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Come on, read, these are the virtues of visiting fellow Muslims

Among the etiquette in establishing brotherhood taught in Islam is the recommendation to make mutual pilgrimages or visit Muslim brothers and sisters. This is a beautiful adab that can foster love and strong bonds of brotherhood among Muslims.

Visit each other because of Allah, loved by Allah

One of the noble qualities of a Muslim is that he enjoys visiting his fellow Muslims. However, this visit was not based on worldly needs and requirements, but rather based on love for his brother because of Allah. Rasulullah Sallallahu'alaihi Wasallam said:

A man visited his brother in another village, and God provided for him a property on his terrace. When he came to him, he said: Where do you want? He said: I want a brother for me in this village. He said: Do you have a blessing that you can bestow upon him? He said: No, except that I loved him for the sake of God Almighty. He said: For I am the Messenger of God to you, that God has loved you as you loved him for him.

" Once there was someone who went to visit his brother in another area. Then Allah sent an Angel to him in the middle of his journey. When he came to him, the angel asked: "Where are you going?" He answered: "I want to visit my brother in this area." The angel asked: "Is there any benefit you want to get from it?" The person said: "Nothing, except because I love him because of Allah 'Azza wa Jalla". So the angel said: "Indeed, I was sent by Allah to you to inform you that Allah loves you as you love your brother because of Him " ​​(HR Muslim no. 2567).

From the hadith it is confirmed that people who visit each other for the sake of Allah will be loved by Allah Ta'ala . Imam An Nawawi said:

In it is the virtue of loving God, and it is a reason for loving God and the virtue of visiting the righteous.

"In this hadith there is the virtue of loving each other for the sake of Allah, and that is the cause of getting love from Allah and the virtue of visiting pious people" (from Mirqatul Mafatih , 8/3135).

However, this is the case if the visit is based on love for Allah, not because of a worldly goal. The words " هل لَكَ عليهِ من نعمةٍ تربُّها " are explained by Ath Thibi:

That is: Have you made obligatory upon him any of the worldly blessings that you can go to and enjoy them? That is, have you acquired them from him and received them?

"That is, did you get something in the form of worldly benefits from this visit so that by your departure you can develop it, that is, you can own it and perfect it?" (from Mirqatul Mafatih , 8/3135).

And it turns out the man answered: "no", so he deserves God's love. Subhaanallah , things like this are very difficult and we rarely find them. Most of us visit each other usually for worldly purposes, either for work reasons, or for business benefits, or to get a position, or want to get worldly conveniences, and other worldly purposes. There are very few people who visit purely out of love for their brothers and sisters because of Allah.

Therefore, Ibn Jauzi when explaining this hadith said:

In this hadith, the virtue of visiting the Brotherhood is mentioned, and this is a matter whose name remains and its symbol is gone.

"In this hadith there is a preference to visit the ikhwan (Muslim brothers). This is a thing that only has a name, but no form" ( Kasyful Musykil , 3/557).

Because so few people practice it, wallahu a'lam .

Get a noble place in the afterlife

Apart from gaining Allah's love, people who like to visit each other because of Allah will get a noble place in the afterlife which will make the Prophets and righteous people jealous of their place. Rasulullah Sallallahu'alaihi Wasallam also said:

My love is due to those who love each other for My sake, My love is due to those who mutually advise each other over Me, My love is due to those who dispute over Me, and My love is due to those who mutually exterminate each other over Me, and they are on pulpits of light, and the Prophets and the righteous will envy them in their place.

" Deserving of My love, people who love each other because of Me. have the right to get My love, people who advise each other because of Me, have the right to get My love, people who visit each other because of Me, have the right to get My love, people who give to each other because of Me. They will be in the pulpits of light that made the Prophets and righteous people jealous of their place ” (HR. Ibnu Hibban 577, authenticated by Al Albani in Sahih Al Mawarid 2129).

Get a home in heaven

Allah also promises to provide a home in heaven for people who like to visit each other for Allah's sake. Rasulullah Sallallahu'alaihi Wasallam said:

Whoever visits a sick person, or visits a brother of his in the name of God, a caller will call him: May you be well, may your walk be blessed, and may you find a place in Paradise.

" Whoever visits the sick, or visits his brother for the sake of God, will be called to him later: 'you have been lucky and your steps have been lucky, and a house will be built for you in heaven'" (HR. At Tirmidhi 2008, he said: 'hasan gharib ', recommended by Al Albani in Sahih At Tirmidhi ).

Who does it visit?

Who should one visit to gain these virtues? Is it limited to siblings or relatives only? Explained by Ali Al Qari:

He wanted to visit his Muslim brother or brother in God, but it is more general than being his brother in reality or metaphorically.

"What is meant is Muslim brothers or people who raise each other as brothers because of Allah. This meaning is more general than the meaning of brother in essence or majaz" ( Mirqatul Mafatih , 8/3134).

So it doesn't only apply to siblings or relatives, but fellow Muslims because it has been established by Allah and His Messenger that fellow Muslims are brothers. It is also explained in Syarah Ithafat As Sunniyah (128), " al mutazawirin because Allah ' Azza wa Jalla means people who visit other people and other people visit them in their homes or in their gatherings in accordance with the Shari'a." Or where they work, whether near or far. Whether you have a kinship relationship, or are just a friend, or friend, who is not friendly with him except because he wants to get closer to Allah by remembering Him."

So do visits that involve having fun and relaxing with friends who often neglect religious teachings also include this priority? Not so. As mentioned in the hadith, those who are visited are people we love because of Allah. This means that we love him because he is a person who is devoted to Allah, a person who always tries to obey Allah's teachings and stays away from his prohibitions. Therefore, Imam An Nawawi in Riyadus Shalihin presents the above hadiths in the chapter fadhlu ziyaratis shalihin (the virtue of visiting righteous people).

Visiting righteous people is what produces the virtues above. Don't visit people who are immoral or who like to have fun and waste their time. Because visiting righteous people increases our faith and reminds us more of the afterlife. Therefore Al Hasan Al Bashri once said:

Our brothers are more beloved to us than our families and children, because our families remind us of this world and our brothers remind us of the afterlife

“We love our (righteous) brothers more than our wives and children. Because our family reminds us of the world, while our brothers remind us of the afterlife” ( Quutul Qulub , 2/367).

Ibnul Qayyim in Al Fawaid (51) explains: " There are two types of gathering with ikhwan (Muslim brothers):

Gatherings that involve normal conversation and pass the time. This harm is greater than the benefit. At a minimum, it damages the heart and wastes time. Gatherings that consist of helping each other achieve the causes of salvation and advising each other in truth and patience . So this is the greatest and most beneficial ghanimah ."

From this explanation, including a good visit to fellow Muslims, what can gain Allah's love is a visit where we can give advice and teachings to those we visit. For example, visiting friends or friends who are still religious laypeople, but we can give them advice if we visit them. Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al Utsaimin said:

Visiting has benefits, along with this great reward. It unites hearts, brings people together, reminds the forgetful, alerts the heedless, educates the ignorant, and it has many benefits that those who have tried it will know.

“Visiting each other has many benefits, as well as great rewards. That is, it can strengthen human bonds and unite them. Reminds people who forget and inspires people who are careless, and teaches people who are ignorant. And there are many more problems that people who experience them can know about" ( Syarah Riyadhus Shalihin , 3/243).

And what's more important is that if the visitors are people who are relatives who are still related, apart from getting the advantage of visiting fellow Muslims, they also get the advantage of connecting with each other.

God bless him with love.


Author: Yulian Purnama

source: Muslim.Or.Id

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