Ya'qub's princes said: "O Lord, we are Ya'qub's princes, all of whom are twelve people. The youngest among us, our father's youngest son, we left home to take care of our father who He is old and blind. Another brother has left home for a long time and we do not know where he is. We came here on the orders of our father, to ask for your help and assistance, may you give us the opportunity to buy wheat. from your government's preparations, to meet our urgent needs, in relation to the food crisis that is affecting our region."

Said Prophet Yusuf in response to his brother's statements: "Indeed, we doubt your identity and doubt your statement. We cannot ignore the possibility that you are spies sent by our enemies to cause commotion and chaos in our country, therefore we want to give strong evidence for the truth of your words or bring witnesses that we believe that you are really the sons of Ya'qub."

"Wise Sir", greeted the spokesman, "We are foreign travelers in your country, no one here knows us or we know, so it is very difficult for us at this time to give evidence or bring witnesses as Paduka Tuan call. So we only submit to your majesty to give us a way in how we can fulfill your majesty's call."
"Alright", Prophet Yusuf said, "This time we give you the opportunity to buy enough wheat from our warehouse for the needs of your family on the condition that you must return here as soon as possible with your youngest brother who you left at home. If this condition is not met, then we will not serve your need for wheat for the next time." Said the brother to Yusuf who did not introduce him: "Your Majesty, we thought that our father would not allow us to bring our youngest brother here, because he is our father's favorite and he is our father's comforter who replaced our brother Yusuf, since he leaves the house and disappears without leaving a trace. However, for the sake of our family,

From the beginning Prophet Yusuf saw the faces of his brothers who came in need of wheat, there was no intention in his heart to make their mission difficult as revenge for what they had done to him. The questions and answers that were done with them just wanted to know the condition of his father and youngest brother, Benyamin, who had been abandoned for many years and was just a tactic to reunite him with his father and brothers who had been separated for a long time.

Then Prophet Yusuf ordered his officers to fill the sacks of his brothers with the wheat and food they needed. While the gold and silver pieces that they brought for the price of wheat and bhn makn, were secretly filled back into their sacks without them knowing.
When they arrived back in Palestine, they told their father Ya'qub about their journey and how Yusuf received them, whom he praised as a wise, just, patient, humble and very hospitable ruler. Without the slightest difficulty, they were granted their wish from the wheat that Joseph's officers filled into their sacks. They also told his father that they were required by Joseph to take their youngest brother to Egypt, when they came again to buy wheat. and bhn mknan. Without bringing the intended sibling, they will not be served and allowed to buy the wheat they need. Therefore, they begged from far away to be allowed to take their brother Benjamin when they had to return to Egypt to buy wheat.

The Prophet Ya'qub said immediately after hearing the story of his sons: "No, once in a while I will not give you permission to take Benjamin away from me. I will not entrust Benjamin to you after what happened to Yusuf, your brother. You have promised to take good care of him -good, even able to sacrifice your souls for his safety.
But what has happened is the opposite. You returned home safely, while your brother Yusuf, you let loose to become a wolf's prey. Enough of what I have experienced about Yusuf and don't let it happen again this time about Benjamin".

When the sacks that were brought back from Egypt were opened, it turned out that there were gold and silver items that they had paid for the wheat they had bought. So while they were surprised and happy, they ran to convey their surprise to their father. They said: "O father! We have not lied in our story about the ruler of Egypt being a kind man. Look at the pieces of gold and silver that we paid for the wheat that we received, returned to our sacks without our knowledge. . So what we bring is a free gift from the very generous ruler of Egypt."

With the acquisition of wheat, free help from a prince they did not know, Ya'qub's family became calm and felt for some time, that the fire in the kitchen would continue to burn. but the limited supply does not last long if it is not followed by the filling of new stocks during the dry season is not over. That is how Prophet Ya'qub, who saw his wheat supplies dwindling day by day while the signs of a food crisis were not yet visible, was forced to send his sons back to Egypt to obtain supplies for the second time from Yusuf, the representative of the King of the land. And because Ya'qub's sons would not go to Egypt without Benjamin, according to their promise to Yusuf, then Ya'qub had to include his youngest son Benjamin in his brother's group.

