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Why is it difficult to be humble in prayer?

The first, indeed do not know except God. Do not know the nature, af'al and asthma. He who created humans, animals, plants, me, my body, my eyes, my ears, my heart, my wife, my children, everything I see, everything I hear, everything that moves, everything in the heavens and on earth, all He brings to life." Al Muhyi" and all will be turned off by "Al Mumiitu". All are subject to the will of "Al Muriidu" and His power "Al Qodiiru", He is the one who manages everything "Ar Robbu", He is the one who controls and owns everything "Al Maaliku" (QS Ali Imran 26-27). He is All Staring "Al Bashiiru" knows exactly our hearts, thoughts and thoughts and He is All Hearing "As Samiiu". Hear the rustling of leaves,

Then do we realize that He is everything we have faced in prayer all this time? Can our hearts and minds run away during prayer while He looks at the hearts of our thoughts? Then how can it be immoral while He is constantly watching us?

Second, because they do not understand the reading, meaning, wisdom, virtues, conditions and pillars of prayer. Then be "sukaaro" drunk prayer alias prayer without feeling, without understanding, without appreciation, without belief, empty, empty, as if a robot body without a soul. "Alkusaala" actually feels a burden, you are in a hurry to finish quickly, you like to procrastinate, the prayer movement is as fast as a dead chicken. Surahs and prayer readings are commendable. My friends, pay attention to this word of Allah, "... Do not uphold your prayers, while you are drunk, until you really understand what you read in your prayers" (QS An Nisa 43).

See a drunk person saying what he is doing but not realizing what he is saying and what he is doing, see a person praying standing up, saying takbir, reciting verses, bowing, prostrating, tahiyyat and salam, but not realizing that he is standing, bowing, prostrating before the creator of the heavens and the earth , not realizing that he is having a dialogue with his creator, who almighty determines everything.

Third, because you don't realize that prayer is "Almuhadatsah bainal makhluqi wa Khooliqi" the servant's dialogue with his khaliq, "When one of you prays, he is actually communicating with Allah" (HR Bukhori Muslim).

Try to notice from the adhan, the call when facing Him, the one who is called even the one who professes the shahadah, "Ashhaaduallaa ilaaha illallah wa ashhadu anna Muhammadar Rasulullah", the one who does not believe is not called, that is why the Messenger of Allah reminded, "What differentiates us from the unbelievers is prayer, then who deliberately abandons prayer, then he has behaved like an infidel".

Closing the genitals facing Him, facing the Qiblah because the focus of the body, the spirit, the heart and the mind is on Him, moreover the congregation becomes neat rows and the whole world is in the same Qibla direction, then purifies because it is facing the Holy of Holies, then stands straight, takbir, reads ifitah "inn wajjahtu wajhiyalilldzi fathoros samaawati wal ardho" I come before You, O creator of the heavens and the earth, bow obedient obedient to You. This is among the prayer communications that have not been understood. Then how khusyu' without this awareness, my friend...?

Fourthly, because few of us understand that in prayer when reading Al Fatihah there is a dialogue between the servant and his Lord. From Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah said, "Whoever reads the letter of al-Fatihah, every verse that is read is immediately answered by Allah", then the Messenger of Allah conveyed when a servant said,''Praise be to Allah, Lord exclaims all the worlds." Allah replied , "My servant has praised Me". A servant said, ''The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful". Allah replied, "My servant praises Me". A servant said, "King on the Day of Judgment." Allah replied, "My servant glorifies Me. My servant surrenders to Me." A servant said, "You alone we worship, and only You we ask for help." God answered, "This is the middle between Me and My servant, and for My servant what he asks I give". A servant said, "Show us the straight path, the path that You have given them, not those who are angry and not those who go astray." God replied, "This belongs to My servant, and for My servant what is he asked me to give it". (Hadith Qudsi, HR Muslim).

