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Description of Hell

It is narrated that Rasulullah S.A.W, that he asked the Angel Gabriel A.S:

"Is the door of hell the same as our door?" Angel Gabriel A.S answered, "No, but it is closed between one of the lowest doors and the other." The distance between each other is like a journey of seven hundred years. Each door is seventy times hotter than the other doors around it.

Then, Rasulullah S.A.W asked, "Who is the occupant of that door?" Angel Gabriel A.S answered,

"As for the lowest door, in it there is a group of hypocrites, people who disbelieve in the table (and the sky) at the time of Prophet Isa A.S and the Pharaoh's family, and that door is called Hawiyah.

The second door is for polytheists (associating God with something), its name is Jahim.

The third door is for idolaters, its name is Saqar.

The fourth door is for the devil and his followers and the Magians (fire worshipers), and his name is Lazha.

The fifth gate for the Jews, its name is Huthamah.

Meanwhile, the sixth door for Christians is called Sya'ir. Then the Angel Jibril AS was silent. Then Rasulullah S.A.W asked, "O Jibril, why didn't you tell me about the seventh door?"

Angel Gabriel answered, "O Muhammad, did you ask about that door?" "Yes", replied the Prophet. Then the Angel Gabriel said, "O Muhammad, it is reserved for those who commit major sins from your people, who die before repenting." The Prophet S.A.W fell down in a state of fainting because of hearing it. When he woke up, the Prophet said, "O Gabriel, what a great calamity has befallen me and I am very worried. Is there anyone among my people who will go to hell?" The angel Gabriel answered: "Yes, that is your people who commit major sins." The Prophet S.A.W cried and the Angel Gabriel also cried because of it.

Then Rasulullah S.A.W asked, "O Gabriel, why are you also crying, even though you are a trusted angel?" Angel Gabriel replied, "I am worried if I am tested like the test given to Harut and Marut. That's what made me cry. Allah S.W.T also said:

"O Gabriel, O Muhammad, verily I will keep you both away from the fire of hell. However, don't all of you feel safe and tormented by me."

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