With the accompaniment of the father's prayer and advice, the caravan of Ya'qub's sons departed, consisting of eleven people. When they arrived at the city border, they split into several groups entering the city from different directions according to their father's message to avoid causing the people's envy and prejudice and accusations. that they were enemy spies.
When they arrived at the royal palace, they were received by their own brother Yusuf, whom they did not know again, with full hospitality and were honored with a meal. For them accommodation was provided for every two people in a house, while Yusuf's youngest brother Benyamin was invited to stay with him in the palace.

When he was alone with Yusuf, Benyamin shed tears while saying to his brother who has not been identified again: "If my brother Yusuf is still alive, you will surely place me with him in a separate house like my other brothers." Yusuf then consoled his brother with the words: "Would you like it if I became your brother in place of your lost brother?" Benyamin replied: "Of course, but it is a pity that you were not born to my father Ya'qub and my mother Rahil."

Hearing the brother's heartbreaking words, Yusuf's tears flowed, then he embraced his brother while confessing that he was Yusuf, his lost brother. He told his younger brother the sufferings he had experienced since he was thrown into a well, sold as a slave, held in prison for many years without sin and finally thanks to God's grace and grace he was appointed as the representative of the king with absolute power. Yusuf ended his news by telling his brother to keep secret what he had heard and not let it be known by his other brothers.

How happy Benyamin was to hear his brother's story that he always remembered since he disappeared leaving home with his brothers for a picnic a few years ago. He immediately hugged his brother back and said: "I can't imagine how happy father would be when he heard that you are still alive and well, in good health, ruling a large kingdom, living in a palace covered in all luxury and splendor. Because since you disappeared, our father never looked happy. He was always filled with sadness and grief, never even a hint of your shadow escaped his memory. Such was the state of our father, O Yusuf, since you disappeared from home and disappeared, until his eyes turned white because of his sadness and tears there's no stopping."

The story of Yusuf's meeting with his brother is told in the Koran in surah "Yusuf" verses 58 to 69 which means:~
"58.~ And Yusuf's brothers came {to Egypt} and they entered his {place}. So Yusuf recognized them, while they did not recognize him {anymore}. 59.~ And when Yusuf prepared his book, he said: "Bring me your brother who is the same as you {Benyamin}, don't you see that I perfect the measure and I am the best host? 60.~ If you do not bring him to me, then you will not receive a measure from me again and do not come near me". 61.~ they said: "We will persuade our father to bring him {here} and indeed we will do it." .62.~ Yusuf said to his bachelors: "Put their change in their sacks, so they know when they have returned to their families, These our brgs are returned to us and we will be able to feed our families and we will be able to take care of our brothers and we will have an additional measure of {grain} a camel's weight. That is an easy measure {for the King of Egypt}". 66.~ Ya'qub said: "I will never let him go {go} with you before you give a firm promise in the name of God that you will definitely bring him back to me, Except if you are besieged by the enemy ". When they gave their promise, then Ya'qub said: "Allah is a witness to what we say {this}". 67.~ And Ya'qub said: " O my children, do not enter together from one gate and enter from different gates, but even so I cannot release you in the slightest from Allah's {destiny}. The decision to establish {something} is only the right of God; in Him I put my trust and let those who put their trust in Him surrender themselves". 68.~ And when they entered according to what their father commanded, then {the way they did it} did not free them in the slightest from {destiny} God, but that was only a desire in Ya'qub that he had set. And indeed he has knowledge, because We have taught him. But most people do not know. 69.~ And when they entered the {place} of Yusuf, Yusuf brought his brother {Benyamin} to his place. Yusuf said:

Joseph holds Benjamin as a prisoner

Joseph received his brothers as guests for three days and three nights. After the visit period is over, get ready for them to return to their country, after their sacks are full of {wheat} and other food ingredients they need.
After shaking hands, asking Yusuf to leave, their caravan moved towards the gate outside the city. But before the caravan could cross the city limits, suddenly some palace guards on horseback chased after them and ordered them to stop and were forbidden to continue their journey, before an inspection was held on the goods they were carrying. The guards said that a cup of the king's drinking glass had gone missing and that one of them might have stolen it.

