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Islam is a religion that brings mercy and teaches its people to do good. The function of Islam
can be felt when Muslims fulfill their obligations. One of the obligations of Muslims is prayer. Nope
only prayer is obligatory, Islam also encourages its people to perform sunnah worship such as the Dhuha prayer.
This is a way to increase religious deeds and a way to improve human morals. Dhuha prayer is
Prayers are performed at dhuha time or between the time after sunrise or 8 o'clock until before
noon, namely 11 am and is one type of sunnah prayer.
As Muslims, we should enjoy doing acts of worship, including the Duha prayer. Dhuha prayer has
There are many virtues of Duha prayer which should motivate us to do it. Among the virtues of prayer
The dhuha are:

1. The reward is like giving charity
Performing the Duha prayer has the same value as the value of good deeds such as the virtue of alms. The alms
what is meant is alms that are needed by 360 joints of our body, especially if we are sincere in doing it (
read the characteristics of people who are not sincere in worship) Muslims who perform the Dhuha prayer will gain

reward as much as the joint. As the hadith of the Prophet, peace be upon him, which reads:

"In every joint of one of you there is alms, every tasbih (saying subhanallah) is alms, every tahmid
(saying Alhamdulillah) is almsgiving, every tahlil (saying lailahillah) is almsgiving, every takbir (saying Allahu
akbar) is almsgiving, enjoining good is almsgiving, preventing evil is almsgiving. And
two rakats of Dhuha is comparable to the reward of all that"

2. Their needs are met
The Dhuha prayer performed by someone at the beginning of the day promises to fulfill someone's sustenance or needs
that at the end of the day. Dhuha prayer is a prayer performed to ask for sustenance from Allah SWT. Matter
This is indicated by the provisions on the time of implementation and is implied in the prayer that is read after the prayer
the said. In addition, God also promised every Muslim who diligently performs the Dhuha prayer to be sufficient
what his needs are, at least his needs in the afternoon or at the end of the day. With His promise, Allah
actually wants to give recompense and reward for the willingness of His servants to remember Himself at times
Dhuha by fulfilling his needs throughout the day. God's promise can be found
in a hadith qudsi. Rasulullah saw. Which sounds like:
"Indeed, Allah Azza Wa Jalla said: "O son of Adam, four rak'ahs at the beginning of the day are enough for Me, then
I will suffice you in the afternoon."
This promise of Allah will be the cause of restless hearts due to the lack of sustenance obtained and prevent
the danger of despair for some people who are not given enough sustenance. Duha prayer is wrong
an intermediary so that your wishes come true quickly, just like when you perform your prayer.

3. Grab Ghanimah or faster profit
People who persevere in Dhuha prayer will get ghanimah or profit faster
by the permission of Allah SWT. This happened in the time of Rasullullah where the Rasul compared the believers who
perform the Dhuha prayer with the mujahid who set out to fight on the battlefield that is close to
their place of residence and then quickly return to their original place with ghanimah (loot

many wars) and of course victory. This is a motivation to do good deeds as well
efforts to rely on Allah SWT because the benefits of trust are enormous.
The Prophet also considered that the benefits would be obtained by those who perform Dhuha prayers
will amount to more than the profits that can be obtained by the mujahids. This matter
as the Prophet SAW said:
"Get profit (ghanimah) and hurry back!. They finally talked to each other about the nearness of the goal
(the place) of war and the abundance of spoils (profits) that will be gained and quickly returned (because of the close distance).
Then Rasulullah saw said; "Would you like me to show you the closest goal of them (the enemy who will
fought), the most ghanimah (profit) and the fastest return? They replied: “Yes! The Prophet said again:
"Whoever performs ablution, then enters the mosque to perform Dhuha prayer, he is the closest
the destination (the place of the battle), the more his booty and the faster his return"

4. Rewarded with a house in heaven
People who are always ready to spend their time to perform the 12 rakaat Dhuha prayer at the beginning of the day
promised a reward by God in the form of a beautiful house made of gold in the afterlife. This is according to Anas
Bin Malik who heard that the Messenger of Allah said:
"Whoever prays Dhuha 12 rakaat, Allah will make for him a palace made of gold in heaven."
(HR. Ibn Majah)

5. Get the reward of Hajj and Umrah
People who diligently perform Dhuha prayer will get the reward of perfect Hajj and Umrah from Anas
ra said, the Messenger of Allah said, "Whoever performs the Fajr prayer in congregation, then he (after
after) sitting remembering God until the sun rises, then he prays two rak'ahs (Dhuha), he gets a reward like
the reward of Hajj and Umrah; perfect, perfect, perfect"

6. Abandon sin
Dhuha prayer will remove the sins of people who routinely perform Dhuha prayer despite their sins
as much as foam in the ocean. Here is a hadith that reinforces this. From Abu Hurairah ra, the Messenger of Allah said,
"Whoever observes the Dhuha prayer, his sins are forgiven even if his sins are as much as the foam of the ocean"
(HR. Tirmidhi)

7. A special door was created in heaven
Another virtue that Allah promises for people who diligently perform the Dhuha prayer is that he will
A special door will be made in heaven in the future, namely a door called the Dhuha door. Thus it is clear
that people who diligently perform Duha prayers have a high position in the eyes of Allah SWT
a separate door was created to enter heaven regardless of whether he was a Muslim by birth or a convert.
The Prophet said: On the authority of Abu Hurairah, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said,
"Indeed, in heaven there is one door called the Dhuha door, when the Day of Resurrection comes, angels will guard
heaven calls; where is he who makes it obligatory to pray Dhuha? This is your door so enter with God's love"

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