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 This The 49 Greatest Sports Moments of All-Time

The Curse of the Bambino

F**K You Hitler

Goodbye, Lou

We're Not Going Streaking Anymore

Jackie Robinson Makes History

Shot Heard 'Round the World

Damn, He's Fast

27 Up, 27 Down

Was the 1958 NFL Championship Game 'The Greatest Game Ever Played'?

The Century Mark

Down Goes Liston

Steamin' Robert Beamon

Super Broadway Joe


Are You Ready For Some Football?

U.S.A. Gets Robbed

Now That's A Win For the Ages

It's the Juice, Run O.J., Run

The New Home Run King

The Wizard of Westwood Wins Number 10

Anyone For Some Music?

Don't Ever Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up

The Golden Bear's Master-ful Performance

Hand Of G-d

Once Upon A Time, Being A Mets Fan Didn't Require Xanax

Anyone Need A Bookie?

The Great One Becomes Number One

Earthquake Strikes the Battle of the Bay

The Magnificent Seven

The "Magic" Show Is Over

Laettner's Buzzer-beater

The Fab Flub

Major League Baseball Strikes

The Waiting Is Over!

Why, Why, Why?

Cal Becomes the New Iron Man

The Yankees Win, THEEE Yankees Win

A Cub Transforms Into a Tiger


His Final Shot

The Return of Super Mario


Orange Crush

Boston Red Sox Miraculous Comeback

The 2008 Michael Phelps Olympics


An Epic Final

Tiger Woods Wins the 2008 U.S Open on One Leg

source: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/404582-the-50-greatest-sports-moments-of-all-time

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