Kamis, 23 Maret 2023

How to Succeed in the Modern Era and Social Media

In the modern era, humans get a lot of convenience. This era, comfortable with the presence of technology that is very unlimited. Every week several developers or technology developers always update, or make new products. Half of these people take advantage of the technological era to do work easily.

There are many ways to get a job, there are various activities that can earn income. Doing it can actually be said to be an easy step when you are able to maximize a goal. However, there are also many people who only use technology to the extent that it is reasonable like most people. So it is not able to build an activity to become an opportunity.

How to earn?

There are many ways you can do trivial things to earn every week. For example, my friend only has a telephone, try to take opportunities that can be worked on through the telephone that is owned. There are many products that are definitely around you that have the characteristics of the village or city that you are currently living in. For example, in Jepara district there are many young people who do things that make them successful. By uploading furniture products to various social media and market places around them.

There are also other ways that can be done, namely building your own media through social media. Right now on Facebook there are various opportunities that can be done by creating a Facebook fanpage. After you have a fanpage that is quite well-known on social media, you can get advertisements from Facebook and from personal users to upload your products.

So, there are only two ways that I can share with friends. It all depends on which opportunities you want to take. First, you have to make observations around you to determine the next steps. Step by step definitely not as easy as desired or planned. There must be obstacles that always block from ourselves and from external parties.

When you start falling for a goal orientation, don't shy away and give up. So get up and do things that you can take advantage of in the social media era. When you fall again, maybe you should try again and until failure gives up on your life.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is only the barrier word "give up". Because, people who fail more easily give up to achieve a goal orientation that was made. Meanwhile, successful people do not give up before their target is reached. After reaching the target, he doesn't just stay silent. Rather do the second, third to infinity goals and orientations.

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