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It's no stranger to online videos which are very popular nowadays because YouTube can become an artist. So,,, now share scientific articles with the inventors of YouTube, which we often use to upload videos and find the easiest videos. The YouTube site was founded by 3 people, namely Steve Shih Chen (31 years/Taiwan-USA), Jawed Karim (30 years/Germany-USA), Chad Hurley (32 years/USA).

Chad Hurley Inventor of YouTube - video sharing website Chad Hurley - Chad Meredith Hurley (born 1977) is the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of the popular video sharing website YouTube. In June 2006, he was voted 28th on Business 2.0' list of "50 influential people of the moment". In October 2006 he and Steve Chen sold YouTube for $1.65 billion to Google. Hurley worked in PayPal's eBay division—one of his duties involved designing the original PayPal logo before starting YouTube with fellow PayPal mates Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

Hurley is primarily responsible for the tagging and video sharing aspects of YouTube. Chad is the middle child of Don and Joann Hurley, and grew up near Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. He has two siblings, an older sister, Heather, and a younger brother, Brent. Since childhood, Chad showed extreme interest in art, but later became interested in computers and electronic media during high school.

She was a standout runner for Twin Valley High School's cross country program, winning two of the State's PIAA titles with her as a member in 1992 and 1994. She was also a member of the Technology Students' Association during high school. He graduated from Twin Valley High School, Elverson in 1995 and went on to receive a BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1999. Hurley is married to Kathy Clark, daughter of noted Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jim Clark and they have two children.

Steve Chen Founder of YouTube - video sharing website Steve Chen - Steven Shih "Steve" Chen (traditional Chinese: 陈士骏; simplified Chinese: 陈士骏; pinyin: Chen Shìjùn born August, 1978) is a Taiwanese-American Internet entrepreneur. He is the founding Chief Technology and formerly Head of the popular website YouTube. Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan. When he was eight years old, he and his family emigrated to the United States. He was an early employee at PayPal, where he met Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. In 2005, the three founded YouTube. He previously served as Chief Technology Officer at YouTube, and is currently employed by Google. Chen was also an early employee at Facebook, although he left after a few months to start YouTube.

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In June 2006, Chen was named by Business 2.0 as one of "The 50 people who matter now" in business. On October 16, 2006, Chen and Hurley sold YouTube to Google, Inc. for $1.65 billion. Chen received 625,366 shares of Google and an additional 68,721 in trust as part of the sale. The Google shares he received were valued at $350 million at Google's October 30, 2007 closing stock price. Chen was listed as one of the 15 Asian Scientists To Watch by Scientist Asia Magazine on May 15, 2011. He and Chad Hurley now start avos System which has acquired Delicious from Yahoo! Inc

Jawed Karim Inventor of YouTube - video sharing website Jawed Karim - Jawed Karim (Bengali: জাভেদ করিম, born 1979, East Germany) is a Bangladeshi German American technologist and co-founder of the popular video sharing website YouTube. Many of the core components of PayPal, including the real-time anti-fraud system, were also designed and implemented by Karim. Karim was born in East Germany, but crossed the Berlin Wall and grew up in West Germany. He moved to the United States with his family in 1992, two years after German reunification. He graduated from Central High School in Minnesota and he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

He left college before graduating to become an early employee at PayPal, but continued his coursework, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science in 2004. While working at PayPal, he met Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. The three later founded the video-sharing website YouTube in 2005. The first YouTube video, Me at the Zoo, was uploaded by Karim on April 23, 2005. After colleagues founded the company and developed the YouTube concept and website with Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, Karim registered as a graduate student in computer science at Stanford University while acting as an advisor to YouTube.

When YouTube was acquired by Google, Karim received 137,443 shares, worth about $64,000,000 based on Google's closing stock price at the time. In October 2006, Karim gave a lecture on the history of YouTube at the University of Illinois' annual ACM Conference entitled YouTube: From Concept to Hyper-growth The lecture material also contained pictures and videos of Karim, Hurley, and Chen from YouTube's garage days. –

In October 2006, YouTube was acquired (taken over ownership) by Google. Value: 1.65 billion US dollars (Rp. 16.9 trillion).

Maybe if you can say what other websites are very popular right now, Yuotube is one of the answers that will come out. In 2007 Youtube reached the peak of its success in business competition on the internet after they had thousands and even millions of members, both active and inactive around the world.

Youtube is a file sharing place for all members where we can search or upload our recorded videos for others to watch. Many neters come to this website just looking for news, results of football matches or other things. Now I will thoroughly review the history of Youtube.

Youtube was initiated by three former PayPal companies, namely Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Hurley is an alumnus of design at the University of Indiana Pennsylvania, while Chen and Karim are alumnus of computer science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The domain name 'YouTube.com' itself was activated on February 15, 2005, and in the following months the website was built. They published a preview of the website in May 2005, or 6 months before the official launch.

Like many new technologies, YouTube started as a small business in a makeshift office in a garage. In November 2005, Sequoia Capital, invested US$3.5 million, plus Roelof Botha, former CFO of PayPal, joined the YouTube board of directors. In April 2006 Sequoia added another US$ 8 million investment, as YouTube was achieving high levels of success and growth.

By the summer of 2006, YouTube was one of the fastest growing websites, and was ranked by Alexa as the 5th most popular website, far outpacing MySpace's growth. According to a July 16, 2006 review, 100 million videos are viewed daily on YouTube, with an additional 65,000 new videos uploaded every 24 hours. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, YouTube has an average of 20 million monthly visits, with around 56% male and 44% female users. The dominant user is between 12 to 17 years old. YouTube's prominence in the online video market is staggering. According to the website Hitwise.com, YouTube controls 64% of the online video market in the UK.

On October 9, 2006, Google bought YouTube for US$ 1.65 billion. The purchase agreement between Google and YouTube comes after YouTube concluded 3 agreements with media companies to escape copyright infringement lawsuits. YouTube continues to operate freely with the company's founders and 67 employees. The agreement to acquire YouTube was finalized on November 13, 2006, in what was Google's largest acquisition yet.

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