Rabu, 27 Desember 2023

How does it feel to be hated by people around us? Friends, best friends, siblings, even parents. This is certainly a terrible thing to even imagine. However, what if God hates us for what we say? Of course it's even more terrifying.

God arranges brotherhood between the ummah so wonderfully. There are many signs that God has given us so that we can glorify the people around us. This means that we are glorified by those around us. Isn't it comfortable if in life we ​​glorify each other?

One of the habits of brothers is to advise each other. Each of our brothers has the right to advice from us. Likewise, we have the right to advice from our brothers. In terms of this advice, Allah gives a sign that if we are not careful, we will fall into evil.

"The sentence that God hates the most, a person advises his friend, 'Fear God', but he replies: 'Just take care of yourself." (HR. Baihaqi & Nasa'i).

These are signs from Allah that we must pay attention to. Maybe the advice given by our friends or relatives is very painful. Or he conveys it in a disrespectful way, in front of many people, for example. However, as Muslims we learn to repay whatever other people give us with kindness. Even though what we receive is bad.

This includes receiving advice. No matter how much we don't like the advice our friends or relatives give us, as hard as we can, hold back our mouths so we don't make comments that show arrogance. Don't let the words "Just take care of yourself" or something similar or similar come out of our mouths.

We ourselves are the ones who lose if that sentence comes out of our mouths. Firstly, we are very likely to hurt our friends or relatives, secondly we fall into disrepute by saying sentences that Allah hates.

Ref: fimadani.com

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