Rabu, 27 Desember 2023

Muslims who are blessed by Allah, every one of us certainly wants to feel peace and tranquility. No reasonable person likes chaos, commotion and riots spreading around. This has become natural for a human being. Therefore, religion comes to guide humans in order to achieve what they desire.

Islam, with its teachings of monotheism that adorn the recesses of the Al-Qur'an, has provided effective recipes and effective solutions to life's problems. Tawhid itself, which is the goal of every human being's life, is the main cause of security and tranquility. As Allah has revealed in Surah Al-An'am verse 82 which means, "Those who believe and do not mix their faith with injustice, they are the ones who get security and they are the ones who are guided."

Our scholars explain that this verse gives a picture of humans who have straight faith and pure monotheism. Where he does not mix his faith and worship with shirk and disbelief. So it is people like that who deserve security and peace as well as abundant guidance from Allah. Indeed, that is a very great gift and blessing for a human being.

Look at the reality that exists in society. It is not uncommon for us to find that some Muslims - who in fact claim to be monotheistic - actually destroy their creed and faith with various forms of polytheistic beliefs and rituals. One excuse that is often used is to preserve ancestral culture and additionally business reasons; namely to enliven the world of tourism. Oh my, how unfortunate our society will be if this situation continues and there is no serious effort from the preachers and the authorities to overcome it.

Shirk is not a trivial matter. Shirk is the greatest major sin. Even greater than the sins of murder, adultery, drugs, or corruption. However, at the same time we see that this nation pays very little attention to efforts to instill authentic beliefs and eradicate polytheism from our motherland. How ironic! A country that is said to have the largest Muslim population in the world, but their Islamic world is closely associated with heresy, shamanism, idolatry rituals and heresy. This is a reality that we cannot deny.

Why is this all happening? It is none other than our own fault. We pay less attention to matters of faith and monotheism of the people of this country. What we think about and worry about all this time are economic problems, this and that problem, such and such a problem, to the point that religious problems and the fundamental problems of this nation are actually neglected, namely the corruption of faith that spreads in various corners of life. Where does the glory and glory of the people lie if faith and monotheism are ignored and given little attention?! Answer, O lovers of Islam, answer, my brother... what is really happening to this nation?!

Hasn't Allah reminded us all (which means), "Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people unless they change what is in themselves" (Ar-Ra'd: 11). We are very familiar with this verse and we all understand it. That the progress and goodness of a country is closely related to the struggle of its people to improve conditions. So, what kind of improvement and progress do we want if the Muslim faith is damaged, full of superstition, khurafat, polytheism is ingrained, Islamic teachings are insulted and abused, the companions of the prophet are reviled, Allah and His messengers are made enemies, then we just just waiting for glory to fall from the sky?!


Author: Ari Wahyudi

Source: Muslim.Or.Id

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