Rabu, 27 Desember 2023

God is the only God

He is the One. The first. The Last One. The Power. The Merciful (Ar-Rahim).

The Holy One. He is Merciful.

Remember, He is Al-Latif. He heals your pain. He is As-Salam, perfect peace.

We draw close to Him in joy and sorrow. Only He can give peace. He is the one who gave the answer, Al-Mujiib.

Owner of power. The only King. Owner of worship. So worship Him.

He had no allies, so he had no children. He is the Greatest, so He is eternal.

You listen, He hears more clearly. And whatever you see, He sees more clearly. Closer than your veins, or even closer. But not confined or entangled by His creatures.

On His throne, in great manners befitting His Majesty. Beyond comprehension. He is the only one who can relieve burdens. By chanting His name, the heart finds peace.

The Most Loving. Perfect. He never rested, never slept. The Most Beautiful. I suggest you testify only to Him because associating partners with Him is the greatest sin. And His punishment is very painful. So draw closer to Him.

He is Forgiving, if you approach and ask for forgiveness. His forgiveness is unlimited.

The Almighty. Provides protection. Deciding fate. Fair judge. The Only One Who Sets the Law. Witness that He is the Most Witness. The Earliest.

Because of Him the heart trembles, the tongue stutters, the head bows in prostration, and the tears flow.

Lord of all nations and creatures. The Most Appreciative. The Most High. The Almighty. The best view to see. But it cannot be fully understood by His creatures. The Most Beautiful, The Most Wise.

He is the Truth, so there is no lie. Not born and not giving birth. There is no strength except from Him. When he wants something, He simply says "Be" and so be.

He is the Almighty. Independent. Always Awake. All-Knowing. Very... very... very High. Rich. Willing. Eternal. Everything depends on Him. The best keeper for you and for me.

He is the Supreme

Guide. He leads the blind and gives you life. He is the Most Merciful.

So isn't it about time our hearts become softer and surrender to God Almighty?

And we listen and obey: “And I am only a poor servant.” So give praise to Him who created.

Ref: lampuislam.blogspot.com

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