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History of Airplanes and Figure

An airplane is an aircraft that is heavier than air, has a fixed wing, and can fly under its own power. In general, the term airplane is often also referred to as an airplane or airplane or simply an airplane with the same definition as a vehicle capable of flying in the atmosphere or air. But in the world of aviation, the term airplane is different from an airplane, the term airplane has a much broader meaning because it includes airplanes and helicopters.


Anthony Fokker (1890-1939) who used to be called Tony was born in Blitar, East Java, in April 1890. At the age of 20 years (1910), Tony made his first airplane named Spin. It was the first airplane made by the Netherlands. In 1912, Tony founded the Fokker Aeroplanbau aircraft company in Berlin, which later moved to Schwerin, Germany.

Aircraft that is heavier than air was first flown by the Wright Brothers (Orville

Wright and Wilbur Wright) using its own design aircraft called the Flyer, which was launched in 1903 in the United States.

Apart from the Wright brothers, it was recorded that several other aircraft inventors invented airplanes, including Samuel F Cody who carried out his stunt at the Fanborough field, England in 1910.

As for lighter-than-air aircraft, they had flown long before. The first flight using a hot air balloon invented by a Frenchman named Joseph Montgolfier and Etiene Montgolfier occurred in 1782, then perfected by a German named Ferdinand von Zeppelin by modifying a cigar-shaped balloon used to carry passengers and goods in 1900.

In the following years the Zeppelin balloon dominated airlift until the crash of the Zeppelin ship on a trans-Atlantic voyage in New Jersey in 1936 which marked the end of the Zeppelin era although it was still in use ahead of World War II.

After the Wright era, airplanes underwent many modifications in terms of design, shape and aircraft engines to meet the needs of air transportation. A larger commercial airplane was made in 1949 called the Bristol Brabazon. Until now the largest passenger aircraft in the world is made by Airbus Industrie from Europe with the A380 aircraft. (Wikipedia)

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