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Muslim women must know, this is the devil's way of seducing women

SATAN has various ways of strategy in tempting humans, and what they often exploit as well as possible is to take advantage of lust which does have a tendency to invite evil. Satan knows the tendency of our desires, he continues to try to get people out of the line that has been determined by Allah, including removing the hijab or Muslim clothing.

Here's how Satan seduces women step by step:

Eliminating the Definition of Hijab
In this stage the devil whispers to women, that any clothing including hijab (covering) has nothing to do with religion, it is just a dress or decorative style for women. So there is no syar'i dress, dress, whatever its shape and name is still dress. So as a result, when times have changed, or human culture has changed, then there is no problem with changing clothes as well. Likewise, when a person moves from one country to another, he must adapt to the clothes of the people, whatever they wear.

It's different if a woman believes that hijab is a syar'i dress (identical to Islam), and wearing it is worship, not just fashion. Even if you live anytime and anywhere, the syar'i hijab is still maintained.
If a woman still persists with her hijab principles, then the devil switches to a more subtle strategy. The method?

First, Opening the Hand Part
The palm of the hand may already be open, so the devil whispers to women that there should be a slight improvement in the model, which is to open the elbow part (elbow to palm). "Ah, it's okay, right? You're still wearing a hijab and a long shirt?" That's the devil's whisper. And it's true that the woman finally wears a new fashion model that shows her hands, and it turns out that the men see her as usual. Then the devil whispered," Tu.. is it okay?

Second, Opening the Neck and Chest
After showing the hands became a habit, then the devil came to whisper new things again. "Opening your hands has become commonplace, so there needs to be an increase in more advanced clothing models, that is, the upper part of your chest is open."

But don't call it open clothing, just a little bit to get air, so it doesn't get hot. Try it! People will definitely not care, because only a small part is open.

So wear the latest fashion clothes that open the neck and chest from the semi-circular fashion to the letter "V" fashion which of course makes the more sensitive part of the chest more visible.

Third, Dressed But Naked
Satan whispered again, "Your clothes need to find better fashion or other materials! But what? The woman thought. "Many fashions and fabrics are quite thin, then the shape is made quite tight to make it more palatable/prettier to look at," the devil gave a new idea.

So the woman is tempted, looking for tight clothing fashion and thin and even transparent fabric. "Perhaps there is no problem, the cut of the dress is still long, only the material and the fashion are a bit different, to make it look more feminine," And as a result, the dress has finally become popular among Muslim women, becoming tighter and more transparent day by day, so they become women who referred to by the Prophet as kasiyat 'ariyat women (dressed but naked).

Fourth, Open a Little
After the Muslim women put on tight clothes, then the devil came again. And as usual he offered a new idea that seemed "cool" and "vogue", which was whispered by the woman, "Clothes like this make it difficult to walk or sit, the problem is narrow, shouldn't it be split up to the knees or close to the thighs?" That way you will be more free, more lively and energetic." Then the new idea was tried, and it was true that by splitting it from the bottom to the knees or close to the thighs, it turned out to be more comfortable, especially when sitting or riding in a vehicle. “Well…. It's okay to open up a little, the important thing is to enjoy it," he said.

This is the initial stage of the devil's destruction of women, until this stage the clothes are still intact and long, only the fashion, pattern, cut and material are made different from the actual syar'i hijab. So now begin the devil on the next level.

Open Little by Little. Now the devil steps up again, with another more "powerful" trick, the purpose of which is for women to reveal their private parts.

Such is the subtle method used by the devil, so that humans fall into sin unnoticed. So let all of us, especially parents, if we see the slightest deviant symptoms in our girls and women, take action as soon as possible. Don't let it drag on, because if you let it and it becomes a habit, it will become difficult for us to overcome it. Letting them open their genitals means letting them get the curse of Allah, have mercy on them, save Muslim women, don't plunge them into miserable destruction, both in this world and in the hereafter.

[ Source: The Book "At ta'ari asy syyaithani", Adnan ath-Thursyah ]

Ref : Islampos

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