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Anesthesia is one of the drugs commonly used by doctors when they are going to perform surgery or surgery on their patients. This time what we will discuss is the history of development and also the inventor of drugs, namely William Morton . William Thomas Green Morton is an American dentist who was born on August 9, 1819, in Charlton, Massachusetts, United States. Morton became widely known because he had succeeded in developing a process for soldering dentures to gold plates in 1841. He briefly studied at the University of Hartford, but in 1841 he left the college and followed a dentist named Horace Wells.

In 1843, Morton married Elizabeth Whitman in Farmington. In 1844, Morton returned to study at Harvard Medical School and was taught by Dr. Charles T. Jackson. Dr. It was Charles who had introduced Morton to the anesthetic properties of ether, but he dropped out again before graduating. On September 30, for the first time, Morton extracted his patient's tooth without experiencing pain, because he was given ether and he was included in the newspaper's news because he managed to extract the patient's tooth without pain.

A surgeon named Henry Jacob Bigelow who

reading the news, trying to do what Morton did, he tried it while performing surgery on his patients at Massachusetts General Hospital. Apart from Jacob, this method was also used by Dr. John Collins Warren performing surgery to remove a tumor on the neck of a patient named Edward Gilbert Abbott.

Because ether is successful in the medical world, the use of ether has spread throughout the world. The person who first used ether in England was Robert Liston, from the University College Hospital in 1846.

After being discovered by many, Morton tried to hide the origins of the letheon, but was soon changed and discovered to be ether. One month later he patented Lethon. Although it is widely known that the pain reliever is ether, the medical community does not approve of this, considering it unscientific. Morton convinced friends that he did not place restrictions on the use of ether and explained that he patented it to ensure competent administration and prevent abuse and prevent it from being developed.

But Dr. Wells and Jackson claimed to be the inventor, so that when the national congress took place in 1846, Marton was declared a failure. He kept trying to find the same formula but always failed. In 1852, he earned his Surgeon degree from Washington University of Medicine in Baltimore. In 1862, he performed public service by joining as a volunteer surgeon with the Army of the Potomac, and using ether in saving the soldiers.

When Morton was going to ask for help to Central Park, he was so exhausted that he fainted and died. He died in July 1868 in New York City, he was buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts.

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