The caravan stopped at the spot and their spokesman said in amazement: "By God we did not come here to cause trouble and it is very unlikely that one of us will steal the cup. We are the sons of Ya'qub, the messenger of God. We already feel indebted to the king and thank you very much for the help that has been given to us. Are we going to repay the kindness of the king's heart by stealing his books? But to justify our words, we do not mind having our sacks and books unpacked and searched to our heart's content- He was satisfied. And if it turns out that there is one of us who found the cup in the group of his brgbrg, we are willing to hand it over to the king to be given a suitable reward."

A search was carried out by the guards, goods and sacks were unloaded from the camels' backs, unloaded and inspected. A moment later one of the bodyguards shouted, holding a trophy in his hand, saying: "Here comes the lost trophy."
The members of the group were shocked, gaping open, while looking at each other in amazement, as if each asked within themselves, what kind of calamity has befallen them? It is very difficult, even impossible, they will believe that one of the group of brothers committed an act that will tarnish their good name. But what they witnessed with their own eyes cannot be denied and denied the truth.

Ask the leader of the group to the guard, from where they got the cup. They pointed to one of the trunks, which turned out to belong to their youngest brother Benyamin. Then according to the agreement that had been agreed upon, Benjamin was arrested and was not allowed to join the group back home.
At that time, they imagined the face of their father Ya'qub, who was blind and suffering from an illness because he was constantly reminiscing and remembering Yusuf. The father who with great difficulty and with heavy feelings released Benyamin to join them in Egypt because he was afraid that the tragedy of Yusuf would be repeated again by his youngest brother Benyamin. How should they face their father who has been given a firm promise in the name of God to bring Benjamin back? And will their father believe that he was told that Benjamin was arrested in Egypt for stealing the king's cup? Won't the news make their father's illness worse, maybe even destroy him and end his life?

As long as the question revolved in his brothers' minds, Benyamin thought to himself, not saying a single word. He gaped in amazement, how the trophy could be found in his luggage. Even though he sometimes doesn't feel like touching it. He wanted to reject the accusations and refute the accusations against him, but he would feel it was futile, and would even add to the irritation of the guards who had taken out the trophy from his luggage as tangible evidence that could not be denied. He only surrendered to God Who Knows that he is clean from the accusation of theft.

Members of the entourage flocked to Yusuf, asking for his wisdom to accept one of their members to replace Benjamin as a prisoner. They said: "O Lord! we are aware that our youngest brother is guilty and we cannot deny the statement that we have witnessed with our own eyes when the cup was found in his trunk. But we ask for your wisdom and mercy so that our brother Benjamin leaves Egypt and instead, Your Majesty can go to one of us as a prisoner. Because if our party arrives at a place without Benjamin, it will be very sad for our father, it may even destroy his soul. Our father who is old, almost a century old, was in a state of illness, since the death of his beloved son Yusuf. It is our brother Benjamin who comforts his heart, which is full of grief and sorrow throughout his life. He wouldn't even let us bring him here unless he was forced to have less grain in the house. So we really hope for Your Majesty's mercy on our father by releasing Benjamin and detaining one of us instead."

Yusuf helped the request of his brothers and held fast to the agreement that had been mutually agreed upon, that whoever found the cup in his luggage would be detained, what's more according to Prophet Ya'qub's law that whoever steals, the punishment is that the thief will be made a slave for one year .
In the consultation that Yusuf's brothers had failed to obtain his consent to release Benjamin from custody, Yahudza, the oldest brother among them, said: "I do not have a face to face father without Benjamin. We have disobeyed father by throwing Joseph into the well until being a father has suffered for the rest of his life and now will add to his suffering by leaving Benyamin alone here without us knowing what will happen to him while we promised and swore to bring him back no matter what we will face to keep him safe. Therefore I will stay here for a while and will not go home until father calls me and allows me to come back.Go and return home immediately and tell my father what really happened and if my father does not believe you, because of his experience with Yusuf, then let him ask the caravans and the people who witnessed the search with their own eyes in the place we are detained.

