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Lately, the motherland has been crying again about the inappropriate behavior of her children. The handling of natural disasters in various parts of Indonesia has not yet been completed, nor has the Lapindo mudflow problem in Porong, Sidoarjo finished. Now, it is the turn of the world of education to be crushed by the disaster. If in 1966, young people united to overthrow the Old Order, as well as in 1998 when it brought down the arrogance of the New Order, then in the reform era, a handful of young people even tarnished the face of Indonesian education.
Starting with the news broadcasting teacher harassment of a number of students, then continued with brawls and physical conflicts involving students at several universities in Indonesia. Now, it is the turn of the APDN students to scramble to take other people's lives. Not satisfied with persecuting their juniors to death, they even dared to carry out persecution outside the campus. As a result a young man had to die. Ironic indeed, because those cases were actually carried out by those who were prepared to become leaders of this country and for trivial reasons. So, from a number of these cases, the question arises what is wrong with the world of education in Indonesia?
Violence and harassment that has occurred in the world of education in Indonesia recently, is not something that appears suddenly. However, all of that has been firmly entrenched before then finally exploded. For example, people who have received education certainly still remember the terms MOS (Student Orientation Period) or OSPEK (Campus Introduction Orientation) with various other names. These two activities are always held every year to welcome students and new students. The initial goal was to provide debriefing, both material and an introduction to the school or campus environment to students and new students. This is considered important to help the teaching and learning process as the main activity. Unfortunately, in the implementation of these two activities actually experienced deviation goals.
MOS and OSPEK are often used as venues for seniors to show their authority and seniority. In this activity, it is not uncommon for them to commit acts of violence and harassment towards juniors. Punishments such as push ups, running around the field, or drying in the hot sun are common. Coupled with the yelling of seniors who often discourage students or new students. All that was done under the pretext of training physical and mental strength. In fact, if explored further, the real reason is just to have fun pranking juniors and taking revenge for the treatment of previous seniors.
So, at the beginning of the school year, it's not uncommon to hear the phrase "I'm on the ospect committee, I'm pretty good at working on new students, I get free t-shirts." It didn't stop there, the seniors also embarrassed their juniors by ordering them to bring and use baby pacifiers, tie their hair with colorful ribbons, wear socks of different colors and so on. All of these attributes basically have nothing to do with the original purpose of doing MOS or OSPEK, but solely as a tool to make fun of the juniors, so that the event will be more lively. These two activities are also often designed without taking into account the important things that support learning activities, so that they cannot be relied upon to be good 'opening events' in starting academic activities.
Violence and harassment contained in this activity will continue to be repeated every year if it is not stopped immediately. Junior who is now a victim, will look for other victims in the next year, continues and eventually forms a vicious circle that never ends. It is regrettable that this kind of activity has become a tradition in the world of education in Indonesia.
Acts of violence and abuse in education, whether you realize it or not, are like planting a time bomb that can explode at any time. The younger generation who are used to violence and harassment will grow into individuals who see everything from the point of view of violence as well. So, it is not impossible that they will apply violence in their daily behavior, especially when solving problems. This is what has recently happened in the world of education in Indonesia. Not only in MOS and OSPEK activities, the teaching and learning activities carried out by teachers and lecturers must also be a concern.
The slightest harassment or excessive punishment has contributed to sowing the seeds of violence in the younger generation. Therefore, actions that are not in accordance with the goals of education must be eliminated as soon as possible, so that the vicious circle which is a disaster for the world of education can be broken immediately. Therefore, all parties, both teachers, the community, students and students as well as educational institutions must really pay attention to this. The control and attention of all elements of society towards education policies can become a shield to suppress the growth of violence and harassment in the education process.
In addition, to realize a healthy education, a strong and smart educational strategy is needed. School and campus introduction activities must be arranged in such a way with the principle of benefit, which really helps in academic activities, it is hoped that MOS and OSPEK will no longer be fears for students and new students, but can become a gateway to hone their respective potentials. Educational institutions are also required to be proactive in fostering their students and students, as well as controlling activities that are considered to provide opportunities for violence and harassment to occur.
For students and students and their families, it is hoped that they will not hesitate to report irregularities in the learning process to the educational institution concerned or the authorities. All of this is important to prevent the reoccurrence of violence and harassment in education, bearing in mind that education is the spearhead in preparing quality human resources for the realization of development in Indonesia.
Hopefully at the beginning of this school year and beyond, there will be no more students and students who commit or experience acts of violence in school and campus introduction activities. Teachers are also expected to return to the nature of education and not take actions that deviate from the goals of education. Thus, schools and campuses can become places that function as they should, namely producing quality human resources as future leaders of the nation, without violence and harassment.
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