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Come on, read, this is the wisdom of wearing the hijab for women

It's REALLY beautiful to see a woman wearing a hijab covering her private parts. It's like the world would feel beautiful if all women wore the hijab and adhered to religious law. These are the 12 Wisdoms of making the hijab mandatory for Muslim women.

All the commandments of Allah and His Messenger when carried out will definitely bring benefits. Among the benefits of hijab for women are as follows:

– To distinguish between Muslim women and others, based on His words: "This is so that they are easier to recognize". Of course, Muslim women are more proud of their hijab, because this is the glory of Allah.

Far from being disturbed by hypocrites and wicked men, because of His words "therefore they are not disturbed" O Muslim women! Accept the provisions of Allah who is always merciful to His servants. Receive forgiveness and mercy from Allah as He says: "And Allah is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful". Maintain the purity of the hearts of men and women. (See explanation of Surah Al-Ahzab: 53 above) Realizing noble morals, feeling shy, respecting herself and others. As a sign of an afifah woman, namely a woman who protects her honor from things that disturb her. Shaykh Bakr Abu Zaid said: "a person's good appearance shows his inner goodness." (See Hirosatul Fadhilah p. 85). Stopping greed and the danger of Satan, because the hijab means protecting society from disturbances and diseases of the hearts of men and women, and preventing adultery. Maintaining shame, this is the main adornment for women, if you feel like it. shame disappears, life also disappears, because haya' which means shame is taken from the word hayat which means life. Stopping women from dressing up, adorning themselves in front of other people and preventing promiscuity and moving towards the formation of an Islamic society. Closing the loopholes of adultery, so that women is not soft food for every sycophant. Women are the intimate parts, while the hijab is the covering.

God said: O son of Adam, indeed We have sent down to you clothes to cover your `awrat and beautiful clothes for adornment. And the clothes of piety are the best. That is part of the signs of God's power, hopefully they always remember. (QS. Al-A'rof: 26).

Make your husband happy with him. (Hirosatul Fadhilah p. 84-88). [yherdiansyah/islampos/various sources]

Ref: islampos.com

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