Ya'qub's caravan set off to return to his homeland with only nine people, leaving behind his eldest brother Yahudza and his youngest brother Benyamin. When they arrived at home with only nine people and went to their father to tell them what had happened to Benyamin and Yahudza. Prophet Ya'qub said turning away from them and stroking his chest: "Oh, how sad my heart is because of the loss of Yusuf whose face I can still imagine in front of my eyes. Now you add to my suffering by leaving Benjamin in the land of the people for the second time you broke your promise and your own oath and for the second time I lost the prince I loved so much and you are the only one who sees the good in that act.

Said his sons answered: "O father! By God you will suffer a serious illness and you will perish if you continue to remember Yusuf and do not try to remove his shadow from your mind."
Answering the rebuke of his sons, Ya'qub said: "Indeed, only to Allah I complain about my fate, my troubles and sorrows. I know from Allah what you do not know."
Then, regarding Benyamin himself who was detained by the government guards, then after his brothers, Yusuf was told that the king's cup found in his luggage, was the act of his guards who had been deliberately ordered by him to be stuffed into Benjamin's luggage with meaning to keep him living with him in the palace. He raised his sister's heart by predicting that there will come a time when he and his sister and the whole family will meet and gather again.

Read about the contents of the story above verses 70 to 86 of the sura "Yusuf" which means :~

"The reward is that whoever is found {the missing brg} in his sack, then he himself is the reward". This is how we requite the wrongdoers. 76. So Yusuf began to examine their sacks before {examining} his own brother's sack, then he removed the king's cup from his brother's sack. Thus We arranged to {achieve} Yusuf's intention. It is not appropriate for Yusuf to punish his brother according to the king's law, unless God wills it. We raise the rank of those whom We will, and above every knowledgeable person there is the All-Knowing. 77.~ they said: "If he steals, then indeed his brother has stolen before." So Yusuf hid the irritation in himself and did not show it to them. He said: "{In his heart} you are worse than your position {your qualities} and Allah knows best what you describe". one of us in his stead. Indeed, we see you among the people who do good". 79.~ Yusuf said: "I seek God's protection from detaining anyone except the person we found our property on, if we do so, then it is true -we are right, the unjust people". 80.~ So when they despaired of Yusuf's {decision), they were alone while consulting in whispers. Said the oldest among them: "Don't you know that in fact your father took a promise from us in the name of God and before that you wasted Yusuf. That is why I will not leave the land of Egypt until my father gives me permission. And He is the best judge". 81. ~ " Return to your father and say: " O our father! Verily your son has stolen and we only state what we know and sometimes we cannot guard {know} the unseen. 82~ And ask the people of the land we were there and the caravan we came with and indeed we are the people who true". 83.~ Ya'qub said: "You are the only one who sees good deeds {that bad}. So good patience is {my patience}.

Reunion of Ya'ub's family

Since the return of the caravan of his sons from Egypt without Benjamin and Yahudza, Ya'qub's sadness and grief deepened and hurt his heart. He did not feel sleep for many nights, remembering his three sons who were uncertain about their fate and destiny. He only felt comforted when he was facing God, praying, prostrating while begging God to grant him patience and firmness of faith to face the trials and trials he was experiencing.

He sometimes sits alone letting his tears flow freely to relieve his tight chest.
Prophet Ya'qub's physique is getting weaker day by day, his body is getting thinner and thinner until the skin is attached to the bones, coupled with the blindness of his eyes which are turning white. Which made his sons worried about his survival. they reprimanded him by saying: "O father! Father is a prophet and messenger of God from whom revelation was revealed and from whom we received the demands and teachings of faith. How long will father be sad and shed tears remembering Yusuf and Benjamin. Isn't it enough that the My father is only skin on his bones and my eyes are blind? We are very worried that my father will perish if he does not wake up and stop remembering Yusuf and Benyamin".

