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Explanation of the etiquette of eating and drinking in Islam
In language, adab means subtlety and good character. Politeness is not only applied in association. Eating and drinking also requires rules and politeness. Islam has set the procedures for eating and drinking according to the example of the Prophet Muhammad. Eating and drinking exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad is a rule that must be applied in everyday life. Good eating and drinking should begin and end with a prayer reading. (Read Exemplifying the Struggle of Prophet Muhammad SAW and His Companions in Mecca )

Food and drink that enters our body must be halal and good food and drink, namely food that is beneficial to our body. Halal and good food and drinks will also have a good impact on the mind and daily human activities. Good food will benefit the body and can produce a good mind as well. Vice versa, haram food will have a negative impact on the body and mind. Allah SWT gives freedom for humans to enjoy all the good food and drink that is on this earth, as long as there are no restrictions that prohibit it. The Word of Allah SWT: "O you who believe, do not forbid what is good which Allah has made lawful for you, and do not transgress. Verily, Allah does not like those who transgress." (Ali-Imran:
The etiquette of eating and drinking of the Prophet Muhammad
Rasulullah SAW has exemplified to his ummah how the correct Eating and Drinking Manners:

Adab Before Eating and Drinking
Washing both hands
Wash your mouth or rinse your mouth
Reciting basmalah when eating and ending it by reciting hamdalah, a hadith that explains about reciting basmalah before eating and drinking is: “From Aisyah ra, she said: ta'ala. And when he forgets to mention the asthma of Allah ta'ala in the beginning, he should say bismillahi awwalahu wa akhirahu ". (HR. Abu Dawud)
Reading the prayer, one of the prayers recited before eating and drinking is: “O Allah, make the sustenance that You have bestowed on us a blessing, and keep us away

from the torment of hell fire".

Adab When Eating and Drinking:

Eating and drinking must be sitting
When you eat you can't talk
Eat with your right hand
When eating should be calm, should not be in a hurry, food should not be scattered.
Cannot eat while walking

Eat in moderation, don't overeat, overeating is called israf, and israf is forbidden by Islam, so take just as much as you need. The Word of Allah SWT: "Eat and drink, but do not be excessive. Verily, Allah does not like those who are extravagant.” The Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "The offspring of Adam will not fill a worse container than his stomach. Actually a few mouthfuls were enough to straighten his ribs. If he has to fill it, then a third for food, a third for drink, and a third for breathing.” (Narrated by Turmudzi, Ibn Majah, and Muslim)
Don't talk about bad things when you eat
Taking food or dishes close by and not reaching for food in a far place, as a sign of qanaah
When eating together, it is forbidden to take more food, except when given permission
Start to take food from the side and forbidden from the middle
Cannot criticize food but sunnah to praise it

Adab After Eating and Drinking:

After eating and drinking should read the prayer: "Praise be to Allah who has given us food and drink and has made us Muslims".
Washing his hands, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "Whoever falls asleep while in both hands there are traces of fat, then when he wakes up in the morning he suffers from a disease, then he should not blame but himself". (Narrated Nasa'i from 'A'ishah)
Cleaning and washing utensils used for eating
May we always be in the straight teachings of Islam and always follow the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW. Amen!

source: http://sajadahmuslimku.blogspot.com/

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