Therefore my friend, start reading it slowly with awareness and belief "thuma'ninah", truly Allah answers every verse we read..."

Fifth, because "hubbub dunya" really loves the world, "the money is the first and the final of life, no money no happy" so that his mind is always filled with everything worldly, money, dollars, eating and drinking, family, business targets, problems, daydreaming and so on. And that is what is remembered in prayer, to what the Messenger of Allah called, "hatta yansa kam rok atan laka" until he forgets how many cycles he has prayed, so it is not surprising that when he prays, his heart and mind should focus on prayer, instead he remembers world.

My friends, listen to Allah's Word in surah Al Maa'uun verses 4 and 5, "Woe to those who pray whose hearts and minds are heedless of Allah." Neglect his heart because of the world "ball tu'tsiruunal hayaatad dunya" (QS Al A'laa 16). Therefore, realize that our lives are not long in this mortal world, pray as if the last prayer of life, pay attention to the words of the Prophet, "If you pray, then pray you, like someone who is about to leave the mortal realm" (HR Ibnu Majah & Imam Ahmad).

The sixth, because eating and drinking that is haram, both in terms of "lizaatihi" substances such as dogs, pigs, alcohol, drugs and so on. Or the way to find it in an illegal way, "linailihi", even though it is halal in essence like eating tempeh knowing it is halal but because of the way to find it by lying, cheating, perjury, accepting bribes, corruption and so on, it is still illegal, as if he eats tempeh and knows it is actually eating dogs and pigs, that's what is called "rijsun min amalisy syaithon". Impure because of his charity or "roddudzdzakaat" because he refuses zakat, then his property is mixed with the rights of the poor, his property is dirty. Everything becomes a hijab of the heart and a hijab of the relationship to God, and as a result his prayer is not accepted, God "subbuuhun" the Holy One only accepts the holy. Remember the Apostle's comment on a person who cries when praying, "I almost thought his prayer was answered by Allah, but Jibril told me that this person likes to cheat, then how does Allah answer the impostor, his clothes and food are the result of wronging other people?" Realize that when we pray we face the substance of the Most Holy!

Seventh, because his prayers are still accompanied by "Al fahsyau" he commits immoral acts such as lying, drunkenness, exposing his genitals, gambling, adultery, from adultery the eyes see porn, groping hands, delusional thoughts to genital adultery, "adzdzunuubu kaafilatul quluubi" immoral sins it becomes a "cover" covering the heart.

Alwaqi, Imam Syafii's teacher said, "nurullahi la yuhda lil a'shi", really the light of Allah's guidance will not enter a heart that is covered in darkness because of immorality. This is mostly what happens to "prayers" not "prayers", STMJ prays diligently immorality diligently, routine rituals without quality charity, the results are again empty, there is no "atsar" influence, this is also the answer why there are people praying but it's hard to be humble'. Yes, how khusyu' immorality continues sich!. Imam Ghazali said, "Indeed, once a lie is enough to make her prayer hijab to her Lord".

Eighth, because his prayer is accompanied by "al munkar", commits injustice, abuses, cheats, gossips, slanders, insults others openly or secretly, in his heart demeans others, humiliates, beats and even kills others. This is also a big hijab, because Allah only accepts worship that makes the servant humiliate himself before Him and makes him humble to His creatures.

Simply praying will be considered a lie if you do not pay attention to orphans and the poor (QS Al Maun 1-3). "Ignorant, ignorant, stingy, I really think" and so on is enough to be considered a liar of prayer, religion, let alone to commit persecution. And these are not the morals of God's servants who pray, people who pray are compassionate, polite, forgiving, smiling, generous and humble, my friend.

The Prophet said, "Indeed Allah accepts the prayers of His humble servants". Once again, my friend, His servant who knows God will humble himself before God and the fruit will be humility before His creatures.

SubhanAllah, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, hopefully Allah will continue to guide us with His guidance so that the closer to death the better our prayer service... Aamiin

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