Ya'qub responded to the reprimands of his sons saying: "Your words of reprimand even increased the sadness of my heart and even brought back my memories of the past, where all my children gathered in front of my eyes. I believe that Yusuf is still alive and the voice of my heart whispers to me that he is still wandering on this earth of God, but where he is and what fate he has experienced, only God knows. If you really love me and want to relieve my heart and remove my sadness and grief, Go and search for Yusuf's tracks and try to find him and at least get information about where he is now and don't ever give up because only the disbelievers give up on God's mercy".

Ya'qub's appeal was considered by his sons and his advice was accepted, at the very least it only increased the father's heart and eased his lingering suffering. And even if they felt it was impossible to get Yusuf alive, if they succeeded in persuading the ruler of Egypt to return Benjamin, then that would be enough comfort for their father and medicine that could ease his heartache.
The itinerary of the trip was negotiated and Egypt was chosen as the first destination of their journey to find Yusuf's footsteps in accordance with Ya'qub's call with the side intention of buying wheat to fill the dwindling supply.

The caravan of the princes of Ya'qub arrived in Egypt for the third time and in their meeting with Yusuf, the representative of the powerful king of Egypt, their spokesman said: "O Your Majesty! The difficult and impoverished living conditions in our country caused by the food crisis which has not been solved forced us to come back for the third time hoping for your help and generosity, we came this time also to repeat our request to your majesty that our youngest brother Benyamin be released so that we can take him back to his father who is blind, emaciated and sick since Yusuf, Benyamin's brother disappeared. We really hope for your majesty's wisdom to release our request,maybe with Benyamin's return to his father's bosom he can alleviate his inner suffering and restore the health of his body which is only skin attached to his bones."

The words spoken by his brothers moved Yusuf and hit the target deep in his heart, making him feel that the time had come to introduce himself to his brothers and thus be able to end the suffering of his poor father. Joseph spoke to his brothers mockingly: "Do you still remember what you did to your brother Joseph, when you followed your lust and threw him into a well in a remote place? And do you still remember when one of your brothers held Joseph with a strong hand , took off his clothes from his body and left him completely naked in the dark and dry well, then ignoring his cries,

Hearing the words spoken by the deputy king of Egypt, Joseph's brothers were astonished, wondering to each other, looking at each other how this incident came to be known in detail, even though none of them had ever divulge the news of the incident to others, even to Benjamin, who was in the king's palace. Then each of them fixed his eyes, his mouth and his whole body from head to toe. He looked for the characteristics they knew to be on Yusuf's body when he was a child. Then they whispered and a moment later came out of their mouths simultaneously a voice shouting: "You are Joseph".

"True", Yusuf replied, "I am Yusuf and this is my brother from the same father and mother, Benyamin. God with His mercy has ended all my suffering and all the severe trials that I have experienced and with His mercy we have been blessed with the blessing of sustenance abundance and a prosperous livelihood. That is how whoever is patient, pious and trusting will not escape from his reward and reward."
After hearing Yusuf's confession, their faces turned pale. Imagine in front of their eyes what they did to their brother Yusuf who was in front of them as the representative of the king of Egypt in full force. They were restless and could not imagine what retribution they would receive from Yusuf for their sin.

Joseph's brothers said in a low tone: "Indeed we have sinned against you and acted cruelly when we threw you to the bottom of the well. We did that cruel act, driven by lust and the cursed whisper of the devil. We are very sorry for what happened. that resulted in suffering for you and for our father. But now we see your superiority over us and how God has bestowed His favor on you in exchange for the suffering caused by our disobedient actions against you. So it is up to you to act in retaliation which you will inflict on us who have sinned and disobeyed you".

Joseph said to reassure the hearts of his fearful brothers: "There is no benefit in regretting what has happened and suing past events. It is enough if this becomes a teaching that following lust and the voice of the devil will always bring suffering and result in destruction. in this world and in the hereafter. Hopefully Allah will forgive all your sins, because He is the Most Merciful and Most Forgiving. Go right now and return to your father with my shirt. Wipe it on both eyes which, God willing, will become bright again , then bring him and all the family here as soon as possible."

