Senin, 30 Januari 2023

Histats.Com Good Appilaction for Analiysis Your Blog Traffict Every Day

Histats features

100% FREE , No service limitations (up to 10 MILLIONS hits/day)

Fast and solid network 99.99% uptime with more than 1.500.000.0000 hits tracked monthly

Full Real time statistics

Online visitors ( recent visits, most active visitors, pupular pages, popular referer, geolocation )

Unlimited traffic stats retention ( 10+ years )

Geolocation, Browser, Toolbars , Languages , Hardware info - stats & trends

Referer sites , Search engine , Social networks - stats & trends

Visited urls , Visited page titles/tags , customized events/variables , downloads/clicks - stats & trends

2 levels of analysis included : LOG Analyzer (last 20.000 hits , soon will be available a version with 1.000.0000 hits) and Unlimited hourly/daily/monthly analytics

LOG features: IP tags, IP tracking, visitors path , maximum detail on each single event on the site, advanced segmentation ( IP, COUNTRY, CITY, REFERER, SEARCH ENGINE KEYWORD , ENTRY PAGE, VISITED PAGE, BOUNCED VISITORS, VISITORS HARDWARE, LANGUAGE, ... ), segmentation filters can also be saved and loaded

IP exclusion

Control panel with stats , up to 300 sites per account.

User Access Management and full privacy control for each site

Support via Forum or Facebook

Invisible or visible (gif or flash) counter

Configurable counter options & starting values

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