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Definition of Corruption, Impact of Corruption and How to Overcome It

Understanding Corruption, Corruption Impacts and How to Overcome It - Indonesian people and even the world can be said to be familiar with the type of crime that we will discuss this time, namely Corruption . John Lock's theory states that there are 3 supporters of the state, namely the executive, legislative and judiciary. However, it is from these three law enforcement agencies that we find a problem that is a common enemy for the people of Indonesia and the world, namely corruption. It is undeniable that the three institutions that are supposed to uphold the law in high regard have felt the shock of the enormity of the negative impact of corruption .

We as a society, students, or students need to learn everything about corruption, studying this does not mean that we use it to corrupt but learn so that we or people from our family avoid actions that can lead to corrupt behavior.

Definition of CorruptionThe word corruption or the Malay language mentions rasuah comes from the Latin word corruption which comes from the verb corrumpere which means rotten, bribed and damaged.

Epistemologically, corruption can be interpreted as the actions of public officials, politicians and civil servants, as well as other parties involved in unfair and illegal actions, abusing the public's trust in their authority to obtain unilateralism.

Verses of the Qur'an about CorruptionExplicitly the Koran has mentioned the prohibition of corruption, therefore I will point out several verses which state the prohibition of corruption, misuse of mandates.

And it is not for a prophet to extort, and whoever exploits shall bring back what he extorted on the Day of Resurrection, then each soul shall be paid in full for what it has earned.

It is not possible for a prophet to betray in matters of spoils of war. Whoever betrays in matters of spoils of war, then on the Day of Resurrection he will come with what he betrayed, then each person will be recompensed for what he did in proportion, while they will not be wronged.

O you who have believed, do not betray God and the Messenger, but do not betray your trust while you know. 27
27. O you who believe, do not betray Allah and the Messenger (Muhammad) and (also) do not betray the mandates entrusted to you, while you know that in life people often forget the limits of the power given by the people

to public officials so that they often as public officials use their power to enrich themselves, groups or organizations.

Types of Corruption CrimesGiving or receiving gifts or promises (bribes),
darkening in the office,
office blackmail,
Participation in procurement (for civil/state officials), and
Remuneration (for civil/state officials).
Dr. Andi Hamzah in his accompanying made an inventory of several causes of corruption , namely:
Civil servant salaries that are not commensurate with the increasing needs;
Indonesian cultural or cultural background which is the source or cause of widespread corruption;
Poor management and less effective and efficient controls, which provide opportunities for corruption;
Modernization breeds corruption.

Impact of CorruptionThe criminal act of corruption can have a severe negative impact on a country or the destination of the perpetrators of corruption. Starting from the impact of the economy, politics, democracy and others.

The Impact of Corruption on the EconomyEconomic and legal roots have conducted research on the impact of corruption on a nation's economy. Here we classify and describe from several sources.

1. Corruption Reduces Investment PowerThe owners of capital or what is often referred to as investors are sure to think twice about investing their capital in Indonesia and prefer other countries that are safer from corruption, for example China and Singapore. The consequence of investor distrust is to reduce actual growth achievement from a higher potential growth value. The reduced investment value is thought to have come from the higher costs that must be incurred than they should be. This has an impact on decreasing the growth achieved.

2. Corruption finances Education and Health fundsEducation and health are the right places to invest in this nation in the long term. However, education and health funds cannot get the maximum budget from state revenues because the budget is used for individuals, groups or corporations.

3. Corruption reduces tax revenueWe certainly remember the tax official who is currently languishing in jail, namely Gaius Tambunan. He used to be a tax official who abused his power to team up with rogue tax payers to enrich himself. This will result in reduced state revenues from the tax sector.

The Impact of Corruption on State PoliticsCorruption makes a country get a serious challenge from it. In the world of politics, corruption can undermine democracy and good governance by destroying formal processes. In general, corruption can erode the capacity of a government institution, due to neglect of procedures, draining resources, and officials being appointed or promoted to positions other than merit. At the same time, corruption complicates the government's values ​​of democracy as well as trust and tolerance.

That's all I can say about corruption and its consequences for a countryor government. The Corruption Eradication Commission or anti-corruption agency cannot work optimally or eradicate corruption from its roots if we do not participate in fighting corruption. Let's fight against corruption from ourselves.

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