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Do you want to stop reciting the Quran every week in the month of Ramadan? This is the Way of the Scholars

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Ramadan is also known as syahrul Qur'an (the month of the Qur'an). Because the revelation of the Qur'an took place in the month of Ramadan, the Messenger of Allah murajaah with Gabriel in the month of Ramadan, and Muslims read the Qur'an more in the month of Ramadan.

Many Muslims plan to recite more recitations in the month of Ramadan. There are those who complete it twice, maybe there are even those who want to complete it every week.

The scholars make a syiar "famii bi syauqin" in order to complete the Al Qur'an every town. The meaning of the sentence is "my tongue always misses the Qur'an"

How does it work in practice? Ahmad Sahal Hasan explained that the "famii bi syauqin" method shows the beginning of the letter that is read every day according to the letters in the "famii bi syauqin" syiar.< /span>

The first day starts from ف, namely reading Surah Al Fatihah up to Surah An Nisa'. The second day starts from م, namely reading Surah Al Maidah up to Surah At Taubah. The third day starts from ي, namely reading Surah Yunus up to Surah An Nahl. The fourth day starting from ب, namely the letter of the Bani Israil (surah al Isra') up to the letter al Furqan. The fifth day starts from ش, namely reading the asy Syu'ara letter up to the Yasin letter. The sixth day starts from و, namely reading the letter ash Shaffat up to the letter al Hujurat. The seventh day starts from ق, namely reading the Qaf letter to the Nas letter.

“How beautiful it would be if khatam occurred just before breaking the fast. Where the time of acceptance of prayer joins: the time of khatmul quran with ifthar. "Don't forget to pray for me," concluded Ahmad Sahal Hasan. [Ibnu K/Bersamadawah]


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