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Football Club Internazionale Milano SpA, or better known as Inter Milan, has the nicknames il Nerazurri (the blue and black), il Biscone (the big snake), and also La Beneamata (the dearest).

If asked what is the nickname of Inter Milan? I Nerazzurri is definitely the one that immediately comes to mind. It's been a long time since Inter identified with that title. Because of the color of the costume. Yes, in Indonesian, nerazzurri means black and blue.

If you examine it, it turns out that I Nerazzurri is not the only nickname for Inter. There are still other nicknames, namely Il Biscione and La Beneamata.

For Il Biscione, this title comes from the Inter mascot. It is also very closely related to the history of the City of Milan.

In this fashion city there is an interesting myth. In 1187, in the City of Milan there was a nobleman named Eriprando Visconti. One time, he had to fight against the anti-Christian Sereceno.

Visconti won. As a result, he brought seven crowns which were handed over to the Milan Cathedral. Gradually, this crown was symbolized in the form of a snake. This is what Il Biscione stands for. The symbol of the strength of the City of Milan.

Other versions of Il Biscione's mythology also exist. Once upon a time, there was a military leader of the City of Milan named Uberto Visconti. He also had to fight against the anti-Christians. The story is, Uberto killed 1200 snakes which were symbolized as his opponents. The ends stay the same. The power of Milan is again symbolized as Il Biscione. Inter then adopted the symbol. With the mascot Il Biscione, Inter feels like they are representing Milan. The club that represents the strength of the City of Milan.

Well, while La Beneamata means the beloved, aka the beloved. A nickname that comes out of love for Inter Milan. Inter is a club that is loved by its fans. Every time they mention Inter, it is always accompanied by the word La Beneamata. Gradually this habit became popular and became the nickname Inter.

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