Rabu, 02 Maret 2022

18 Words of Wisdom Ustadz Abdul Somad :

1. Be grateful for all that Allah SWT has given. If you are still alive, be grateful that you are still doing good deeds. If you die, be grateful, at least your sins don't increase.

2. When you are difficult in this world. Be patient, because it is only temporary. When you are given pleasure in this world, do not be proud and arrogant because it is also only temporary.

3. We don't need one organization, one school or one teacher, we are friends at one point, Mukhlisin Nalahudin. Hopefully that's the point that brings us together

4. If we find a flawless friend, we will not be friends forever. If we are looking for the perfect partner, we will never be a partner.

5. Today we may lose in all things, but instill in our children that in 10 or 20 years they will lead this country in a way that is pleasing to God.

6. If by owning a motorbike and a car, our obedience to Allah increases, then that is sustenance. But if the vehicle distances itself from Allah, is used to go to a place of immorality, then that is anathema and punishment. Be careful.

7. The happiness of a teacher is when he sees his students succeed in this world and the hereafter.

8. Happiness lies in gratitude. Whoever is grateful to Allah, then he is the happiest person.

9. Whatever happens, Islam will still be helped by Allah. The problem is, what have we done and will do for Islam, in order to help ourselves in this world and the hereafter? Do not answer with the tongue, because the tongue is too easy to speak. But, answer with action.

10. Life is like an Ark in the ocean. Above there are strong waves that will block. From below there is a large rock. No one can strengthen this life, except Allah Ta'ala.

11. Do not limit worship only when in the mosque. There is

consider charity only when sitting in the mosque, praying, remembrance and reading the Koran. Don't forget, working from 8 am to 4 pm, plus if overtime is also charity. Because, working to earn a living that is lawful for the family at home is worship, worth the reward in front of Allah Ta'ala. So, if it is understood that work is a charity of worship, there will be no employees playing "online games" during office hours, there will be no traders playing the scales, there will be no employees who cheat in their job reports.

12. If you are married then look at your unmarried brother, then gratitude will arise.

13. A simple form of gratitude is to say Thanksgiving "Alhamdulillahirobbil 'alamin. All Praise is only for Allah". But indeed the Reality of Gratitude is to ensure that every breath we take is always in "obedience" to Allah Ta'ala.

14. Make friends because of wealth, wealth will perish. Friends because of power, power will not last long, at least 5 years if not arrested by the KPK. But, if you make friends because of God, then it will be eternal.

15. This world is just a drop of water. If you can't don't be sad, because what you can't get is just a drop. And if you get it, don't be proud, because all you get is a drop.

16. When you feel you are empty, there is nothing, like a grain of dust in the middle of the ocean of God's majesty. That's when God's grace descends to touch the feeling that can be represented by words.

17. Water is always flowing, he can't be held back. When he was arrested, then he would be a great resistance. Water seems weak, when it is low. but, when he has gathered then becomes big, he becomes a tremendous power. Learn from the water.

18. Courage does not hasten death, and fear cannot prevent death. We must die, but die under what circumstances? The choice is in our hands.

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