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 Forms and types of fishing hooks 

Soloraya.Com -  After you know the basic components of a hook, now we will look at the various types of fishing hooks and their functions. This time we discuss fishing hooks on the market.

Bait hooks
Characteristic is the existence of a kind of barb that is in the body. This works so that
the bait is not easily separated from the hook.

Treble Hooks Treble
hooks are very easy to recognize from their distinctive shape. The features of the 3 eyes clearly provide advantages and disadvantages for each.
Three eyes clearly increase the possibility of hook stuck perfectly. This type of hook is widely used by anglers for small-mouthed fish such as rabbitfish, and also for anglers who use artificial baits such as jigs.
The disadvantage is that it is easily visible and makes the fish even suspicious because of its unnatural shape.

Siwash Hooks
The shape of the shank is long, so are the eyes. There are no special features on this hook, because the shape is standard.

Aberdeen Hooks
The extremely long shank is a feature. Usually used in rock fishing techniques with natural bait.

Circle Hooks
Circle hooks are the most oddly shaped of all fishing rods. The specialty of this hook is that if a fish is detected eating the bait, we don't need to snap the rod as usual, but just tighten the kenur. The hook will stick perfectly by itself in the fish's lips. The use of this circle hook is still often debated, but many players are starting to switch to using it because of its features earlier.

Octopus Hooks
The short shank shape combined with the wide gap and slope where the hook is attached characterizes it. It is also a hook that is used widely in a variety of fishing techniques, including baiting with live bait.

Worm hook Perhatikan antara
mata kail dan tempat mengikat kailnya yang nyaris berada dalam satu garis lurus. Unlike other hooks, this 'worm hook' is designed not to get snagged easily when fishing in a place where there are lots of fallen trees.
These hooks are widely used using plastic imitation baits.

Jig hooks
Specially designed for use with jig molds. Its use is specific enough that it is not popular with the general public.

Drop-shot hooks
Designed to use Palomar ties, the wide gap makes it easy to place large baits.

Weedles hooks
A lot of inland fishing applications. This hook is mostly used by anglers who use artificial plastic bait.

Topwater jerkbait hooks
Similar to worm hooks, but wider gap. Also used with artificial plastic bait.

Keeper hooks
Its use is similar to Weedles hooks, used by anglers with artificial plastic bait.

Dressed / feathered trebles
This is a combination of a treble hook with feathers added to deceive the fish. When in use, these feathers can make a circular motion in the water, which is expected to attract the fish's attention to prey on it.

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