So the caravan of Ya'qub's sons left with a feeling of excitement mixed with joy, returning to Palestine with good news for their father who was waiting for the results of the search for Yusuf that he had recommended. And while the caravan was nearing the end of its journey and almost entering Palestine, their father Nabi Ya'qub had a premonition that the meeting with Yusuf, his beloved son, was at the threshold. He got that feeling when he was alone in the mihrab where he prayed to God, chanting and prostrating while letting his tears flow and his crying echoed in all corners of the house, all of a sudden his crying turned into laughter, his tears stopped flowing and he went out. from his mihrab shouted:

Immediately after the caravan stopped in front of the door of the house, the princes of Ya'qub dismounted from their respective camels, entered the house en masse and father hugged him while rubbing Yusuf's shirt on both sides of his eyes. At that moment Ya'qub's eyes opened wide, shining again looking at the faces of his sons and hearing the story of his sons' journey and how they had found Yusuf with his younger brother Benyamin. It was conveyed to Yusuf's father's call and invitation for the whole family to migrate to Egypt and unite as one in his palace. And Ya'qub's family immediately packed up and prepared to migrate to Egypt.

The father was embraced by Yusuf while shedding tears when Ya'qub arrived in the courtyard of the palace with the whole family. Similarly, father did not miss shedding tears, but this time they were tears of joy and happiness. Everyone prostrated themselves in prostration as a sign of gratitude to God and respect for Yusuf, then he raised his father and stepmother, who are also his mother's sisters, on the throne while saying: "O my father! This is the takbir of my dream that came true. And no less- lack of God's mercy and grace to me who has raised me from the well, brought me out of prison and brought us all together after the devil had destroyed the relationship of brotherhood between me and my brothers. Verily God is Most Merciful to what He wills and verily He is All-Knowing and All-Wise". Then Yusuf raised his hands and prayed: "Oh my God! You have granted me a part of the kingdom and taught me knowledge and the ability to interpret dreams. Oh my God Creator of heaven and earth! You are my protector in this world and in the hereafter, let me die in a state of Islam, believing and pious and join me with the pious."

Read verses 87 to 101 of sura "Yusuf", about the contents of the story above as follows :~

"87.~ Ya'qub said: "O my children, go and search for news about Yusuf and his brother and do not despair of God's mercy. Indeed, there is no one who despairs of the mercy of God, except you are disbelievers." 88. ~ So when they entered Yusuf's {Place}, they said: "O Al-Aziz, we and our family have been afflicted and we came with things that worthless, so complete the measure for us and give charity to us, indeed God rewards those who give charity." 89. ~ Yusuf said: "Do you know what you did to Yusuf and his brother when you did not know {as a result} of your actions?" 90.~ They said: "Are you really Yusuf?" Yusuf replied: "I am Yusuf and this is my brother. Indeed, Allah has bestowed His grace on us." Indeed, whoever fears and is patient, then surely Allah does not waste the rewards of those who do good." }".92.~ He {Yusuf} said: "Today there is no insult against you, hopefully Allah will forgive {you} and He is the Most Merciful among the merciful". this, then attach it to my father's face, later he will see again, and bring all your family to me". 94. ~ When the caravan had left {from the land of Egypt} their father said: "Indeed I smell Yusuf's scent if you had not accused me of being weak-minded {of course you would have justified me}".95.~ His family said: "By God you are still in your former confusion".96.~ When the bearer of the good news had arrived, then he put the shirt on Ya'qub's face, then he could see again. Ya'qub said: "Didn't I tell you that I know from God what you do not know". 97.~ They said: "O our father! Ask for forgiveness for us for our sins, indeed we are people who is guilty {sin}". 98.~ Ya'qub said: "Later I will ask forgiveness for you from my Lord. Indeed, He is Most Forgiving and Most Merciful".99.~ So when they entered the {place} of Yusuf, Yusuf embraced his parents and he said: "Enter the land of Egypt, God willing, in peace". 100.~ And he raised both his parents on the throne. And they {all} fell down and prostrated themselves to Yusuf. And Yusuf said: "O my father! This is the takbir of my earlier dream, indeed my God has made it a reality. And indeed my God has been good to me, when He freed me from prison and when He brought you from the desert village, after the devil destroyed {relationship } between me and my brothers. Verily my Lord is Most Gentle to what He wills. Verily He is All-Knowing and All-Wise". 101. ~ O my Lord, indeed You have granted me a part of the kingdom and have taught me a part of the takbir of a dream {my God} Creator of the heavens and the earth. You are my Protector in this world and in the hereafter, let me die in a state of Islam and join me with the pious." { Yusuf: 87 ~ 101 }

