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Believing wisdom in Qada and Qadar
By believing in qadha and qadar, there are many wisdoms that are very valuable for us in living the life of this world and preparing ourselves for the afterlife. The wisdom includes:

a. Train yourself to be grateful and patient
A person who believes in qadha and qadar, when he gets luck, he will be grateful, because that luck is God's favor that should be thanked. On the other hand, when he is hit by misfortune, he will be patient, because it is a test.
God's Word in QS. An-Nahl verse 53 which means:
"and whatever favors you have, they are from Allah (they come), and if you are afflicted by harm, then only to Him do you ask for help. "

b. Stay away from arrogance and despair
People who do not believe in qadha and qadar, when they achieve success, think that success is solely due to the results of their own efforts. He also felt he was great. If he experiences failure, he easily complains and despairs, because he realizes that failure is actually God's provision.
The word of Allah SWT in QS.Yusuf verse 87 which means:
O my children, go, then seek news about Yusuf and his brother and do not despair of God's mercy. Verily, no one despairs of God's mercy, except the disbelieving people.

c. Cultivate an optimistic and hard working nature
Humans do not know what fate happens to them. Everyone certainly wants good luck and luck. Luck doesn't just come by itself, but you have to work for it. Therefore, people who believe in qadha and qadar are always optimistic and work hard to achieve happiness and success.
Allah's statement in QS Al-Qashas verse 77 which means:
And look for what God has bestowed upon you (happiness) in the Hereafter, and do not forget your share of worldly (pleasure) and do good (to others) as God has done good to you, and do not do damage to (your face). earth. Indeed, Allah does not like those who do damage.

d. Calms the soul
A person who believes in qadha and qadar always experiences peace of mind in his life, because he always feels happy with what God has determined for him. If lucky or successful, he is grateful. If he is hit by misfortune or fails, he is patient and tries again.
God's words in QS. Al-Fajr verse 27-30 which means:
Hey calm soul. Return to your Lord with a calm heart and please Him. So enter into the congregation of My servants, and enter into My paradise.

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