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The busyness of the world has made most people no longer care about their religious affairs. Many of Allah's commands were not carried out and various kinds of immoral acts were committed. Disobedience in all its forms has become a normal and normal thing to do. This also includes the most dangerous immoral acts, the biggest major sins, and the most unjust acts, namely acts of shirk.

It has become sunnatullah, that shirk will continue to exist in every era. Including in the era we live in today, various forms of shirk rituals occur everywhere. In fact, the shirk resulting from the deception of the devil that occurs today is worse than the shirk that occurred during the period of ignorance when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam was still alive. Why is that possible? Check out the brief description in the following article.

Now, Shirk Happens In Uluhiyyah andRububiyyah

The polytheists of the Jahiliyyah era only commit polytheism in the problemuluhiyyah (worship). They still acknowledge the rububiyyah of Allah, that only Allah creates, provides sustenance, and organizes all their affairs. Allah Ta'ala said :

Say, “Who provides for you from the heavens and the earth? Who possesses hearing and sight, and who brings forth the living from the dead, and brings out the dead from the living?” And who manages the matter? They will say, “God.” So say: Will you not fear Him?

“ “Say: 'Who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth, or who has the power (to create) hearing and sight, and who brings forth the living from the dead and brings out the dead from the living and who manages all affairs?' Then they will answer: 'Allah.' Then say 'Why do you not fear Him?'" (Yunus: 31 ).

Although the Jahiliyyah polytheists associate God in worship, they still believe that God is the one who created them and provided them with sustenance and managed their affairs.

Then what is the state of polytheists in this day and age? Among them there are those who believe that Nyi Roro Kidul is the one who gives fish rations to fishermen, who regulates the waves of the southern sea. There are also those who believe that there is a Jinn as the ruler of Mount Merapi. There are also those who believe that the one who manages their harvest affairs is Dewi Sri. Even though there is no one who can manage the universe except Allah Ta'ala. This is a special right of Allah in His rububiyyah.

In the past, the polytheists were still calm, they only practiced keshiry inuluhiyyah, but still acknowledgedrububiyyah< /span>. Really, how outrageous and presumptuous he is towards Allah, the Creator of the universe!uluhiyyah andrububiyyah. As for the polytheism of this age, it occurs in the problems of

Now, Shirk Happens in Good and Bad Times

In the past, the polytheists of Jahiliyyah in the time of the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallamcommitted polytheism when they were free. When they are in distress and hardship, they abandon polytheism and only worship God. They left their worship and only prayed to God. God tells about their codification :

So when they ride in the ark, they call upon God, sincere in religion to Him. And when He delivers them to land, behold, they associate

“So when they boarded the ship they prayed to God by purifying their obedience to Him. But when Allah saved them until they reached the land, suddenly they (returned) to associate partners with (Allah)" (Al Ankabut: 65).

And when misfortune befalls you at sea, whomever you call upon goes astray except Him. But when He delivers you to land, you turn away, but man is ungrateful.

“And when danger befalls you in the sea, you will be lost who you call on but Him, so when He saves you to the land, you turn away. And that man is always ungrateful." (Al Isra':67)

That was the condition of the polytheists of old. They commit polytheism when the conditions are free. But when in a condition of difficulty and distress, they only pray to God.

Compare it with the condition of polytheists today. Acts of shirk occur at any time, whether in good or bad times. When conditions are favorable, for example there is a wedding, they want to build a house, after harvesting agricultural products, they commit acts of shirk by giving offerings to other than Allah. Likewise in difficult conditions. When there is a disaster, give offerings to other than Allah as a means of retaliation. When something is lost, ask a psychic for help. When you are sick, you go to a shaman for treatment. Such is the condition of idolaters today, polytheism occurs in times of happiness and hardship.

Now, Sinners Are Made Worshipful

The objects of worship of ancient muyirkin were better than those of today's polytheists. The polytheists in ancient times worshiped the Prophet, angelsand righteous people. Some of them also worship inanimate objects such as the sun and moon. stones, trees, and idols. These objects are inanimate objects, which in fact never disobey Allah.

What about the polytheists of this age? As for the polytheists of this age, many of them make the graves of the evildoers a place of worship. Many people flocked to the tomb of Prince Samudro and Nyai Ontrowulan at Mount Kemukus, Sragen. It is said that the two of them were a son and stepmother (queen of the king) from the Majapahit kingdom who committed adultery, then they were expelled from the kingdom and settled on Mount Kemukus until they died. It is said that before he died, Pangeran Samudro said that the pilgrim's wish could be granted if he committed adultery like what he did with his stepmother. So that as an "effective" condition to get a blessing there, you have to commit adultery first.

Look, how the polytheists of the past are more intelligent than the polytheists of today. Their idols are noble creatures, or at least dead things that have never sinned against God. As for the polytheists of this age, the people who were clearly immoral in their lifetime, their graves are made into worshipers other than God. Allahul musta'an.

Fortify Yourself With Monotheism

Readers who are blessed by Allah, the phenomenon of shirk has spread all around us. From hidden shirk to the most dhohir forms, both big shirk and small shirk. In cities and remote villages, shirk activities are rife. Shirk in this era knows no time, whether day or night, whether in difficult or happy conditions. The circulating media also offers various forms of shirk. Even Muslim intellectuals who were considered religious figures took part in preaching shirk.

O my brother, this heart is very weak. Indeed, with this phenomenon, our hearts have a tendency to easily fall into shirk. There is nothing we can do except fortify ourselves with the correct knowledge of monotheism and try to study shirk so that we can stay away from it. We must always make prayer efforts. May Allah Ta'ala strengthen us on the path of monotheism until death comes to us.

Wa shallallahu ‘alaa Nabiyyina Muhammad.


Reading source: Syarh Al Qawaidul Arba'the works of Shaykh Salih Alu Shaykhhafidzahullah

Penyusun: Adika Mianoki (Alumni Ma’had Al ‘Ilmi)

Source: Muslim.Or.Id

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