Lessons learned from the story of the Prophet Yusuf AS

There are many teachings and compassion that can be learned from the story of Prophet Yusuf which is full of controversial life experiences. Among them are:~
That a person's suffering that seems to be a misfortune and disaster, in fact in many ways is even a blessing and a blessing that is still veiled for his suffering. Because often that suffering that is considered to be a misfortune is the beginning of happiness and an unexpected well-being. This is what Prophet Yusuf experienced by throwing himself into a well by his own brothers, followed by his imprisonment by the rulers of Egypt. All of that is the path he must take to reach the pinnacle of greatness and glory as a prophet as well as a luxurious and prosperous life as a ruler in a great kingdom that with his power as a viceroy,

So a believer who believes in destiny, should not feel disappointed and disheartened when something bad happens to his wealth, physical health or family situation. He must accept God's trial with full patience and trust while begging the Almighty to protect him and forgive all his sins, in case the calamity that befalls him is a warning from God to him to repent.

And on the other hand, when a believer obtains God's blessings and gifts in the form of increased sustenance, perfect health and family well-being, he should not show excessive joy and happiness. He should even be grateful to God by multiplying his righteous deeds while realizing that what he has earned can sometimes be taken back if God wills it. Look at the example of Prophet Yusuf who had lost his faith and trust in God when he was alone in the well or when he was crouched in prison, similarly when he was in his greatness as the Ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt, he was not blinded by his worldly pleasures and the great power that is in his hand. In both situations he did not forget hope, gratitude and worship to God and aware that he, as a weak creature, is powerless to defend all the pleasures he has obtained or avoid the calamities and sufferings that God bestows upon him. He returned it all to the destiny and will of Almighty God.

Prophet Yusuf has set an example and example for the purity of his soul and the steadfastness of his heart when facing the temptation of Zulaikha, the wife of the Egyptian Police chief, his employer. He was invited to commit immorality by Zulaikha, a young, beautiful and influential wife, while he himself was in the prime of his youth, where usually a person's lust is still at its peak. However, he was able to control himself and was able to control his youthful lust, rejecting the invitation of the wife who was his employer, because he feared God and did not want to betray his employer who had been kind to him and treated him as if he were a member of his own family. As a result of his refusal, he was willing to be imprisoned in order to defend his nobility of character, the steadfastness of his faith and the purity of his soul.

Prophet Yusuf gave an example of the nature of a knight who refused to be released from prison before his problem with Zulaikha was clarified. He did not want to be released from prison because he had obtained a pardon from the King, but he wanted to be released as a clean, pure and sinless person. Therefore, before accepting the king's invitation for him to come to the palace, he demanded that the false accusations and slanders that people attached to him be investigated first and used as a reason to imprison him. The king of Egypt, who needed Yusuf as his advisor, was forced to order a re-investigation of Yusuf's events with Zulaikha which ended with the revelation of the true incident,

A main characteristic of Prophet Yusuf's great soul stood out when he received his brothers who came to Egypt to obtain the right to purchase wheat from the warehouse of the Egyptian royal government. Prophet Yusuf at that time, if he wanted he could take revenge on his brothers who had thrown him into a well and separated him from his beloved father. But on the contrary, he even received them with hospitality and served their needs with love, as if what had happened as a result of the cruel and inhumane actions of his brothers had never happened. Thus Prophet Yusuf with his great soul has forgotten all the bitter suffering he has experienced as a result of the actions of his brothers by giving them forgiveness, even though he was in a situation that made it possible for him to retaliate accordingly. And such forgiveness is what will be effective for the person who is forgiven and which has been recommended by Allah and His Messenger in several verses of the Qur'an and several prophetic hadiths.

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