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1. Definition of Tawakal
Tawakal is surrendering or all problems to God and relying on Him. Thus a person's heart always rests and depends on Allah SWT. Simply. There are also those who say that tawakal is abandoning effort and effort in matters that are beyond the reach of human strength. Imam Qusyairi said, "The place of trust is in the heart".
The scholars stated that the process of causes and causes in things that occur in nature (ordinary things) is not something that should be laughed at. Therefore, people are obliged to make efforts, because there is a hadith of Imam Mas'ud which states that effort/endeavor is obligatory on every Muslim as is the obligation to seek knowledge. Abu Hamid said, "Whoever thinks that tawakal is abandoning efforts/endeavors with the limbs and planning with the heart, then that is haram."
The words of Allah SWT Al Talaq [65]: 2-3.
It means :
...Whoever fears God, He will certainly provide for him a way out. And gave him sustenance from a direction he did not expect. and whoever trusts in God, God will surely satisfy his (needs). Verily, Allah does what He (wills) to do. Verily, Allah has established provisions for every thing. (Q.S. Al Thalaq [65]: 2-3)

God will provide sustenance from an unexpected direction to those who always put their trust in God. He will be given a way out of every difficulty in life.
2. Examples of Tawakal Behavior
a. Always be thankful for God's blessings
b. Never complain or worry
c. Always try and strive according to your abilities
d. Accepting all God's provisions with pleasure
e. Trying to get something that can benefit others
f. Never feel jealous of the blessings obtained by others

3. The Function of Tawakal in Life
a. It is not easy to despair if you fail in your efforts.
b. More calm in life
c. Avoid prolonged feelings of sadness
d. If it results in an effort not to be overly happy
e. Don't be an arrogant person


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