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Women's football has started to fight for its existence since 1917. At that time in England, a women's soccer team was formed called The Dick, Kerr's Ladies. On September 24, 1922, on their tour of North America, they were beaten 3-6 by Paterson FC.
However, the defeat was not a stain for them. Because, at that time the opponent faced was a team consisting of men.
The Ladies themselves are working women from an ammunition factory, Dick, Kerr & Co., located in Preston, Lancashire. They form a team and continue to grow.

Unfortunately, the English FA at that time actually saw the women as a threat to the men's team's game. As a result, in 1921 they were also banned from playing on the field used for the men's league.
This in no way dampened the spirits of the women. Based on their love of football, they continue to play on non-league grounds. Until finally, in 1922 The Dick, Kerr's Ladies were invited to undergo a transcontinental tour.

The tour was scheduled to start in Canada but, when they arrived on September 22, they were told they were no longer wanted in Canada. Then, they crossed into the United States and continued on to New Jersey. There, they must face Paterson FC on September 24.
Paterson FC itself is a men's football club. The club had won the National Association Football League title in 1917. Of course you can imagine how a great male team would easily overcome a team containing women.
However, things didn't go easy for Paterson anyway. In that opening game, Paterson did win with a score of 6-3. However, The Ladies' three goals are proof that they are also good at dealing with round skin.

After all, that defeat was only one of two defeats suffered by The Dick, Kerr's Ladies in the eight matches they played in the United States, all against male teams who at that time were considered to have qualified qualities. The Ladies' opponents were a number of men's football teams which were highly respected at that time.

The Ladies also lost to New York Centro-Hispano. Nevertheless, they won over The New Bedford Whalers, The New York FC, The Baltimore Soccer Club, and drew with J&P Coats, Washington Stars and The Fall River Marksmen.
In fact, as told This Day in Football History , after the match against the Fall River Marksmen, a local newspaper in America wrote, "The score does not describe how these women from England could so well play for the national match in their country. None of the fans watched that fight can say so clearly how skilled the female tourists are to play against the best men's team in the country."

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