Trolling Fishing Technique, Let's Try It

Trolling Fishing Technique, Let's Try It

The trolling fishing technique is a surface fishing technique, so called because this technique searches for fish that are often on the surface of the sea water such as tuna, skipjack, lemadang and marlin. This type of fish has a habit of eating on the surface of the water, which is a collection of fish that become their food, for example anchovies and mullets. So as bait the anglers use artificial bait that resembles the fish mentioned above. With artificial bait the advantage is in terms of durability, of course the artificial bait will not be destroyed if exposed to waves when it is installed and towed by boat.


Fishing system trolling does require a boat as the main tool. By boarding the bait boat it is pulled in such a way that it attracts predatory fish such as marlin to eat it. Fish bait is chosen which has a bright and shiny color like the color of the original fish. Using bright colors will attract predatory fish to chase them.

Fishing with the trolling system has the highest level of difficulty, because it requires not only the skill of the angler to get fish, but also the skill of the boat driver as well. Attracting the attention of fish also requires skill from the ship owner. How does he adjust the speed of the boat approximately until the bait appears to float on the surface of the water. The skill of the helmsman is also important when fighting the target fish. Considering that the target of trolling fishing is also large and can even be bigger than the angler's own body, the direction of the bow of the boat must also be correct so that when the fish jerks the fishing line, the angler's body does not get carried away by the fish. With the cleverness of anglers and boat drivers, fish can be lifted from the water.

Fishing Technique

Trolling fishing usually uses a fishing rod as a safety net. A good rod is made of fiberglass or now there are several rods made of carbon fiber. The length of a good rod is a maximum of 1.5 m. With such a length, the rod is more capable of holding the load than a long one. The rod is also equipped with a roller or reel to make it easier to roll the strings. A good reel has a lock to hold the load with a certain strength. A good roller or reel usually has stainless steel teeth so that it can withstand large loads.

The target for trolling fishing is quite large, the hook used must also be large enough number 5 – 7. Usually, if the bait you use is artificial bait, there is already a hook according to the size of the bait. For strings, you can use monofilament, of course, by paying attention to the strength of the fish pulling. To connect the strings to the hooks, you should add additional connections in the form of small steel fiber cables, approximately 1 – 1.5 M long, to protect the strings from the sharp teeth of the fish. The strings also have to be long enough so that when fighting fish you don't run out of strings.

With a trolling system, the rod that is equipped with strings and hooks is lowered into the water in a safe position, not to get entangled with other fishing rods. You can use more than 2 rods, usually up to six rods. With the position of the bait that has entered the water, the ship is run at moderate speed so that the bait appears to be floating in the water. Because each rod is equipped with a reel, if the bait is grabbed by the fish, the reel will ring, indicating that you have to start fighting the fish.(af/angler)

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