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After we know that monotheism is the greatest command of Allah Ta'ala for a servant, then what is monotheism? And how to realize the order of Allah Ta'ala to practice monotheism?

Tawheed is Confirmation of Allah Ta'alain Worship

After we understand that monotheism is the greatest commandment of Allah Ta'ala , then we must understand what is meant by monotheism so as not to misunderstand . Shaykh Muhammad At-Tamimy rahimahullah explains that tawhid is obeying God Ta 'alain worship (in other words, monotheism is worshiping only AllahTa'ala, not to the others).

It should be known that defining monotheism with the statement "relying on Allah Ta'ala in worship" is defining monotheism by mentioning the most important part of monotheism ( namely monotheism uluhiyyah or monotheism of worship). Because the complete definition of monotheism is, "Establishing Allah Ta'ala in the creation and arrangement (of the universe) [tawhid rububiyyah, pen.]; sincerely worshiping Him and abandoning worshiping other than Him [tawhid uluhiyyah, pen.]; and establish good names for Allah Ta'ala and purify Allah from various shortcomings and reprehensible attributes [tawhid asma' wa shifat, pen.]." [1]

However, we often find scholars only defining tawhid by mentioning tawhid uluhiyyah only. The scholars define tawhid by only mentioning tawhid uluhiyyahbecause of the following considerations.

First,the purpose of scholars to define tauhid with tauhiduluhiyyah is in order to emphasize how important tauhid is /span> 'alaihis salaam a>said,Ta'ala Allah sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam.until our prophet, Muhammad is the core of preaching teachings brought by all the Messengers, starting from Prophet Noah uluhiyyah mentioned. Because monotheismuluhiyyah

And We have certainly sent into every nation a messenger, saying, “Worship God and avoid the tyrant.”

"And verily We have sent a Messenger to every nation (to call), 'Worship Allah (only), and stay away from that taghut'". (QS. An-Nahl [16]: 36)

Another evidence of the importance of monotheism uluhiyyah is that the main purpose of the creation of jinn and humans is to establish monotheism uluhiyyah this (look back at Adz-Dzariyat verse 56 in the first part of this article ).

Secondly, truly a lot of deviations that have happened to humans since ancient times and will continue until now is shirking in the problem of uluhiyyah. The first polytheism that happened on this earth was the polytheism of Noah's people'alaihis salaam in trouble < a i=6>uluhiyyah.And this is how the polytheism continued in other nations until Allah sent His Messengers with the main mission of establishing tawhid uluhiyyah . Until this monotheism is the point of enmity and enmity between the Messengers and their respective peoples and is the point of intersection that separates the believers and the unbelievers. And this theme of enmity will continue until now and will probably continue until the end of the day. [2]

As for monotheism rububiyyah, then this has become the nature of every human being. There is no one in this world who believes that the creator of the heavens and the earth is other than Allah Ta'ala. No one has been found, even polytheists and infidels, that the one who created man is man himself. Therefore, when we define monotheism with"recognition that Allah is the only one who creates, provides sustenance, animates, and kills", then the people Islam will consider tauhidrububiyyah that is the essence and essence of true tauhid. So that they already feel monotheism with that confession, and neglect the obligation to monotheize Allah Ta'ala in uluhiyyah. In fact, the reality of monotheism, which is the core of every messenger's preaching material and the main purpose of the revealed books is monotheismuluhiyyah, not monotheism rububiyyah.

In addition, Muslims will also easily fall into the act of shirk when understanding tauhid as limited to tauhiduluhiyyah. Because they will understand, it means that it is okay to worship other than Allah Ta'ala, the important thing is that we still acknowledge that Allah - is the only one who creates and provides sustenance. Therefore, our scholars often define tauhid by mentioning tauhiduluhiyyah only to emphasize the importance of this and to explain that it is tauhid that distinguishes between believers and the infidels.

It should be known that what is meant by the word "worship" in the definition of monotheism is "syar'i worship", that is to submit and obey the laws of Allah Ta'ala which are syar'i (His shari'at law). As for "kauni worship"is submission to the law of Allah Ta'alawhich is kauni, that is the decree and destiny of Allah Ta'ala which Allah Ta'ala appoint to His servants, both believers and non-believers, good and bad, in the form of illness, poverty, or others. The evidence is the word of Allah Ta'ala,

Verily, everyone in the heavens and the earth is but a servant of the Most Gracious. (93)

"There is no one in the heavens and the earth, but will come to God the Most Merciful as a servant." (QS. Maryam [19]: 93)

Therefore, what is meant by the word "worship" in the definition of tawhid is worship that is syar'i in nature, namely worship that is only carried out specifically by believers.

May Allah Ta'ala give us abundant guidance so that we are able to realize Allah's command Ta'ala the biggest one. [Done]


Completed at dawn, Nasuha Mosque Rotterdam NL, 27 Jumadil Akhir 1436

Who always needs the mercy and forgiveness of his Lord,

Penulis: M. Saifudin Hakim


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[2] See Manhajul Anbiya' fi Ad-Da'wati Ilallah, p. 41-44, the work of Shaykh Rabi' bin Hadi Al-Madkhali and Imam Syafi'i Mengguta Shirik, pp. 52-55, the work of Ustadz Abdullah Zaen, Lc.


Source: Muslim.Or.Id

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