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Kthis story has almost been forgotten by the Muslim community, the children of today's younger generation I am sure they have never heard a story that gives great inspiration in life, how steadfastness and her confidence makes her a noble woman in the eyes of Allah SWT. Who is that noble woman, she is Siti Masyitoh who lived in the time of Pharaoh and at the same time became an assistant to take care of Pharaoh's children. Here is the story:.

"What, in my own kingdom there are followers of Moses?" Fir'aun shouted with burning anger after hearing his daughter's story about Siti Masyitoh's faith. This started when Siti Masyitoh was combing Pharaoh's daughter's hair one day, suddenly the comb fell, and Siti Masyitoh said Astagfirullah. Until Siti Masyitoh's faith that she had hidden all this time was revealed.

"I have just received a report from Hamman, my minister, that the followers of Moses continue to increase every day. Now there are some of my servants who dare to embrace the religion brought by Moses. That Masyitoh is impudent," Fir'aun cursed.
"Call Masyitoh here," Fir'aun ordered his guards. Masyitoh came to Pharaoh calmly. There was not an iota of fear in his heart. He is sure that God is always with him.
"Mashyitoh, is it true that you have embraced the religion brought by Moses?". Fir'aun asked Masyitoh with growing anger.
"True," answered Masyitoh steadily.
"You know the consequences? I will kill you and your family," Pharaoh snapped, pointing at Siti Masyitoh.
"I decided to embrace the religion of God, so I am ready to bear all the consequences."
“Masyitoh, are you crazy! You don't love your life, your husband, and your children."
"It's better to die than live in polytheism."
Seeing Masyitoh's attitude that he still firmly holds his faith , Fir'aun ordered his guards to face all the Masyitoh family to him.
"Prepare a large pot, fill it with water, and boil it until it boils," Fir'aun ordered again.
When all of Siti Masyitoh's family had gathered, Fir'aun began his judgment.
"Masyitoh, you see that big pot in front of you. I will boil you and your family. I give you one more chance, leave the religion brought by Moses and come back to worship me. If you don't love your life, at least think about the safety of your baby. Don't you feel sorry for him."

Hearing the last sentence spoken by Fir'aun, Siti Masyitoh hesitated. She had nothing to worry about with herself, her husband and her other children, apart from her youngest child who was still a baby. Her maternal instincts emerged. He looked at the tiny baby in his arms. "Be assured Masyitoh, Allah will definitely be with you." The other side of his mind spoke.
At that time, a miracle happened. The baby who was still breastfeeding said to his mother, “Mother, don't worry. Have faith in God's promises." Seeing that her baby could speak fluently, Siti Masyitoh's faith strengthened. He believes this is a sign that Allah has not abandoned him.

Allah also proves His promise to His servants who hold fast (istiqama) to their faith. When Siti Masyitoh and her family were thrown one by one into the vessel, God had first taken their lives, so that they did not feel the heat of the water in the vessel.
This is the story of a pious woman named Siti Masyitoh, who remained steadfast hold on to his faith even when faced with danger that will take his life and that of his family.

When the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Isra from the Grand Mosque in Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque in Palestine, he smelled the fragrance coming from a grave. "Whose grave is that, Jibril?" asked the Prophet.
"That is the grave of a pious woman named Siti Masyitoh," answered Jibril.

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