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Humans are social creatures. With each other, can interact with each other intimately in the game.

When adults play games and are serious about it, that's a sporting event.

The competitive nature of sport has played an important role in history, where nations competed against each other and individuals struggled to be the best. It is no surprise then that sport has changed the course of history more than once.

Here are the sports matches that changed world history.

1. Ping-pong diplomacy

The Cold War has divided the world in two. Communism against the West. China is a country that has strong communist roots.

However, the Great Wall of China was successfully breached via a ping-pong ball. Time magazine called this story, "A 'ping' sound that was heard around the world."

Starting from the US ping-pong sports team that competed in Japan in 1971, they received an invitation from China.

It was the first invitation from the communist state of China to the United States of America. US President at the time, Richard Nixon sent Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to openly attend the match and open relations between the two countries more broadly.

Within a year, Nixon was in Beijing for the inaugural meeting. She described her presence as "the week that changed the world".

Meanwhile, Chinese PM Chou En-Lai said, "Never in its history has a sport been able to become a tool of international diplomacy."

2. Turkish Versus Armenian Football

One of the sensitive topics of discussion is the story of the Armenian genocide. In World War I it is claimed the Turkish army killed more than 1.5 Armenians.

So, when the two countries entered the World Cup qualifying round in 2010, many expected that the match would be tense.

Armenia has not had diplomatic relations with Turkey since independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

The second football match is an example, 'football diplomacy'.

The President of Armenia at that time, Serzh Sargsyan invited Turkish President Abdullah Gul to come to the match and sat next to him.

"Whatever our differences, there are things we can share such as culture, humanity and sports," said Sargsyan.

There were protests related to the visit, but the match went smoothly with Turkey winning. It didn't take long for their relationship to recover.

3. WWI Armistice

When World War I started, many believed the war ended at Christmas. The young Europeans immediately signed up to become soldiers.

However, it turned out that the war lasted for four years.

At Christmas 1914, the war began to slow down because the soldiers were dealing with fields full of mud.

On Christmas Eve, soldiers hear hymns on the other side. Greetings echoed from both sides of the moat.

On Christmas day, the two warring sides met in a vacant lot. Not shooting at each other, but exchanging gifts and playing football.

The truce became one of the most touching stories.

4. The Crown Prince who Died from Cricket Ball

Frederick, George II's first son, was fond of playing cricket. One day his chest was hit by the ball.

The crown prince's chest had an abscess (deep bleeding) after the incident. His internal injuries grew worse and made him fall ill and eventually died in 1715.

"Getting hit by a cricket ball", was the announcement of his death at the time. Although, many predict his death as a result of pneumonia.

His death was grateful for by his parents. The two of them had an unhappy relationship.

The crown goes to the late son, George III, or the legendary Mad King George.

Under George III, England lost its American colonies.

Historians have analyzed that if Frederick had not died, it is likely that America would still be under the British colony.

5. Nick's riot

Riots after sporting matches are common. However, the riots in modern times are incomparable to what happened in Ancient Rome.

To the Romans, horse racing was big business. The world's wealthiest sportsman was Gaius Appuleius Diocles, a second-century AD Roman charioteer who amassed a fortune equivalent to today's billions of dollars.

There is also huge money to be made from betting on the outcome of races, and people investing in the teams of those matches

Rome they have equestrian teams: Red, White, Green, and Blue.

By the time the capital was moved to Constantinople, there were only two: Green and Blue. With only two choices, each team's support becomes even more luxurious and blue.

Not just a bet, the team of choice is transformed into a political statement and a life choice. In 501 BC, Green attacked Blue and killed 3,000 people.

In 532 BC, the tense situation exploded into rebellion when Emperor Justinian cracked down on this violence. Immediately, the two sides united in anger.

They rioted shouting, 'Nika!' or 'Win!' ( "Win!") "Nika!". This cry is commonly heard at the hippodrome or horse racing arena.

The rioters started burning the capital. They even crowned someone to be the rival emperor.

The rioting was only suppressed when troops surrounded the hippodrome and massacred those inside.

There were around 30,000 people killed at that time or the equivalent, 1 in 10 of the population at that time died in these historic riots.

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