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The Law of Celebrating the New Year 

The Law of Celebrating the Christian New Year - It doesn't feel right today that it is December 31, 2015. Tomorrow we will leave 2015 for 2016. The turn of thenew yearis eagerly awaited by the world community. Among Muslims there are many questions regarding the law of celebratingthe New Year AD.

Some scholars say that celebrating the Christian New Year is unlawful, while some other scholars argue that it has lawful law. Both have strong legal tendencies.

Scholars' who say it is haram based on several hujjah with several arguments.

1. Celebrating the New Year is the worship of non-Muslims, aka infidels,
January 1 was originally a celebration of European Christians only. In fact, the new year has long been a secular tradition that has made it a national public holiday for all citizens of the world.

For Christians, who mostly inhabit parts of the European continent, the New Year is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ or Isa al-Masih, so Christianity is often called the Christian religion. The period before Jesus was born is also called the year before Christ (BC) and after Jesus was born is called the year AD.

In conclusion, the celebration of New Year's Eve is a celebration of a pagan religious holiday. So the law is unlawful to be carried out by Muslims.

2. New Year's celebrations are full of immorality.
Many young people celebrate the New Year's celebrations excessively, such as doing activities that end negatively, such as free sex, alcohol, drugs and others.

Scholars are of the opinion that celebrating the Christian New Year is permissible based on the argument that the celebration of New Year's Eve is not always related to certain religious rituals. It all depends on the intention. If the intention is to worship then it is permissible whereas if the intention is to commit immorality then it is considered unlawful.

Celebrating the new year AD depends on how you react to it.

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