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Allah ta'ala has informed humans of the existence of angels. In fact, Allah made belief in angels one of the pillars of faith, without which a person's faith will not be accepted. This is where it becomes important for every Muslim to know angels. By getting to know them we will better understand the greatness of God who has soldiers like angels. By getting to know angels, we will feel the love of God who has protected us by sending angels to look after us, record our deeds, whisper us to do good and so on. Also by knowing angels we will love them, as servants of Allah who always obey Him.

Definition of angel

Malaikat is the plural of the word Malak, which linguistically means Mursil ; messenger.1 They are unseen beings that God created from light, do not have divine attributes2 , always obey God's commands and never disobey God.3

Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallamsaid, "Angels were created from the light of the throne, and jinn were created from flame, and Adam from what has been told to you”4

The number of angels is very many, no one knows but Allahta'ala5. Allah ta'ala said, "and no one knows the army of your Lord but he himself< a i=7>” (Qs. Al Muddatsir: 31).

Indicates the large number of angels, is what Gabriel said Alaihi Salam when asked by Rasulullah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam(in the event of isro) regarding Baitul Ma'mur6, “This is the temple of Ma'mur where seventy thousand angels pray every day, the last of them does not return”7. That means seventy thousand angels who pray every day differently.

Are angels incarnate?

Existing texts show that angels have bodies8. Even their bodies were very large, even though they were different. Rosulullah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam told how great the angel who bears the Throne is, "I am permitted to tell you about one of Allah's angels, namely the angel who bears the Throne, indeed between his earlobe and shoulder for a journey of seven hundred years9

They also have wings. Although they differ in the number of wings. Some of them have two wings, three or four wings, some even have six hundred wings like the angel Gabriel. Allahta'ala says, “Who made the angels as messengers who have wings, each of them (there are which) two, three and four..." (Qs. Fathir: 1).

Regarding the angel Gabriel, RosulullahShallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam had seen him in his original form twice. The first was when inabthah,10 Rasulullah saw Jibril appearing in the form of originally, with six hundred wings covering the horizon. The second was when Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi Wasallam was raised into the sky on the night of Mi'roj11< a i=10>. Allah said, "And indeed Muhammad saw Jibril (in his original appearance) at another time, (namely) in Sidratil Muntaha" (Qs. An Najm 13-14) As for the rest, the Angel Gabriel more often comes in the form of a friend named Dihyatul Kalbii12, or sometimes in the form of a foreign man who unknown.13

Angels also have reason but do not have lust like humans14. Because if they do not have reason, it is impossible for God to praise them by mentioning their nature, "not disobeying God against what He commanded them and always doing what He commanded” (Qs. At Tahrim: 6)

But even though angels have bodies, they do not need to eat and drink like humans15. As mentioned in the story of Prophet Ibrahim who was visited by an angel who resembled a human. when food is served to them, they don't want to touch it.16

The beliefs of the polytheists about angels

Jews17 attributed Uzair18as the son of God . Nashroni people also attribute Al Masih (Prophet Isa) as the son of God. And the polytheists did not lose in this regard. They attribute angels as children of God! Even more than that, they say that angels are the daughters of Allah19 20. Glory be to God for what they accuse. God also denied the statement of polytheists that angels are female. Allahta'ala said, "And they made the angels who were the servants of Allah Almighty Generous as a woman. Did they witness the creation of the angels? Later, their testimony will be written and they will be held accountable.” (Qs. Az Zukhruf: 19).

Allah denies the accusation that angels are the children of God, "And they say: "The Most Merciful God has taken (has) a son", Glory be to God. In fact (the angels), are glorified servants (Qs. Al Anbiya: 26).

And how are they proud if they have a son and ashamed if they have a daughter, but then attribute the daughter to Allah?21 Of course this something unfair. Allah said, “What is (befitting) for you (child) male and for Allah (child) female? That is certainly an unfair division." (Qs. An Najm: 21-22).

Which is more noble between angels and righteous people?

This issue has been disputed by scholars before.22 But the truth is - as explained by Sheikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyah , "that righteous people are more important if they have entered heaven. Because they are close to the Creator, having fun in heaven, glorified by God with His grace, even able to see the face of God Almighty. While the angels at that time -with God's permission- became human servants.Rahimahullah

As for now - in the life of the world - angels are more important than righteous people, because of their existence in the sky, close to the creator, busy worshiping God, pure from the sins committed by humans on earth."23

To be continued God willing….



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Author: Abdullah Hazim

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